It occurs to me . . .

. . . that a majority of people reading this blog do little actual reading. I mean, I don’t know for sure, but seeing as I’m occasionally provocative, sometimes un-funny, and nearly always long-winded, my assumption stands. 

Even so, few people ever look at all the photos . . . probably because I seldom post fewer than twenty at a time. That is in contrast to many blogs that will show one or at most two photos per post. 

Whereas that’s “art,” my approach is more like “soup.” I throw in a bunch of stuff and hope it turns out OK. 

Miniature Pineapple - Macro Photography + Blended Layers

Miniature Pineapple – Macro Photography + Blended Layers

I’m told — but don’t know for sure — some of my photos are nice to look at. I mean, not so much “art” but also not a burden to the eye. 

People who come to my blog for photos seldom click on the link that would maximize their enjoyment of said photos. Yes, I’m talking about SmugMug.

So, I thought I would do a post about SmugMug.

Visitors to my SmugMug account are greeted with 21 Folders, two of which are Private.

At first glance, this does not seem like much . . . but those folders contain 500 galleries.

Obviously, the screen capture only shows a few, but if you’re there you could scroll down and see all of them.

Five-hundred galleries . . . that’s a lot of galleries, Bob. Just out of curiosity, how many photos?

Obviously — again — the screen capture only shows a few, but if you’re there you could scroll down and see all 22,788 of them. More, once I do my next post. 

I keep saying “if you’re there” because you can click on the images to actually go there. Ain’t technology amazing?

Anyway, clicking on any of the photos will take you to the corresponding gallery. That’s not very efficient. You can, however, take individual Folders — for example, the My Photography folder — and search either for galleries . . . 

. . . or the photos in that folder, all 3,300 of them.

That’s still a lot of photos to scroll through . . . but, you could refine the search, say for just sunsets . . . 

These are not all the sunsets as there are more under the Travel folder. If you wanted all of them, you would have to go back up to the Top URL and repeat the search there.

Sadly, that also might not give you all of the sunsets in the galleries. 

You see, for a long while I neglected to add keywords to the photos I uploaded. For one, it was not as convenient as with the tools now available, and for another thing, I figured most people would come to my SmugMug account via the blog. Fool, I was. 

These days, everything that gets uploaded has keywords. Still, remember that when you search for anything — for example, “moon” — you might still miss a few.

The folders people are most likely to visit are — in no particular order — the Flowers, Feathers & Fur, and Travel folders. That’s in addition to the My Photography folder. 

Wait! The Other folder can also be a fun perusal. 

Lots of interesting images in that one.

I mentioned the Flowers folder because I really enjoyed flower photography. Plus, we’ve always had a lot of flowers in our yard. 

True, some shots are repetitive and not “artsy” but I come close to feeling prideful of many of those images.

I maintain looking at my photos in SmugMug is levels better than looking at them on the blog and that is doubly true for photos of flowers. WordPress “processes” the photos you upload and — in my opinion — uglifies them.

The Feathers & Fur galleries . . . well, let’s just say I occasionally surprise myself when I look back at how lucky I’ve been in photographing birds and animals. 

There are a lot — a lot — of photos in those galleries and, yes, some are repetitive, occasionally indistinguishable from one another. I see that as a plus. 

Within there, three birds have disproportionate numbers of photos . . . 

Hummingbirds . . . 

Swallows . . . 

Hawks . . . 

There’s also horses, camels, and other fur-sporting animals, but in lesser numbers.

The Travel folder is self-explanatory. Seventy-two galleries covering most of the places we visited since I bought my first digital camera, the Nikon D100.

Over 5,000 images . . . 

There you have it . . . SmugMug: a place you can go and not be burdened with my words. 

Wait! I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a link to my bees (and a few other insects) photos:

I’ll leave you with this gallery as an example of what can be found if one looks around a bit, be it this blog or SmugMug.

