Sunday with my thoughts – 20NOV2016

I normally write these on the fly but two days ago, on Friday, I decided I would write it early and perhaps do a better job of it. Proof it, even.

That’s what I did, and I let it sit most of Saturday before looking again . . . and realizing I covered too many things and with perhaps a touch more anger than I wanted to convey.

So, I scrapped what I had written and I’m writing this on the fly.  

On my post It’s Complicated, I explained why someone might have had what they thought were good reasons for voting for Trump even as I faulted them for doing so. Within the context of that post was the hope Trump’s supporters would hold him to his promise to “drain the swamp”, to unite a divided public, to be a president for everyone.

I know, I know . . . it’s Trump.


Note:  I found these quotes in multiple reputable places, most with references. That said, they are internet quotes. Do your own research and call me on it if I’m wrong. I’ll be happy to correct them.

In my first draft, I wrote about a lot about Trump and what he said and threatened to do, but I am a member of only one maligned minority. I will let other minorities speak far more eloquently for themselves — as they are — and just pledge to do what I can to watch their backs.  I’ll speak, instead, about my concerns as an atheist.

A few years ago, had I asked Americans who they would want representing  their country, speaking for them, being the personification of what we stand for as a country, what we believe, what we aspire to as individuals and as Americans, I don’t think the word ‘Trump’ would have crossed many lips.

Certainly, had I asked Christians — especially Evangelical Christians — I would not have expected them to shout out “Trump! We want Trump!”

That holds for Republicans in general.

And yet, here we are. Think about the fact that as people around the world see our flag, they will immediately associate it — and all Americans — with Trump. 

And here’s my concern; Trump is not draining the swamp. He’s adding more pet alligators to it and throwing in poisonous and aggressive snakes for good measure. Really, I did not expect otherwise for I think I have a good measure of the man.


I had hoped he would be less blatant about it, but like every administration, this one will pull away from the center and seek the comfort of their preferred cesspool.

Here’s the thing . . . I don’t compromise when it comes to certain things. If someone consistently eschews reason and critical thinking for willful ignorance and unfounded belief, they are diminished in my eyes.  If someone lies to me, I don’t ever trust them again. If someone shows their low moral and ethical character, they will not be a part of my life. If someone is a bully, I will not respect them and will raise my voice in opposition.

All this, of course, is something that puts me at odds with the current President Elect. He holds dear much of what I loathe in a person. I form my opinion of the man taking at face value what he has said through the years and during the campaign. By association, I’m not too impressed with people who put him in the position of Chief Bully.


This is where, in real life, someone pipes up with “Hillary is no better!”

Never said she was. I can list many, many qualities and actions of the Clintons that repel me, but what does that have to do with Trump? Is Hillary supposed to be the agent that makes Trump better? Does the existence of the Clintons somehow excuse the shortcomings of the Orange Kumquat? Does it make him smarter and more reasoned? Does it imbue him with ethics? Does the existence of the Clintons put a shine on a pig’s ear and turn it into a silk purse?


Not in my book. There really is no excuse for one’s choice of friends and professed loyalties.

Some have challenged me to at least wait until he “screws up” before I write him off as a bad deal for Americans.

I don’t have to.

I don’t have to because it’s not a matter of screwing up. Few of my readers knew me before March 2010, when this blog came into being, but if they had, they would be aware of me having railed against Bush and railed against Obama. For the record, I am a fan of neither man.

Had Hillary been elected, I would be voicing my displeasure about her decisions, her appointments. But, she was not elected, so Trump is it.

It’s also worth nothing that I speak because it’s one of the more important rights in a representative Democracy; almost a duty, some say.


In his acceptance speech, the Orange Kumquat said he would unite the country. Admirable that. Hopeful, even . . . much like it was when Bush said it, much as it was when Obama said it.

. . . except, I’ve yet to see a centrist nomination or even a centrist being considered for nomination to a Trump Cabinet position. Heck, I’ve yet to even see a moderate conservative. And I don’t expect to because I remember what he actually said. 

“We are going to be brought together . . . one people, under one God, saluting one flag.” – Trump (October 2016)


Well, heck! No wonder the FoxNews Slimetards are all giddy. No wonder Republicans are lining up behind Trump. He’s promising the Christian equivalent of Sharia Law.

I’m told I should not worry, that I’m exaggerating. Listen to his words. Listen to his choice of words. Take them at face value. 

Let me tell you a story.

Some years ago, the company I worked for came under new ownership. The new owner, who in my opinion was very much a Trump-like bully, held an all-employees meeting. He opened the meeting by saying there was something we should know about him.

He wanted us to know what was important to him: “My God, my Country, and my family, in that order.”

Stop and ponder that for just a moment. Think about it. That is the same belief held by many of our lawmakers and the voters that put them there. They hold the Bible above the Constitution . . . and call themselves patriots.


If in possession of even basic knowledge of Civil Law, of our Constitution, and the ability to think, one can’t help but be dismayed by the dangerously dismissive arguments put forth by the FoxNews Slimetards in the next two videos (there is commentary in both videos for them who might be ignorant of the laws governing this country):

These have not been cherry-picked. O’Reilly, Kelly, and the biggest Slimetard of all, Hannity, have expressed those same sentiments and repeatedly doubled-down on them, many times and over a number of years. These same people are now joyously blowing trumpets as they bow to their newly-elected savior, for make no mistake . . . they believe that their God and the Bible give them the right to piss on everyone else.

