I suspect — but don’t know for sure — when people think of Hawaiʻi they are not thinking Cowboys, or more accurately, Paniolos. And yet, the influence of the culture is present on all the islands. The Big Island — in particular — strongly reminds me of driving through Colorado, both for the pastoral views of grazing cattle, the prevalence of horses, and cowboy articles of clothing and paraphernalia found in stores throughout the island.  


There are a few other tributes to Paniolos and their culture . . . 


That booth decorates the parking lot of one of the shopping plazas in Waimea. Many visitors, once here, become aware of the culture. In Waimea, Parker Ranch, one of the oldest and largest working cattle ranches in the US, embodies that culture for both visitors and locals. 


I was remiss in snapping a better photo of the boot. It was erected in 2008 on the 100-years anniversary of  . . . well, I’ll let the inscription say it:

“This commemorative boot is symbolic of the 1908 victory of four Waimea paniolo who reigned as World Champion steer ropes in the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in Wyoming.”

You can read a bit more in THIS article.

It’s not the only nod to the contribution and legendary abilities of Paniolos. 



Here’s the inscription . . . 



Ikua Purdy made quite the splash at the 1908 Cheyenne, WY, Frontier Days rodeo . . . read about it HERE, and HERE, and HERE

Note: these photos were shot at different times and with different cameras. 

For them who be not keen to click on links, here’s the plaque giving a shortened history of the Paniolos . . . 


You can click on any of the photos for a larger view or go to the SmugMug Gallery HERE for the original photos. 

The monument sports the names of a lot of Hawaiʻian ranches . . . I don’t know if these photos represent the brands of all of Hawaiʻi’s ranches, but this PDF lists many resources if you are at all interested in the history. HERE is an abbreviated history, or you can look up the following names for more information.





Those last two might be difficult to read unless one goes to SmugMug and since most people won’t . . . 







I was not happy with the initial photo of the statue. The lighting and position make it difficult to photograph . . . eventually, I settled on this shot . . . 


. . . and the following variations . . . 





In the future (when the lighting is better) I’ll try and get a picture of the Purdy’s visage. 

Finally, looking uphill from the outskirts of Waimea . . . 

20170302_dscn2217_1-processed-processed_digi 20170302_dscn2227_1-processed_digi

I would share higher resolutions of the above except that these were shot with the P900 and while it’s been very good for almost everything I shot (occasionally, amazing), the details on the above did not come through. I probably jostled the program dial and was shooting with the wrong settings because in other instances the panoramas have been great. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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16 Responses to Paniolo

  1. oneowner says:

    I like the Lazy 5!!! And the size 9000 boot!!! btw, where’s the other one?


  2. mvschulze says:

    Things never much thought about, …but now somehow, somewhere some of my old brain-stuff neurons will likely be activated in at least a small way by future reminders. M :-)


  3. One of our most interesting trips in Hawaii was the day in 1979 when we drove from Hilo to Kona and stopped for lunch at a restaurant near Parker Ranch. We saw a lot of paniolos that day.


    • disperser says:

      There used to be a restaurant (one we ate at) right in Parker Ranch, but I think it either closed or moved because we can no longer find it.

      Of course, it could also be I’m confusing it with another ranch on another island.


  4. Cool boot and spur! Only one boot! Ha! Guess the other one is under a bed somewhere. Just teasin’!

    I enjoy seeing the brands! And learning about Paniolos!

    Looking at those last 2 photos…such gorgeous land…for some reason the song “Don’t Fence Me In” is rattling through my pea-brain.



  5. SO cool. Thanks for the pictures. Ranchers no matter where they are have connections to each other – a brotherhood of sorts – like sailors. Looks just like home. (wait, we are related to them …and have some lovely vintage pictures)


  6. It doesn’t state who gave the cattle to the King in 1793; was it perhaps George III, friend to the 13 Colonies?,
    I’m sure you are thrilled to be living under the flag of Hawai’i

    The flag was designed at the request of King Kamehameha I, the same bloke who received the gift, he rather liked and respected the English! A wise man :)


    • disperser says:

      A quick search would have provided you with this:

      As for the flag, I’m actually glad the English — or, Brits, as I like to call them — can find solace in remembering their empire of old; a time when they ruled with cruelty and impunity . . . much like the Hawaiian kings. No wonder they formed a mutual admiration society; heck, they probably even exchanged notes on the proper way to subjugate, torture, and kill people.


      • Actually it was the English liked to do all those dastardly things, The Scots, Welsh and Irish were not really into it like we Engish.
        Such a pity the Americans can never attain the greatness that was once available. They had their chance and snuffed it! :)

        Liked by 1 person

  7. PiedType says:

    Cowboys in Hawaii. Who knew? Certainly not me. My cowboys have always come from around here — the American west and southwest.


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