From the March 2015 posts:

From the April 2014 posts:

OK, one more gallery from various posts . . . 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


Note: if you are not reading this blog post at, know that it has been copied without permission, and likely is being used by someone with nefarious intention, like attracting you to a malware-infested website.  Could be they also torture small mammals.


Please, if you are considering bestowing me recognition beyond commenting below, refrain from doing so.  I will decline blogger-to-blogger awards.   I appreciate the intent behind it, but I prefer a comment thanking me for turning you away from a life of crime, religion, or making you a better person in some other way.  That would mean something to me.

If you wish to know more, please read below.

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Note: to those who may click on “like”, or rate the post; if you do not hear from me, know that I am sincerely appreciative, and I thank you for noticing what I do.

. . .  my FP ward  . . . chieken shit.

Finally, if you interpret anything on this blog as me asking or wanting pity, sympathy, or complaining about my life, or asking for help and advice, know you’re  likely missing my subtle mix of irony, sarcasm, and humor.

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Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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29 Responses to It occurs to me . . .

  1. mvschulze says:

    j What a beautifully prolific gallery of your “work!” Skimming through gives an opportunity to absorb these treasures you’ve created over the years in the view quality intended , along with locational and technical details on many. Yes it’s true, time is tight for me and so many, but preference always brings me to your posts for at least a quick view. Jumping onto SmugMug is rare, (the images you post look pretty damn good off Word-Press, although there is no doubt of the advantage of SmugMug,) Thanks for the quick peek to so many of your images. M ☺


    • disperser says:

      You are welcome, and yes, I understand the demands of the modern life are such that few people will look. Just the same, I do like to occasionally remind people that if they just feel like looking at photos, SmugMug is a great place to go.

      And, I don’t mean just my galleries. There are some truly amazing photos from very serious amateurs as well as professionals.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. GP Cox says:

    Being as I only get a good photograph by accident, I admire people like yourself who see what the rest of us just walk on by – PLUS – the picture comes out beautiful!!


  3. oneowner says:

    22,788 photos and not one of kittens in a basket???
    But seriously, I started following you after seeing the bird photos. I gave up years ago on birds because I didn;t have the right equipment or the talent to get great shots.


    • disperser says:

      As luck would have it, when I had a kitten I was sans basket. When I finally got a basket, I was sans kitten. It’s like if the universe was working to thwart my rise to fame as a great photographer of kittens in baskets.


  4. Eddy Winko says:

    I’m more of a reader than a looker, but I normally enjoy looking as well; as for the galleries, they have a new follower in Malina if she just happens to be here at the time of reading and animals are the subject.
    Good advertising for Smugmug by the way, I even took the time to read the offers they have, now if only I could sell you a couple of bars of hand made soap every month I’d could have my own account :)


    • disperser says:

      You know, if you could get all your friends to buy my photos, I could then buy your soaps.

      That’s just a joke; don’t ask your friends to buy stuff, or, if they want to buy stuff, have them buy your soap.

      Seriously, one of the problems with me buying soap is that twice in my life it took me a while to find a soap that I like (I had reactions to some; it was twice because one brand changed its formulation a number of years ago) and I’m not looking to try anything new. I also don’t exchange gifts with anyone, so there’s no imperative to buy what I admit are nicely packaged and intriguing products.

      And, I’m glad Malina enjoys the photos.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. sandra getgood says:

    Your pictures are always excellent. I have gone to Smugmug occasionally, particularly when the subject is something like birds in flight or hummingbirds…and it’s true, the pictures look even more amazing. But I’m grateful that you post your wildlife and travel pictures, particularly; they offer a few moments of pleasure in a hectic and somewhat insane world, and are much appreciated.


  6. AnnMarie says:

    Excellent idea to showcase your SmugMug treasures!!! My appreciation for them (and your efforts) is beyond words. Thank you very much for sharing your talents. There’s really nothing quite like looking at your photos in Original!

    Here’s a quote from Blake that seems appropriate for this post:
    “I will not Reason and Compare, my business is to Create.”

