Catching up – Nikon P900

It’s the end of the day . . . just a regular day. We exercised, cleaned, ate, and watched $56M worth of armament hit a base in Syria. Lots of opinions expressed forcefully and with passion. 

Perfect time for me to look back at photos that are lounging around my drive, waiting to be launched onto the Internet. These are free. Well, quasi-free. I spent some time on them but since it’s part of what keeps me level, it’s not a burden. 

This one immediately had me thinking of our elected politicians and various pundits . . . 

So, out for a drive, we passed a small herd of foraging goats. This is where I was glad of the long zoom . . . I mean, just look at them horns.

The goatee is also interesting in that it seems more an inconvenience than a nanny-draw. 

I managed to capture this video illustrating the point . . . 

But, you know, the guy was cool . . . 

On that particular day, our drive took us on Saddle Road . . . 

That’s snow atop Mauna Loa as viewed from the rest stop on Saddle Road. 

From there, we drove a part of the old Saddle Road and saw a turkey lookout . . . 

I wanted a shot of the bird looking right at the camera, but I was only able to capture it on video . . . 

. . . also, this move . . . 

I was happy with the turkey shots, but I was there for the morning glory . . . 

By the way, I’m listening to some Tony Child . . .

I’d not listened to this song in a long while. I forgot how nice it sounds . . . to me; it’s not everyone’s cup of joe. 

I also wanted to photograph some grass . . . 

I have a few interesting shots of grasses I plan to share . . . eventually. 

I then took the opportunity to shoot me some of these:

Tell me those leaves don’t look like a pair of hands offering up the fruits? Well, at least I think so.

Got me another shot of the morning glory flowers . . . 

. . . before spotting a rare bolt flower. Actually, a whole bunch of them.

They are an invasive species and very hardy. They need little to no water, and they can live for many, many years. I’ve seen this species survive in all sorts of weather. The good thing is that, despite frequent and constant coupling, they have a very low reproductive rate. 

I got a few more shots of the grass (more in the gallery below) and of the morning glory . . . 

. . . before hitting the road and stopping to get this shot . . . 

Someone has a sense of humor . . . 

I plan to get a better shot of it next time I pass by there. 

While shooting the pig, I also got these . . . 

I should come up with a name for this . . . this . . . pom-pom plant. Yeah, that’s it; pom-pom plant. 

The next day, I happened to catch a couple of birds doing  . . . well, bird things. 

This Mayna bird was eating what I think are Papayas. Don’t quote me on that as my expertise when it comes to fruit is not as well honed as it is when it comes to pastries. 

Even got me a shaky movie of it . . . 

And that was immediately followed by this bird fishing . . . 

As far as I could tell, it was either fishing for bugs or seeds floating in the salt-water pool. Got me a video of that, as well. The bird went all around the pool, twice. I only got a bit of it. 

I got one more thing . . . but I didn’t want to know what was going on nor did I want to film it . . . 

And that’s it for now. 

You can click on the photos for a larger version or look through the gallery below or go HERE for the SmugMug gallery.

By the way, during today’s morning walk, I heard someone play some music at one of the pavilions at the beach . . . and I did something I hardly ever do. I walked up to two strangers and asked them for the name of the song. They did not speak English, but I managed to make them understand and they showed me the current title on their playlist. 

It was F. O. B. Yungstar and the title is Jilel. The word means “shell” but can also mean “warning.” I will let you do your own research on the group and song. I had never heard Marshallese music and I hoped I had found a whole style of music to enjoy but as is often the case, at least for now, this was the only song I liked of all that I found.  

Obviously, not all will like this, but I thought I would share it. This — words in another language, one I don’t understand — is probably one of my favorite way to listen to music. The vocals become part of the music in a way they can’t when I understand the language.

I mean, when I listen to songs I try to tune out the words, but they invariably intrude into the consciousness. The soundtrack from Gladiator and the first video of Where in the World is Matt are examples of vocals that become part of the music as if an instrument onto themselves. Someone out there knows the language, but I don’t, and it works out great. It’s also why I like THIS and THIS examples. FYI, lots of Moriccone’s music made great use of powerful vocals . . . without words. Check out some of the live performances of the soundtrack from Once Upon A Time In The West.

Yes, some songs have very good lyrics that I enjoy listening to but when I like a song, I usually check to see if there’s an instrumental version of it.

Anyway, here’s the song I heard while walking.

Here’s the gallery of the photos . . . 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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16 Responses to Catching up – Nikon P900

  1. GP Cox says:

    That turkey seemed to saying “You talkin’ to me?…” and I think it’s best [for younger viewers] that you didn’t film the lizards! haha


  2. mvschulze says:

    Nice pic on your outing. Regarding the first video …I thought the initial sound was a cruise missle heading to Syria – and incidentally, well justified in my opinion. M :-


    • disperser says:

      I was by the side of the road and cars be going by.

      As for justified, I could make the argument either way. Unfortunately — like most world problems — people wait too long and then there are no easy or right answers. In fact, one could argue there are no answers, period.

      We’ll see how it pans out.

      Although, if you think about the “respect” the North Korean nut job gets, perhaps having our own unpredictable, inexperienced, conceited, uninformed, delusional, egotistical, insecure leader might be a plus. Then again, maybe not.


  3. A very interesting posting, Disperser — especially the colorful tigers, the bolt flowers and the Marshallese music!


    • disperser says:

      Well, the tiger photos are not mine. I wish they were. I do have a few, but they in zoos and not doing much besides looking bored.

      Bolt flowers are difficult to capture well. I was lucky to get these.

      The problem with the Marshallese music is that I want to play it on a loop. I’m resisting doing so lest I get tired of it. It’s now on my playlist, so I’ll get surprised by it at random times.


  4. Best turkey I’ve ever eaten was in Hawai’i, the worst? San Francisco!


  5. Eddy Winko says:

    Good to see some wildlife pics again, I even clicked on a few. Listening to the music now, very mellow, I may get to the end of it.
    I hadn’t realised that the US had declared war on Syria, still I’m sure he had the authority to do it? Still it’s probably better than giving the missiles to rebel groups and asking them to fire them.


    • disperser says:

      Yeah, not much by way of wildlife here. Goats and pigs . . . I’ve heard rumors of two-legged wildlife, but I don’t frequent their haunts.

      Not sure if we are at war . . . I think we just had an extra $100M worth of armament we wanted to try out.


  6. HA! Several things you said made me snort-laugh! :-D HA! best photos: Lizard lovin’! and Bolt Flowers! :-P

    I love your nature photos, especially when the nature is being wild and free! :-D
    Enjoyed the vids and the music! (I saw a tiger that changed colors!)
    Beautiful post, Emilio!

    HUGS!!! :-)


  7. Amazing photographs!


  8. AnnMarie says:

    The “pair of hands offering the fruit” photo (and the second one) have excellent colors. I paused quite a bit to enjoy them. A very pleasing au naturel nature post and accompanying score.


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