New Year’s Celebration – 2016 gives way to 2017

We are both pretty sure we’ve been here — here being Kailua Kona — on December 31st for at least a couple of our previous visits to the Big Island. We have never seen or experienced this before so perhaps our memory is a bit faulty.

This video is right around Midnight . . . not a great video, but it will give a taste of what one hears and sees.

The following photos are not in order because I want to write about the total experience and I have limited examples. I was remiss on bringing out the camera until we neared midnight. Forgive the quality because I’ve not shot fireworks for a long while and I did not do any test shots since I had but a few minutes before midnight.





From our vantage point, we can see a good portion of the area. Beginning at around 7:00pm (after twilight) we noticed an increase in the number and frequency of detonations. By detonations, I mean anything from firecrackers to loud booms reminiscent of cannon fire. 





Someone mentioned that 9:00 pm was the unofficial “start” of the celebration, and we did notice an uptick in the fireworks. While it was never quiet, there were bursts of activity that had us walk outside to see what the heck was going on. 

See those distant fireworks in the photos above? Those places had a steady stream of them for the full three hours between 9:00 pm and midnight. 

So, like, you’re probably thinking where did they buy those fireworks and how much did they spend. Well, for a number of weeks leading up to this, various stores — including grocery stores — had large displays of fireworks that needed constant replenishing as people filled their carts with them. We are talking about fireworks that ran $50 to $100 or more per containers roughly the size of throw pillows. 

Understand, these were the legal fireworks . . . noisy, lots of smoke, and quick flashes.

“But . . . but, what are those in the photos?”

Them, Bob, be what must have been tons of illegal fireworks that get smuggled onto the island every year. The cops turn a blind eye . . . and people probably lose the occasional eye. 

Also, understand that these are not organizations . . . these are individual . . . like the neighbors a couple of doors down. 





Those were less than 100 yards from us. 

I have no idea how much these people spent, but it must have amounted to a small fortune. Perhaps neighbors get together and pitch in for their own private display. All I know is that as the evening progressed and culminated into the midnight flurry of explosions we were more and more flabbergasted at what we were witnessing. 

It was grand!





Happy New Year and may 2017 be not suck for you!

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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12 Responses to New Year’s Celebration – 2016 gives way to 2017

  1. sandra getgood says:

    Those are remarkable pictures….very clear, which isn’t always easy, I gather. My son takes excellent pictures, and he is rarely satisfied with his efforts at firework shots on the Fourth of July, except for perhaps one or two.

    Hope 2017 is good to you….and turns out to be no worse than we think it may be. And possibly even a little bit better..


    • disperser says:

      Thank you, Sandra.

      They look fine small, but suffer in larger resolutions, but overall I was reasonably pleased.

      Thank you for the wishes, and I concur as I send the same back your way.


  2. I’d have thought, that an old codger like you, would have been abed at that time of night, as was this one.
    All the best for 17 EJD.


  3. Grand, indeed!
    And you captured the bright-beauty in the welcoming of 2017, Emilio! Great pics!
    We had neighbors who set off fireworks at midnight and their “show” was over before 12:10 a.m. :-)
    Best of the best to you and Melisa in this new year!
    HUGS!!! :-)


  4. Caity says:

    I love fireworks, my favourite celebration of the year is bonfire night, but here the tradition is to go to organised displays, very few people buy them, I think because of the expense and they are very tightly regulated here, so you can’t get very impressive ones as a private person. Certainly, I didn’t see any in the shops in the run-up to New Year.

    Happy New Year to you Emilio, hope it’s a great one for you and your wife.


    • disperser says:

      It varies a lot, but most places are more regulated than here. In Colorado, for instance, shooting off fireworks risks starting big fires, and hence it’s strongly discouraged.

      I was a bit surprised here because of all the vegetation, and some of it quite dry, that we did not see any fires break out.

      Thank you for the wishes and wish the same to you and yours for 2017.


  5. mvschulze says:

    One of the best parts of our fireworks encounter was listening to all the car alarms go off during the finale! Happy New Year. M :-)


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