    No use in comparing your post to anyone else’s. You are like no other being ever created. In other words . . . you are incomparable. And that’s why we “follow” you.


    • disperser says:

      Thank you, but even if not comparing, you should look at other offerings in SmugMug. There are some truly great artists offering up very good works.


  7. PiedType says:

    I visited SmugMug once, as I recall, to admire hummingbird photos. But generally your posts include enough beautiful photos that, combined with the text, provide an ample meal.

    I love that miniature pineapple. Just how tall is it, anyway? The smaller it is, the more I want it!


    • disperser says:

      That’s 2.5″.
      I think it’s a Swarovski crystal pineapple. They have a different design now but you can find the same one in a number of places (including ebay). They have a 4″ model as well.


      • PiedType says:

        I’m a sucker for Swarovski. I’ve a few tiny pieces packed away somewhere. I’d forgotten all about them (no room to display them here). Now I’ll have to go looking.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. colonialist says:

    Those galleries are mind-boggling in their variety and skill. I can’t quite claim to have looked at 22 000-odd, but I do think I’ve dwelt on an impressive number.
    As one comes to realise when posting narrative, the majority of bloggers are butterflies. They come to sip and flit. They are in a different mode to those who are seeking, for example, an e-book. The retention of only a few to do more than that is, in itself, a major accomplishment.


    • disperser says:

      Thank you, and yes, I don’t expect anyone to look at all the photos.

      I do these posts once in a while as a reminder to those who are mostly interested in the photos that they are easier to find and look at on SmugMug, and not just mine.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. disperser says:

    One Gallery I should have highlighted is the one collecting all of the photos from my Untitled Posts. Those were the daily posts I did during a stretch of four months where I had at least one but usually multiple posts each day.
    I wrote about that here:

    Here is the gallery:


  10. I have visited your SmugMug in the past, to look closer at your photos, and enjoyed my visits there! :-)

    Wow, it is so cool to scroll through all of these photos! Seeing so many of them here, together is a reminder of what an amazing photographer you are, what a good eye you have, and what eclectic taste and variety in what you shoot! :-)

    The buttons photo reminds me of the post you put up with photos from a Fabric Store! I found that so much fun! :-)

    Seeing all your photos here reminds me, too, of how much joy you bring into our lives by sharing your world with us! Thank you, Emilio! :-)

    BTW: Where are all the photos of your legs! Ha! Just teasing you! :-D

    HUGS!!! :-)


  11. Hello Emilio. My visit here was prompted by your B&W swallow on Leanne Cole’s challenge. I had never hear of SmugMug and clicked through to check out the rest of that swallow/nestbox album. Loved the feeding chicks video at the end – poor parent birds must have been exhausted! Thanks for the honest sharing of yourself.


  12. you have a wonderful soup! I thought of joining smug mug but have not! However, I admit I can’t process a lot at once. I enjoy your thoughts and how you put things together here! I like the eclectic-ness of it all!!


    • disperser says:

      Thanks. I gravitate toward a mix of single topic posts (words or photos) and multiple topics (words and photos).

      Each SmugMug gallery corresponds to a single post or a related series of posts, so if one is interested, they could do a search on the blog for a post with the same approximate title as a given gallery.


  13. Perhaps if you made your posts/blogs look a bit nicer, you have the lousiest set up of any that I follow and the font you use is an abomination ( it really isn’t a nice one to read, bit of a strain), if you spent perhaps five minutes straightening out your presentation more people would read more of your “stuff” , well that’s what I think and what would I know?
    I like the look of those galleries so I’m going to keep this one in the open box and check out some of those pictures I saw some that I think will hold my attention.


    • disperser says:

      Thank you, that’s very nice of you to say.

      As awful as this blog is, as difficult as it is to read, I am elated some still choose to pay it any heed. Their continued patronage through the horror of my font and format I take as a sign the content is worth suffering for.

      . . . also, it keeps the riff-raff — people who expect a facile life, one where everything is to their pleasure — away. Well, most of them, anyway.

      Liked by 1 person

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