Thanksgiving 2016, Photography, and Writing

If it’s not abundantly clear by now, NaNoWriMo 2016 is a bust. I’m speaking on a personal level, not nationally. Too much stuff going on for me to keep my head on straight or to find any writing incentive. For them who might want to know, I hit 10K words but the one story I started is not finished. 

I will, of course, finish it. My current thinking is . . . DeNoWriMo! Seriously, I plan to just write; no particular goal in mind other than to write. Perhaps DeNoWriMo will give way to JaNoWriMo, and so on. In preparation of future writing efforts, I’ve been reading a lot. 

Also, I’ve been looking at and processing photos. For example, this is from a few days ago.


Before I go on, the full-size photos are in THIS SmugMug album. To see a version twice the size, click on any of the photos. 

Now, about the above photo . . . some might rightly assume it’s from my previous life in Colorado. Same with this next photo.


For that matter, this might also seem like a Colorado photo . . . 


Of course, me saying that sort of implies — at least to astute readers — that these are not Colorado, but rather scenes from Hawai’i. 

Got to admit, none of the photos in this post scream “Hawai’i”. In fact, they could be from almost anywhere in the US. Heck, perhaps anywhere in the world. 

They happen to be from a drive we took last Saturday on my most favorite road; Saddle Road.


There was no destination in mind; this was purely a photography outing, Melisa suffering me stopping the car every few minutes and jumping out, camera in hand. 



It was good for the soul . . . or, you know, it would have been good for the soul if I had one. It was excellent for my mind.

Even saw a few things that I can use as a segue to the holiday.



As I write this, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It’s rare that we spend holidays with anyone. It happens, but it’s not a regular occurrence. It’ll be near impossible here because we are multiple thousands of miles from the mainland and thousands more from any family and friends.

And, you know, we don’t exactly go out on any limbs trying to make friends. I mean, we’re friendly, but not sharing-a-meal friendly. 

One thing I’m thinking about is the aftereffect of the election. I’m fairly certain emotions ran high not only between opposing parties but also within families and within groups of friends. 


Emotions are still high, in part stoked by media outlets who revel in reporting outrageous acts by this or that individual or these or those groups. 

I think this will be a difficult holiday for many. 

Still, at some point, we have to stop yelling at each other, and food can help; it’s difficult yelling when your mouth is full.

Here’s a method I often employ to help me guide my behavior . . . imagine you are being observed by a stranger. People tend to be more civil and nicer when strangers are about. In fact, people are often nicer to strangers than to their friends or even their own family. Imagine you are meeting with strangers. 


So, what about us; what are we going to eat? Well, no turkey for us. Remember THIS post and the Super Loco? 


We are recreating the Super Loco. The rice is already cooked, we have the Spam (thanks, Costco), we opted to skip the Portuguese sausage but we’ve added mashed potatoes (thanks, Costco), we have the Mac Potato Salad (thanks, Costco), we have lean hamburger (thanks, Costco) for the hamburger patties, we have eggs (thanks, Costco), and we have brown gravy (thanks, Costco). 

Melisa has already made a coffee ice cream pie, and we have whipping cream (thanks, Costco) for the topping. I think we’re all set. 

The only unknown is whether I make French Toast (Hawai’ian sweet bread and maple syrup from Costco) in the morning or if I go with pasta-eggs-bacon-mozzarella-cheese (thanks, Costco, for all those ingredients) breakfast. Decisions, decisions. 

Regardless what we decide, tomorrow is a relax day; we’ll walk our 4.5 miles in the morning, but no gym. Who knows, I might even write a bit. 

Speaking of writers, here’s a joke for them so inclined. 


Stay safe, stay strong, and . . . 

hawaii_card_3-processedjpgdigimarc That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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23 Responses to Thanksgiving 2016, Photography, and Writing

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Happy thanksgiving to you and the Mrs.


  2. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family Emilio :)


  3. GP Cox says:

    I’m thankful for friends like yourself!


  4. mvschulze says:

    It’s a nice holiday, kind of neutral, and if appropriate. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Melisa. Marty, Jeanne, and Sandy Paws :-)


  5. sandra getgood says:

    Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and Melisa. Great idea, ejd… treat everybody like a stranger you might like. Since I rarely talk much to strangers (although I occasionally smile) I should be able to stay out of arguments for at least the rest of the year.


    • disperser says:

      That’s the spirit! Shoot for the star and hope to reach the moon.

      I kid, of course, although I have a difficult time imagining you getting into the kind of arguments I occasionally stumble into.

      Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Sandra, at least for one day banishing the world from the house and mind.


  6. oneowner says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be going to Costco this weekend.


    • disperser says:

      Thank you and likewise.

      Be aware Costco is having overlapping sales. Lots of good stuff to be had, so expect big crowds . . . on the plus side, they will probably have lots of samples.


  7. PiedType says:

    Man, you’d be up a creek without Costco! Glad you have it.
    Have a safe, quiet, happy Thanksgiving.


  8. Love the turkey butts!
    Hope you and Melisa had a good, relaxing, delicious day!
    Thanks for sharing the pics of such unique beauty!
    That chimpanzee studying Jane’s family made me snort-laugh! :-D
    HUGS!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      I think that’s what everyone needs . . . Gorillas with clipboards, watching. I think everyone would be more civil to others.

      And thank you. Hope you had a beautiful and fun day with family and friends.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I know if gorillas were watching me and writing down my every move, I might act more mature! ;-) :-P Well, maybe not. I monkey around more than monkeys do! :-D
        I did have a beautiful and fun day! Laughed ’til my whole body hurt! :-)

        Liked by 1 person

  9. mybrightlife says:

    We celebrated out first Thanksgiving ever with American neighbours and their expat friends. Was interesting to watch these folk come together and share a holiday, each of them away (and I am sure longing for, their families). Listening to them share stories and meaning, I was made aware of just how meaningful this holiday is in the States – a particularly special one, it seems. Thanks for sharing bits from yours!

    Liked by 1 person

    • disperser says:

      It sounds as if your celebration of the holiday was a bit like my suggested “strangers” behavior, meaning it did not involve people bringing any baggage with them.

      Many Thanksgiving gatherings here are like that, but not all. Some can be quite stressful as familial obligations of cheer and good will occasionally morph into opportunities to air real or perceived grievances.

      I’m glad you got to experience the “good” version of the holiday.


  10. Buggered if I know how I missed this one almost a week ago; can’t be the booze, not drinking much lately


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