Eight Years Apart

Eight years ago, November 30th, my back yard in Monument, Colorado . . . 



Yes, some of you have seen these photos before . . . but not with these treatments. 

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This will be a shorter post than most. Ain’t gotz an abundance of words this evening.

Here’s another treatment of the above . . . 


So, that was 2008 . . . this is the same day — today —2016. 



I wasn’t feeling 100% this afternoon, so we skipped the gym. Went to sit along a popular shoreline.

Don’t misconstrue my intent here. This is not a gloating post. I genuinely like both places, both types of weather, each for obviously different reasons. 



I liked heavy snowfalls . . . 



. . . and I like watching people surf. 

Interestingly, I don’t go out in either condition. Well, that’s not exactly true. Eventually, I always went out to clear the drive, but I’m one of them jerks who likes shoveling snow. Prided myself with having the cleanest drive in the neighborhood, I did. 

No surfing plans of any kind for me.  



The above two photos are subtly different . . . might not see it unless looking at the larger versions. 



There were a number of young kids surfing. Pretty good surfers, although I’m no expert; they looked capable in my eyes.  



Kids used to be the first out on the deep snow, as well. The empty lot across from us had a few hills and neighborhood kids — and a few adults — often found their way into the fresh snow. 



I’m hitting the sack early, tonight. Like I said, not 100%. A half hour of reading will help set me up for a good night sleep. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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