Surfing – Part 1

So, here’s another thing I’ll probably never do: surfing

The sport does have an attraction for me . . . because of photography. This was the case last month when we went and sat on a beach and I snapped away at people enjoying the waves. 


This is where we went. It’s a public access area just south of the Kona Airport and near a pricey development (homes start in the multiple of $1M). The above Google Earth photo is from three years ago. Currently, a number of homes have been completed . . . and no, we’re not looking in there. They have a gate and everything and to me, it would feel like I’m in a cage. 


Anyway, on with the photos . . . 

The SmugMug Gallery (HERE) has 57 photos (I modelled it after the ingredients in Ketchup). BUT . . . fear not. For this post, I created animations from some of them. If you want to see the individual photos, go to SmugMug. The photos that I do show here can be viewed doubled in size by clicking on them (but not the animations). 

So, I mention that I am not likely to surf. I think I might be a surfer had I been born here. 


That’s a kid on the board at the center of the shot. To the right, you can see a man paddling out to meet the waves . . . and he has a toddler on the board with him. Kudos to that man. Teaching kids to not be afraid is an excellent approach to raising them.


Here is a guy already riding the waves . . . 


Here’s the animation of how he got there . . . 


Here’s one of the photos in the sequence . . . 


Sometimes it gets crowded out there. I’m not sure how they keep from hitting each other but as there’s always another wave, usually someone back off. 




Kids in action . . . 



Here’s the animated sequence . . . 


This next guy kept hitting nice waves but that’s because they race toward them rocks . . . 




By the way, this is the wider view from where I was photographing the action. We have a roll-up mat and an umbrella we can easily set up to shelter us from the sun and keep our asses sand-free. 



In case you are worried about that guy and the rocks . . . 



. . . he consistently kept from being pulverized. 

The kids on this next shot are a little blurred . . . because I was shooting the waves behind them (states he with the confidence of after-the-fact conviction).


By the way, women are usually well-represented whenever we watch surfing, but there were only a few out there on that day. Here’s one heading out. 



. . . and here she is heading back to shore . . . 


If you watch the above, it looks like she takes out a rival surfer in the water but manages to spare the kid.

Here are those shots . . . 




Here’s a kid that’s pretty good, although it looks like he too is gunning for people in the water . . . maybe the same surfer the woman was after. Perhaps that surfer is the designated target. 





OK, this is getting up there as far as number of photos and I’m tired of people bitching at me about the burden of having to scroll and see so much stuff (not really; it’s like music to my ears, or it would be if I could hear them), so let me try and wrap this up.

Here’s an action shot showing the congestion at some waves.


Here’s the animation of what happened next . . . 


Waves come in waves and in between waves of waves, I shot rocks . . . 


. . . and this next rock gave me an idea . . . 


I’m planning a running series entitled “Rock Faces” . . . it’ll be hard — get it? Hard . . . nevermind — finding subjects as good as the above, so don’t expect something that obvious. 

For them who were wondering what happened to Gothmog‘s head after he was killed by Aragorn, there it is. 

And with that, let me close this out. For those wanting to see the individual frames of the animation, all of the photos are in the SmugMug gallery linked above. 

Wait . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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