Sunday with my thoughts – 13NOV2016

It is now been five days since the election gave us the Orange Kumquat. Some say I should respect the office of President, and not use denigrating names. Hey! He started the name calling! Not only does he lead by example, but he works for me. He works for all of us and the fact he doesn’t believe that for a second removes any obligation I might have felt to respect the man or the office.


As I mentioned before, photos appearing on Sunday with my thoughts  are gathered and presented in THIS SmugMug Gallery. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you can also click on the photos for a larger version.

So, I’ve had a few days to think about things. Also, despite my desire to avoid circling the pit of “oh, we are truly screwed”, I did come across bits of news here and there.

I read there are riots breaking out. I wish there weren’t, for they serve little. That is not the sort of action that will, in the end, matter. There’s a time and place for demonstrations, and this is not it. The election is over and no amount of foot-stomping will turn back time.

People should know by now that no matter how peaceful the intentions of some, demonstrations are invariably populated by thugs who want nothing more than to destroy things. It’s what thugs do. It does not help the underlying cause.

20161017_dsc0321_1-processed-processed_digiConservative pundits bemoan the breakdown of civilization at the hands of “them dirty, rotten, Liberals!” Of course, they have a short memory. Not only in historical terms, but the Orange Kumquat himself not that long ago called for much the same if he did not win.

Of course, Liberals too are a bit hypocritical because . . .



Edited to Add: I put up the above cartoon because the incident had been reported in “the news”. As it turns out, the news can be manipulated. HERE‘s the entry at Snopes regarding the incident in question. There certainly might be other incidents where people might be attacked because of their political leanings, but that does not appear to be one of them.  Here’s the Chicago Tribune article.

Here are some random things I think about:

Trump pretty much admitted quid pro quo is the basis for his political contributions. No one is investigating that claim or calling him on it. By the way, I’m pretty sure the Orange Kumquat knows not “quid pro quo” . . . he just done buys them politicians so that they do what he asks.

The Clinton’s Foundation will likely come under scrutiny and possible criminal investigation . . . but why not the Trump Foundation?

Speaking of which, the Trump University trial is still ongoing.

His sons . . . are they purposefully trying to look like shysters? I mean, they don’t have to try so hard, make the extra effort . . . the name gives it away.


I got a glimpse of the cabinet Mr. Kumquat is putting together . . . do you know what’s the first thing I thought of?

Remember all them stories about the various European Boy Kings? Regals who came to power, put in a position of authority without a shred of preparation, with no scruples, with no empathy, without a clear idea of what people’s lives are all about.  Wholly unqualified and destructive in their ignorance, the adults around them tried to keep the kingdom going even as the Boy Kings would run around ordering ponies and being incapable of wiping their own butts.


Well, that’s what this reminds me of, but the adults around Mr. Kumquat are little better than he is, having spent the last eight years basically holding their breath until they get their way. NOW . . . well, now they have all sorts of grandiose plans for Screwing America Again. Yes, I know that’s not their slogan but I’m not fooled; I know what they mean.

They are already speaking of a “mandate” despite the vote being pretty much 50-50. I can practically hear all them Bibles being opened in search of justification for making them seculars pay as Republicans and their Conservative buddies line their pockets.

Let’s see in a few years how much money these lowlifes will have accumulated. Hint: lots. Lots of our money, the taxpayers who will have to shoulder most if not all the burden.


Probably as much money as all the Democrat lowlifes accumulated when they held the reins of power.

Here’s something else I think about. People revere President Obama. Well, not all people, but you know what I mean.

Do you know what I think historians will have to say about President Obama? That he was instrumental in ushering in the Trump era. He did not screw up too many things, but he never followed up on bringing people together. Per my view, he was great at helping split the country into camps. Clinton will share in that credit.

As I hope Mr. Kumquat will soon find out, you can only lie to the American people for so long before people elect liars they have not heard from in a while.

That is one bright light in all this . . . history:

Eisenhower – Republican – 8 years
JFK, Johnson – Democrats – 8 years
Nixon, Ford – Republicans – 8 years
Carter – Democrat – 4 years
Regan, Bush – Republicans – 12 years
Clinton – Democrat – 8 years
Bush – Republican – 8 years
Obama – Democrat – 8 years
Orange Kumquat – 4 years

“Wheel never stops turning” and neither party seems to have realized that fact.


I hear Conservatives are deriding Liberals needing crying rooms to handle the loss of the Presidency . . .

. . . funny, that . . . I remember when Obama won. Twice. Do you know what Conservatives were doing when they were not protesting or they were busy assaulting minorities? Why, they got together, held hands, and prayed to some imaginary unshaven entity in a bathrobe.

I ask you, which is the more deplorable behavior? Venting your very real fear for the future of minorities , the country, and the world in the form of tears, or appealing to a sadistic incestuous bastard? (yes, you read right – god has no father and also got his own mother pregnant with himself)

Let me spell it out . . . crying is cathartic. Praying is delusional.


I can, however, fault Liberals for the following: “We are ready for a woman President!”

