Disperser 2016 In Review: Photos – Third Quarter

The second half of the year saw the continuation of phone photos as I waited patiently for my big PC rig to arrive and get set up. 20160703_075239-01.jpg


By the middle of the month, we had Internet service and I set up the PC. I was ready to release a flood of photos documenting the last few days on the mainland.

I like too many photos to show them all here. From the last of our Colorado flowers . . . 



. . . to the last of our Tahoe . . . 


. . . to Hoover Dam . . . 


. . . to sequoias.


I also mixed in a few local shots as I continued documenting my westward trip.



1280x 1280 collage





While I did not have many posts, I did post a lot of photos in July, probably compensating for the previous lean months. 

By August, I was fully invested in Hawai’i-centric posts. Sure, I threw in the occasional opinion post, as I’m fond of doing, but this is a photo review, so no opinions here . . . 


1280x 1280 nikon flowers collage






The majority of August photos consisted of flowers . . . 







. . . and pigs . . .


. . . and roosters . . . 


. . . and a few other island scenes . . .




. . . and still found time to play with the Topaz plugins. 

1280x 1280 collage artsy





In August, photos and postings slowed up a bit, but I still managed a few interesting photo . . . or what I thought were interesting photos. 








I made the effort to photograph a couple of murals . . . 



. . . and visit a historical park . . . 




. . . and the third quarter was done. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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15 Responses to Disperser 2016 In Review: Photos – Third Quarter

  1. oneowner says:

    The photo (7th from the last) is so interesting to me. It’s the thin black diagonal line, perfectly straight, that makes this photo special.


    • disperser says:

      That was taken in July and it’s in a late September post. I was disappointed with the quality of that photo. Good enough for small views, but the Original Size shows it’s not very sharp.

      That line is seen in three sequential photos and it’s a road cut into the side of the hill. I presume it’s an access road for the ranch. When I’m up there again I’ll take a better photo of it.


  2. Looked like the Hoover Dam to me and the giant sequoia in Yosemite NP.If it is the Hoover Dam then the water is still down very low, as it was when I saw it in 2005.


    • disperser says:

      Hoover Dam – check; Yosemite NP – no. Sequoia National Forest.

      I have more photos of Hoover Dam in this post:

      And, yes, the water is low. Lower than it was in 2005.


      • I added a rather big comment on the other post.
        Trouble with the water in the Dam is, in my opinion, Las Vegas and the amount of water wasted there. Why the US, especially in places like Las Vegas, do not adopt the Australian flushing system. AS you know drought and deserts are synonymous with Australia. The lavatory pans in every hotel ALL seem to have enough room and water in to take a bath, here ours hold probably a fifth of the amount and each system has a dual flush, a small for urine and a large for excrement. Probably a few million bucks to be made by some smart bloke who can introduce that system to the US.
        The waste in those casinos beggars belief, and they don’t give a dam, they only care about ripping off every last cent of the mugs money


      • disperser says:

        They do have dual-flush toilets here. Not sure about Vegas, but I know they do a lot of water reclamation since they figured out they might be running out.

        It depends who you speak with, of course, but there are efforts underway.


        . . . by the way, as a childless person, I always make sure to use the big flush, regardless. Multiple flushes, even.

        I also drive big cars and do everything I can to use as many resources as if I had procreated.


  3. Love your animal, insect, and reptile photos!
    Your photos are already beautiful art…but when you add the special effects they become arty in different, fun ways!
    You’ve had an amazing photo-year in 2016, Emilio! Thank you for sharing your travels and your captures with us! You have taken me to places I’ve been, a joy to go again…and you’ve taken me to places I’ve never been, and may never get to go. I appreciate both!
    HUGS!!! :-)


  4. PiedType says:

    What a remarkable, memorable year you’ve had. And so beautifully documented. Wishing you all the best in the new year.


  5. I like that distant shot of the animals that I think might be buffalo.


  6. AnnMarie says:

    You’ve had the chance to have a very beautiful and varied year (photographically). Do love them artsy shots! And the rooster brings back happy memories of Italy . . .

    Liked by 1 person

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