NaNoWriMo 2016 – an update and Strange; Dr. Strange.

Disperser: Forgive me, NNWM 2016, for I have not written. This is where my word count sits today.

As of November 10, 2016

As of November 10, 2016

NNWM 2016: My child, I can’t hide my disappointment. You are one of the most talented and gifted writers I know . . . er, wait . . . I mean, the only writer I know, and it pains me to see you falter. Perhaps I can help . . . 

Disperser: Trump is now . . . President Trump.

NNWM 2016: . . . 

Disperser: NNWM 2016, are you still here?

NNWM 2016: . . . ah, yes . . . yes, I’m still here. Did . . . did . . . 

Disperser: Yes; both the House and Senate are now controlled by Republicans.

NNWM 2016: I don’t suppose they are pledging to represent the will of all the people? No, of course not, what am I saying. But . . . Trump? Are you sure?

Disperser: Yes.

NNWM 2016: So, this is it, then, the end of NNWM 2016? Am I done for?

Disperser: No, you’re good. It was close there for a bit, but I think I’ll get back to writing tomorrow. If I don’t, the slimetards win.

NNWM 2016: ??Slimetards??

Disperser: The various anchors and reporters at FoxNews. 

NNWR 2016: Ah. Good name. I might use it, if you don’t mind.

Disperser: Knock yourself out. 

Dear readers, I swear it went down just like that.

And now, a brief musical interlude:

Anyway, the bottom line is that I’ve not written since Monday. That means I am 7,687 words behind the NNWR pace. Not major. I’m pretty sure I can make that up in a few days of hard writing.

The real question is whether I can regain the concentration for writing. It might take a few more days off to center myself. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, a few more photos from Saddle Road. This is a multiple photos panorama.


As usual, the SmugMug Photo Gallery is HERE and you can click on the photos for  a for a version roughly twice the size. If you have a fast Internet connection, you can click THIS to have the full image open in a new window or tab (8MB file).

When I took this image, I envisioned it in B&W . . . so I tried two different conversions.


If you have a fast Internet connection, you can click THIS to have the full image open in a new window or tab (8MB file).

I would call that my “1800s conversion” because I tried to make it look like photos of old . . . or, since I’m not really that old when it comes to the history of photography, what I think photos of old looked like.

I was trying to make this next photo like a mountain top — or hill top — poking through a cloud. Don’t know that I succeeded, but here it is.


If you have a fast Internet connection, you can click THIS to have the full image open in a new window or tab (5MB file).

I do have a bunch of photos I need to post, and even a number of awesome waves videos. But, that will have to wait.

How about another musical interlude?

Today we went to see Dr. Strange, yet another Marvel Superhero movie. You can read about Dr. Strange from the comics HERE, and about the movie HERE.

So what are our impressions? If you have an aversion to swirly, circly, slidy, and unwindy  things, like, for instance, if it gives you the heaves, you should avoid this movie. The trailer will give you an idea of what I mean:

So, what did I think? Well, let me first say that since it is an origin movie — meaning, it sets up the character for audiences like me who had no prior knowledge of him — I did not have high expectations. However, Cumberbatch, Swinton, McAdams, and Ejiofor (a.k.a. the Operative . . . . and if you don’t know the reference, perhaps you should watch Serenity instead) . . . what’s not to love, right? Oh, and Wong.

So, for them who don’t know, here’s the plot:

Arrogant rear orifice gets great power and . . . wait, too soon for that joke. Let me restart. Gifted but arrogant surgeon gets hurt and finds a different purpose in life by becoming a powerful wizard. Or, sorcerer. I get the two confused. In the process of doing so, he encounters buckets and buckets of CGI interlaced with some humor. The best lines of the movie, for me as an ex-business owner, are the following:

Dr. Strange: “People always laughed at my jokes.”
Wong: “Did they work for you?”

The thing drummed into him over and over is that he is not ready, has a lot to learn, and so on. Then, he proceeds to save the day when the person who was set up as being powerful beyond belief (I certainly did not believe it) is taken out and he has to go up against the most powerful — and evil — force in the Universe. No, scratch that, the multiverse.

The movie has time travel and multiverses (multiple universes), two things that, if you are a writer of short stories, will get your short story rejected within minutes of submitting it.

And, no wonder . . . it don’t make no sense in this movie either.