Well, yeah, but that can’t be the only reason for electing someone, and it can’t be just any woman. It, obviously, can’t be a woman lugging more baggage around than the cargo hold of a 747.

That was one of the things that annoyed me to no end about this election (and there were many, many things). The fact that it was assumed the office was due Clinton because she is a woman and it was time for a woman in the Oval Office.

If I have to explain why I think that was annoying, you should not be reading this blog.

Sure, there were claims of competency, experience, cleverness  . . . balanced by many voices even within her party claiming otherwise.

No, she does not get all the blame, but there is blame there. We spent the better part of two years hearing about e-mails . . . and it could have all been easily avoided.


Some will argue the Republicans had it in for her . . . all the more reasons to play everything on the straight of narrow.


It’s one of the things she has in common with Mr. Kumquat. They both assume they are above anyone questioning what they do.

How did that play out?


Some may wonder why I keep writing about this. Well, for one, I’ve still not found my writing voice. It’s now a week since I wrote anything toward meeting my NaNoWriMo goal. Don’t know if I will make it, but screw it, that’s not that important and this is my cathartic ritual. Besides, writing is writing.

Yes, but . . . didn’t I some time ago say I would no longer get into discussing these things, politics and religion, that it damages my calm, that it solves nothing?

Yes . . . Yes, I said that. Things have changed. People, even inconsequential people like me — especially inconsequential people like me — need to raise our voices. For decency, for accountability, for honesty, for justice, for a level playing field, for civilization to move forward.

We certainly can’t rely on celebrities to string two cogent words together, and people with power and influence don’t speak for us. Some say they do, but they do not live in our world. They don’t worry about living day to day, about money, about safety, about tomorrow’s concerns.

They can maybe speak to lofty goals, the kind of goals that are viewed through the long lens of history, but they can’t speak to what most people will worry about in the morning and the morning after.


Eventually, I will get back to writing fiction. But even then, until the direction of progress is pointed forward, I aim to speak, sometimes in harsh words.

“Ain’t you jumping the gun just a bit? Shouldn’t we wait to see what Mr. Kumquat does?”

No, I don’t think so. He’s lining up a cabinet of anti-science uselessness and is even floating Sarah Palin’s name for a post. I’ve heard this tune before, and it’s one that holds few surprises and one I don’t want to dance to.


That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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14 Responses to Sunday with my thoughts – 13NOV2016

  1. oneowner says:

    How about this for a story line: An evil but clueless man get elected president and his evil and clueless cabinet run the day to day operations and make all the decisions. Oh wait, it’s supposed to be fiction, right?


  2. mvschulze says:

    Love the wave photos. Looks like some really serious surf! No longer thinking about things over which I have zilch control. Voting is over. Bought a Nexstar telescope for my grandson – finding “goto” key pad awesome. Star hopping is so passé’! M ☺


    • disperser says:

      More wave photos coming (and videos).

      As for the politics, yes, voting is over . . . but I really, really dislike bullies.

      Congrats on the telescope. One of the disappointments here is that I’ve yet to see clear skies like I used to in Colorado. Something I miss.


  3. Eddy Winko says:

    Good to hear you are feeling a little better.
    And you would think that your new spot was the place for telescopes?


    • disperser says:

      It is if you bother to go inland and higher up. Mauna Kea has the observatory atop it, and their visitor center has permanent telescopes set up to observe both the sun in the daytime and the night sky.

      However, I used to be able to step onto my deck and stare agape up at a cazababillion stars. Where I’m at now, I often can’t even see the moon clearly. Some of it might be the vog, some is because of light pollution, and some is due to the higher humidity in the air.


  4. Your GOP are tarred with the same brush as our Liberal Party, (our equivalent to the gop) they believe that they are born to rule!
    and christ help those that disagree!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sarah Palin! Egads! (shocked and sad faces)
    I’m still sad and in a bit of shock over the whole mess.
    Great photos! Especially the first one…it has scorpion head on one end and a lizard or snake head on the other. At least that’s what I see.
    HUGS!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      I’m trying to stay off the news cycle, but I bump into information pretty much wherever I go and my eyes get drawn to it, much like people scratch at scabs even as they know it’s best to let them be.

      I did like that log (obviously) and I can see both the scorpion and lizard . . . and the two eyes just right of the middle. Evil, they be.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. AnnMarie says:

    Those first few wave photos have a very lovely muted color palette. They provide very soothing visual pauses . . .


  7. disperser says:

    Edited to Add: I put up the Chicago beating cartoon because the incident had been reported in “the news”. As it turns out, the news can be manipulated. HERE‘s the entry at Snopes regarding the incident in question.
    There certainly might be other incidents where people might be attacked because of their political leanings, but that does not appear to be one of them. Here’s the Chicago Tribune article.

    That said, this highlights a number of problems . . . one, the reliability of what we hear and read, two, the exploitation of the video by certain slime groups, and three, the fact the bystanders, if not the people who did the beating, are, in fact, racist.

    So, racists all around plus violence plus lying. Yes, it’s a wonderful country.


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