Looking at the Nikon P900 – Video (plus) Edition

As promised, sampling of videos . . . but before that, a couple of links and a photo or two or more. There will be a gallery at the bottom of the post with more samples.


That’s not a bad photo and had I shot it with my D7000, I would be able to crop the photo to show details that I’m interested in. Well, the P900 does not produce photos of such quality that you can “zoom in” by cropping . . . but, you can just zoom in with the camera . . . 


. . . and keep zooming . . . 



This is what I’m struggling with . . . 

. . . I can get something like this from my big rig if I use a tripod and crop really close, but this was handheld.

I know I can’t do this with my D7000 (inside a thrift shop shot from a foot away) without playing with settings and post-processing.


By the way, I think the blonde looks like Loretta Swit. 

I can get a better photo than this with the D7000 . . . 


. . . maybe even better than this one (dang that wire!) . . . 


. . . but I know I would have to play around with a shot like this one, taken against a bright sky on a cloudy and rainy day . . . 


. . . but this is out of the camera with minimum processing (the border and a bit of contrast). True, deep depth of field, but I’m not one of them guys who faints if they see details behind the subject.  

The P900 struggles with bright light sources (I wish I’d had my other rig with me for these):


20170117_dscn0551_1-processed_digiThose I edited a fair amount, trying to remove the magenta cast. The camera has a sunset setting that I tried this evening and it still gives a magenta cast to the photo as well as blowing out the sun.

It does alright with this:




I played around with this next photo, but it’s not bad for being 3.5 miles way.


You just can’t blow it up too much beyond that, meaning it’s already blown up.

I would not use this next one for anything other than seeing if anyone parks where I usually park (4.5 miles away) when we go for our morning walk . . . 


They don’t. 

Two more . . . one shot at 2000mm effective zoom . . . 


and one at about 7ooomm (in-camera digital zoom) . . . 


Sure, I’m not going to print those, but not only can’t I get those photos with my rig, but I can still use these to make art . . . 



Where are the videos, you ask . . . good questions. 

Here are two links about the P900.

HERE you will find what I thought was an excellent review. There are six pages you can choose from the drop-down menu right under the title of the post.

HERE another review that covers a bunch of things, good and bad. There are links to other pages at the beginning of the post.

Edited to Add: HERE is another review with lots of info.

They draw the same conclusion I have . . . put better software in there (latest version as opposed to something from years ago), give me RAW and the option to switch off noise reduction, and I might not even bother with an SLR. This has me thinking that this camera is — at least to a certain extent — intentionally hobbled. Make it too good, and you start loosing the enthusiast’s demand for DLSRs. DSLR is where big names in cameras pull in a lot of money; they certainly have from me.

OK, OK, here are the videos. I have playlists that I will link at the bottom. The playlists have more videos than what I share here.

That’s hand-held and looking at the articulated screen . . . I cannot shoot this video with my D7000. Rather, I might be able to if I bought an expensive gimbal head, a longer lens, and practiced a lot. 

Pictures are nice, but it’s useful to include a video once in a while . . . or, maybe two . . . 

These next videos go with the shots above . . . 

Those were shot at the Magic Sands beach park (the sands are currently out, blown away by recent high surf — they will eventually return). 

Now, I have two “heavy surf” playlists . . . the first has these kinds of videos in it (with people) . . . 

These are, again, handheld and a bit shaky (I get better) . . . 

There are thirteen videos in that playlist . . . this next playlist is incomplete but I wanted to share a few of the videos because I think they are awesome . . . I will be adding more videos . . . and these are longer videos. I’d watch all three, but that’s just me.

I could have been there all day . . . but we had stuff to do. 

Survey time:

Here are the links to the playlists with all the videos. 

P900 Video Tests

Heavy Surf Series

Heavy Surf Series II (more videos will be added in the next day or so)

Here is the gallery of sample photos:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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14 Responses to Looking at the Nikon P900 – Video (plus) Edition

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    I was going to go for the sending me the kit for me to decide for you but I didn’t want for you to incur the postage charge.


  2. fantastic shots! and I like the art one very much – Can only go to youtube to watch the videos. I’d say you have a good camera there but I have no way to compare myself. I have a canon EOS.


    • disperser says:

      I think if you are on a PC you can see the videos in the post. On the phone, you only get the link. I used to do inline videos (uploading them to WP) but that slows the loading of what is already a slow loading process. Of course, it could also be a function of the country you are in.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. colonialist says:

    You don’t expect them returned, do you?
    Oh, that zoomability is to die for …


  4. oneowner says:

    I picked my voting option at random since I could only pick one and there were too many appropriate items on the list. However, I do have a bit of well thought out advice concerning the 900: buy it. I has some very nice features and the stuff it doesn’t do well can be done by the equipment you already have. Plus it’s convenient, lightweight and easy to carry. That means you’re more likely to take it with you wherever you go. The fact that I own stock in Nikon has nothing to do with it.


    • disperser says:

      I think this is one poll where I allow multiple answers, so knock yourself out.

      I’m pretty much sold on it. The video capability on its own is a great selling point, and the zoom is a bonus.


  5. YAY! We got to vote! I like to vote!

    WOW! Your zoom-y photos are so cool! Love the details that can be seen close up!

    I really like the turkey vids a lot! The turkeys look so majestic and colorful! And quite confident…well…it is only January!

    You mean Loretta aka Hot Lips Houlihan?! :-D


    • disperser says:

      Not only that, I think I switched on multiple answers . . . you can vote for every choice, if you like.

      It was a weird thing; we took our neighbor ladies for a drive and chanced first on a large flock of turkey by one road (about 35-40 or so) and then this smaller flock where the male was posturing.

      Yup, Margaret Houlihan. And that should have been Swit, not Swift. I’ll correct it.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Love those turkeys, they’re beautiful.

    Probably taste good too!


    • disperser says:

      Yes, they are, but as for taste, I’ve never been a fan of turkey meat. Maybe a drumstick, but even then, it would not be my first choice.

      Those particular ones would be fairly lean and tough, so even less as far as favorite food. When it comes to poultry, it’s tough to beat chicken.


      • Best turkey I had was in Hawai’i, and would you believe they were carving it off the roast at breakfast! I had a stomach then and I kept going back for more, never had such beautiful meat off a bird before. or since.

        Liked by 1 person

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