But more than this, if you frequent the swamp waters of the believers, you’ll hear this monumental victory is nothing less than God’s call for his faithful to “take back their country.” 

They practically view Trump as delivered by God at their doorsteps, a figurative Moses, if you will. They align themselves with Trump despite the belief by some that he might be our first atheist President.

Sure, they profess to know the intent of the Founders of this country, but they ignore their warnings. 


Most of the media coverage about the swamp denizens Trump is bringing onboard has rightly focused on the threat his appointments pose to various minorities, but the disappointing thing is how few have voiced the sad reality: the basis for those threats, the foundation for those threats, is dogmatic religious belief.  A threat perceived as so great by our Founders that countermeasures to it take the lead role in our Bill of Rights. 


A frequent message the Slimetards drum into viewers is that they, FoxNews, are the only ones who are telling the truth; the rest of the Media offers up only lies serving a dark agenda.

Trump has played into that narrative by making oblique, and sometimes obvious, threats about curtailing the “crooked media” and holding them accountable. For that matter, he is on record as being someone who does not forget, let alone forgive, those who have transgressed against him. Perhaps I should be careful about expressing my opinions in writing . . . and I would be if I thought he could read more than 140 characters at a time. Wait . . . some of his new friends can read.

I’m taking a great risk here. I hope it’s appreciated.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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12 Responses to Sunday with my thoughts – 20NOV2016

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    I think it is true to say that the stereotype that we Brits have of Americans has not been helped by the American peoples choice of leader.


    • disperser says:

      I had in mind the image of many people in conflicted areas of the world who rightly or wrongly look to the US as a helper, as generous in times of crisis, as willing to intercede . . . as the “good guys”.

      Obviously, that image is an idealization often not supported by facts, but that is also the image most Americans have of themselves.

      No more.

      Lots of folks here are facing tough times and I fully understand their frustration with the current system . . . but they once again eschewed the tough choices for the false promise of facile answers. This guy and his cronies are going to make a killing, enriching themselves as they dispense pittances. The bigger fear is the step back we’re likely to take when it comes to civil rights, individual freedoms, and civilization itself.

      Perhaps I am wrong. It would be a first when it comes to evaluating human nature, assessing and predicting the behavior of people who crave power, predicting the behavior of people fanatical about their beliefs. Most of all, it would be a first if I really misjudged these people and they turn out to be anything but assholes.

      The best hope is that they will not be complete assholes, but even then, that would require an improvement in their characters.


  2. I think I like that Japanese proverb above the rest. I did hear somewhere that George Washigton was a bit of a prig, that first quote seems to confirm it slightly. (hows that for having 2bob each way?)


    • disperser says:

      Still sore you guys lost the colonies, eh?

      Seriously, per my understanding of “prig”, that seems, you know . . . pot, kettle, black. If nothing else, in matters of language and so-called “purity” of same.

      There is a better version of the Japanese proverb that I did not use (actually, many, many versions of that sentiment):

      You are not responsible for what your friends do, but you will be judged by the company you keep. ~~ Leonard A. Cole ~ ~

      It’s one of the reasons I’m mostly a loner without friends. I don’t want to be judged.

      My favorite quote there is the one by Mark Twain. Lots of what he said squares closely with my views.


      • It dawned on me where I heard that Geoge was a bit of a prig. In an episode of The West Wing; President Bartlet is reading a book on etiquette by friend George and he tells his body man Charlie that he thinks Gerge Washington was a bit of a prig or something along those lines. As for me I much prefer John Adams POTUS II,
        I have a lot of time for those men, they were exceedingly brave; pity the descendants arn’t as savvy

        Liked by 1 person

      • disperser says:

        Not sure I would get my history (or opinions) from an entertainment show.

        As for those men . . . yeah. If they could, I’m sure they would spin in their graves like horizontal tops.


  3. PiedType says:

    It’s not that much of a risk. Half the country stands with you.


  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Emilio! You often share what I am thinking, but I don’t seem to be able to express. It makes me feel better to know someone else thinks and feels the way I do. I don’t feel so alone. I still feel like I’ve been in shock since the 8th…and sad.

    This post is such a great pairing of your wisdom and those amazing quotes!

    Thank you, again!


    • disperser says:

      I’ll have to put a moratorium on lavish praise . . . I’m not equipped to handle it, so I’ll use what I learned at Viable Paradise . . . Thank you; that’s very nice of you to say.

      As for the unfolding of events, unfortunately, I already see many problems looming ahead. The largest of which is that half the country, Trump’s voters, don’t think he’s doing anything wrong and are fiercely protective of their new found champion . . . even as he maneuvers toward profit for himself and his friends. Nothing new, really, but these guys lack the subtlety of the other team of profiteering scum. Heck, these guys won’t even bother pretending to help, and their followers will still cheer them on.

      Hard to remember it’s been less than two weeks; it has felt like months, and we have another four years. Some claim decent people will speak up if the new regime steps out of line, that his own followers will keep him to his promises. Right.

      You might like this:


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