Flowers and Thoughts Part 2 — We’re Doomed! Doomed, I Tell You!

I started this post before the suicide bomber attacked children in Manchester, England. I took a few days off from blogging because — like most people these days — I feel the equivalent of battle fatigue and the attack put a literal and deadly stench on it. That’s also why this is a relatively short post.

There are no words I can add about the bombing that have not already been said, written, and thought, so I’ll continue with my original topic for this post which is, unfortunately, peripherally related. 

As with Part I, I’ll be putting up a few flower photos for them who are not interested in words. Some of the photos will be different versions of the same shot; first the altered shot, then the photo processed as I usually do. Of course, as usual, you can click on the photos for a larger version or go to THIS SmugMug Gallery.

For them not interested in SmugMug or scrolling through the post, there is a gallery at the bottom of the post (a fast scroll). 

Anyway, my thoughts on what’s going on out there, in the religious-political wasteland. 

Anyone who has followed my blog from its inception (and its previous and now-defunct incarnations) can be reasonably sure of one thing: I’m not a fan of religion. 

I am, in fact, the opposite of a fan. 

As such, the amount of influence religion has in the political arena is both a source of irritation and worry. Irritation for the hypocrisy of it and worry for the abuses born of religious beliefs. And, no, I’m not just referring to the constant barrage of christian mentors sexually abusing kids that foolish parents still put in their charge. 

No. What worries me is that the current administration is rife with people who will happily tell you they put their faith above the laws governing this country.

This man is next in line to the Presidency of the United States of America.

Watch his eyes and whole demeanor. If he does not scare you, then you also worry me. 

Understand this; if you see nothing wrong with what he says, you are on the wrong side of history and an enemy of the advancement of human freedom. 

I get it; you do not believe me. 

As an exercise, travel along with me as I give you different examples of the same phrase hypothetically spoken by different individuals. 

“I’m a Muslim, a conservative, and a Republican in that order.”

“I’m a Jew, a conservative, and a Republican in that order.”

“I’m a Scientologist, a conservative, and a Republican in that order.”

“I’m a White Person, a conservative, and a Republican in that order.”

“I’m a Black Person, a conservative, and a Republican in that order.”

“I’m a Gay Person, a conservative, and a Republican in that order.”

You can easily swap liberal for conservative, Democrat for Republican, or pretty much any self-identified group you care to mention, but this is what you should hear regardless of which group you identify with:

“I’m first and foremost in the camp of those like me. The rest don’t matter.”

I think the Religious Right in this country is in the process of making a huge mistake. In their fervor to safeguard their right to ostracize, persecute, marginalize, and oppress those who do not think like them, they are willingly weakening the very protection that keeps all of us safe. 

Often, they either sound like idiots and pedantic twits.

(from the New York Times)
Mr. Sessions, a Methodist of deep faith, has argued that the Establishment Clause of the Constitution has been overinterpreted and the Free Exercise Clause has been ignored. The result, he said, is the unnecessary prohibition of expressions of faith in public spaces.

The Constitution says we shall not establish a religion — Congress shall not establish a religion. It doesn’t say states couldn’t establish a religion.
Senate speech, March 10, 2016

That’s our Attorney General not understanding the role of the Federal Government in protecting the rights of minorities. Like I said, an idiot or willfully and knowingly lying . . . or, he’s a fanatic.

One thing I know; he’s not a patriot; he’s not a champion of the Constitution, of the ideals of this country. He is a christian; first and always, and screw everyone else. In his fantasy, he’ll be happy seeing non-christians burn in hell . . . after he and his ilk get done persecuting them in this life, of course. 

I won’t provide example after example of duplicitous christians feigning ignorance and disingenuously questioning the meaning of the First Amendment and the interpretation of the word “establish.” Simple searches will get you score of recent examples.

I will tell you that at some point, other religions will claim the same “rights” christians are now trying to push through local and state legislatures and soon, the federal legislature. 

That will be an interesting moment; the moment when non-christian religious groups will use precedents established by christians and claim immunity from laws in the name of religion freedom and the free expression of same.

Imagine, for a moment, a mosque asking permission to form their own police force.