Really, the plot is wafer thin, but I was not expecting greatness (I’ve seen the other Marvel movies). The acting surprised me. Two supporting actors stand out: Swinton and Ejiofor. Oh, and Wong. Cumberbatch and McAdams had zero chemistry together. Cumberbatch did not manage to engage me in any of his scenes and his acting seemed wooden. I attribute it to both the writing and the direction . . . oh, yeah; the silly poses and all the swirling he had to do with his hands.

Really, both Melisa and I found the movie boring. The plot did not engage, the characters did not get me invested in them, and the CGI was too long and often without purpose other than to have stuff unwind and stuff. The fights had no drama, and there was no sense of urgency despite, you know, the world in danger of being destroyed.

There was heavy foreshadowing both for letting you know what happens next and setting up the sequel. I typically like to turn off my brain so that I can be surprised by what happens in the movie, but they kept switching the lights back on.

I did like the cape. Wish I had one, but then I might look a tad weird walking around with a red cape. Unless, of course, I wore my underwear outside my pants.

I would give this movie a 2.328 out of 6.157. I did not hate it, and I did not feel I wasted my time watching the movie (the place is air conditioned) but it was close.


I was left with a couple of big questions . . . namely, why would we need the rest of the Avengers if this guy is around and protects the Earth? And, why isn’t he doing something about the mess in the Middle East?

And now, a bit of humor to help pass the time and maybe conjure up a smile or two:

neighborhood-009 neighborhood-002






That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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10 Responses to NaNoWriMo 2016 – an update and Strange; Dr. Strange.

  1. colonialist says:

    You are extremely active for someone a graph shows is in a period of inactivity.
    Is your movie scoring system likely to be universally adopted?


    • disperser says:

      I usually have no problem switching between writing posts and writing fiction. These last few days resulted in a lot of stuff floating around my brain that I needed to clear out before I proceeded. Hence, the last three posts.

      As for the scoring system, unfortunately, it’s a proprietary randomly generated scale based on the position of the sun and the number of miles I drove on February 12, 1999. I think it would be too difficult for people to either understand or apply to movies.

      When properly done, it looks indistinguishable from numbers one gets off the top of one’s head, so, no, I don’t think it will gain acceptance anywhere.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. sandra getgood says:

    I usually agree with your critiques of films, but am going to see this one for myself. Chiwetell Ejiofor, for one, is an actor who has never bored me. And Cumberbatch is pretty good….I’m a Sherlock fan…and most of the actors are so good that I may come out of the theater blaming the writers. Or the director. I have to see it first before I complain about it. But you’ve given us fair warning, and I appreciate that.


    • disperser says:

      I’m usually late to reviewing movies as there are few that we go and see when they come out. That’s why I did not present much more than a general review as I don’t want to spoil the experience for others.

      One thing that I plan to write about is the slamming of science. You know, mystic stuff, forces we don’t understand, etc.

      Funny that, because for not understanding them, they play around with them all casual-like. It’s also possible I took parts of the movie as if it was aimed at me and I was annoyed I could not scream back at the screen. Basically, the same arguments I hear from every religious person I ever had a discussion with, only dumbed down to a 6th-grade level.

      That, I think is where the movie can do some real damage, especially given the propensity of members of the next administration to believe in fairy tales.

      But, overall, if one is invested in the Marvel long arc about the infinity stones, one should watch this. Also, because of Wong. I liked Wong.


  3. At least NNWR 2016 talks to you.

    Write on!

    And, Hey! Thanks for the great music, funny cartoons, and Dr. S review!
    (Especially love the Self-Help books!)

    I saw an interesting movie recently…Captain Fantastic…I loved the movie and really loved the soundtrack!
    Okay…maybe what I really loved most…was Viggo Mortensen.
    HUGS!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      Looks interesting . . . also looks like something that will pull heavy on emotions. We’ll see if it crosses my path at a time when I’m receptive of it.

      As for NNWR 2016, If I don’t get back to it soon, I’m going to be in real trouble. Thought I would be writing already, but it turns out I’m still creatively crippled. We’ll see.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m with Mr Boffo; I haven’t been to the movies for years, 20 or 30 at least; I saw the trailer of one on the idiot box the other day and told my wife I think I’ll go to the movies when this picture comes out. Trouble is I forget what it was called and was about; so I don’t think I’ll bother. Give them a miss for another 20 or 30. hang on a minute………………………………

    Liked by 1 person

    • disperser says:

      I think you mean Overboard, but that fine. We seldom went to movies back in the mainland. Here, it’s an opportunity to sit in air-conditioned comfort for a few hours.

      Good luck with remembering the movie you wanted to see and going the next 20, 30 years without seeing one.


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