If you love travel and photographing architecture . . .

Just wanted to put this out to readers of my blog because I know a few of you are into photographing architecture.

These travel guides look to be very useful and practical. If interested, check out the Kickstarter campaign

Edited to Add: this is the LINK to her blog.


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6 Responses to If you love travel and photographing architecture . . .

  1. I liked travelling but my skill as a photographer, much like yours, leaves much to be desired. :)

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    • disperser says:

      That’s why you need this; it tells you the best locations for photographing architectural highlights. You just need to know how to “push” the button.


  2. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing this, Emilio!

    (I have always been fascinated with old buildings, old homes, bridges, architecture of any and all kinds…amazed at the detail at the top of some old buildings…buildings that were built decades before people constructed taller buildings and could look down on the old buildings. Love that the architects were so artistic in their design and details. )

    HUGS!!! :-)

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    • disperser says:

      I’ve been following her blog since before she got her degree. She has a lot of free guides on her blog for various cities.

      These do look like they will be useful guides for photographers and architecture enthusiasts alike. She’s had a number od surveys of her readers regarding how the guide should look so her readers can take a small amount of pride in their hand in zeroing in on the final design (and no, I had no input).

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  3. Virginia Duran says:

    Thanks so much Emilio, it means a lot :)

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