Imagine members of a religious group claiming the right to mutilate minors and infants under the guise of religious freedom and religious expression. 

This, by the way, is where the almighty champions of secular values — the progressives, a.k.a “the Left” — shows their own duplicity. 

While ready to condemn and question every aspect of christian practices  and indeed condemn the whole Christian religion as a whole, that same left will look at FGM as a “cultural practice.”

Side Note: if you want to listen to an aggravating, strident, uninformed, and self-identified ignorant — and apparently influential — member of the Lunatic Left, listen to THIS podcast. If you would rather keep your sanity, read THIS post about said podcast.  

We thus have the double whammy . . . conservatives will tear down the wall separating church and state and they will use the bricks to build a road to abuse, persecution, and oppression. Liberals will guard that road as other “cultures” set to travel on it. 

Here I should step back a bit . . . not every conservative is that fanatic and ignorant of the danger posed by these self-appointed warriors of god. Certainly, not every religious person agrees with the path these men of limited vision have embarked on, and many are actively fighting back.  

. . . and not every liberal holds the extreme and self-defeating views of the far-left; there too, reasoned voices condemn extreme and unreasonable views.  

. . . but, so few . . . 

Not many photos, but here’s the gallery . . .

Something to read:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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8 Responses to Flowers and Thoughts Part 2 — We’re Doomed! Doomed, I Tell You!

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    I wish one of your politicians would actually come out and say they don’t do the god thing, I reckon they may even get elected on that ticket? I have no idea what percentage of the US are actual believers? I know a recent survey of UK residents put the number at around 30%, and I have to say religion is very rarely cited in politics, perhaps the brits have progressed in that sense. Unlike my current government here in Poland!

    Liked by 1 person

    • disperser says:

      Just so you can be as depressed as I am:

      That’s nearly two-years old, but not much has changed; 70% believe some bearded white dude sits on a throne somewhere and is deeply concerned with the sex lives of humans but turns a blind eye to priests and ministers having their way with kids. Considering god pressured a poor young girl to give birth to himself, its lack of concern is almost understandable.

      More depressing yet is this:

      That’s 40% who believe the earth is less than 10k years old. Many peg that at 6k.

      All of the artifacts of Indian culture and Chinese culture going back past those dates and all of the fossil records are considered hoaxes. Despite no mention of it in the bible or quran, it’s assumed huge oil deposits must have also been created by the incestuous god.

      I could go on, but I might work myself up into a frenzy and be unable to stop.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Eddy Winko says:

        Ah but! Saying you are affiliated with a religion doesn’t mean you actually follow it, Its easier to say ‘yea, I’m a christian’ rather that say ‘I’m an atheist’ because then you have to explain yourself. The underlying trend shows that the younger generation are abandoning ‘the faith’ so there is hope?
        As for folks who thin the world is less than 10k years old, well there you have all the people that voted for trump!
        Yep, your right, we’re doomed!


      • disperser says:

        That’s certainly true in studies where the poll-taker knows the person. Studies, where the questions are answered anonymously, tend to confirm the overall numbers. Also, more specific questions tend to give a pretty good indication since certain beliefs are associated with a narrow interpretation of scriptures.

        Certainly, many young earth creationists voted for Trump, and there are a few people in political positions who hold to the idea of a young earth. However, the Trump votes spanned a disturbingly wide spectrum of people. I think I mentioned before that a non-trivial percentage of Latinos, LGBT, African-American, and women voted for the Big Orange One.

        As for the younger generation abandoning faith, that seems to be true if one speaks to religion, but there seems to be little corresponding growth in the number of people who place value in and who practice critical thinking.

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  2. I think he’s more evil than the present incumbent of the Oval Office.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Right on, Emilio!

    I’m a pretty optimistic person. I’m trying to find a balance in my deep caring and concern about all the crap being done and said (by our political leaders) and all the pain and horror in the world…AND and not letting all of it swallow me up and defeat me completely. :-(

    I must say…your flowers always bring me joy and make me smile! And these are so unique, otherworldly, beautiful! :-)
    HUGS!!! :-)


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