More PanosFx Stuff . . . neat stuff

So, my last post had this graphic . . . 


. . . and I mentioned I used a free action from PanosFX.  

PanosFX has lots of stuff.  

I’ve showcased some of his free actions before HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and probably a few more places.. Today, I will showcase a few more of his amazing actions and do so using the above graphic. 

One of his new actions is this flip board where you can customize the message it displays. 


Mind you, it’s barely 6:30 pm here, but Halloween is over in some parts of the mainland. 

In fact, it’s already deep night . . . and the Cosmos looks amazing.


Once again, most of those are objects you can add and scale and move. 

There are a lot of free actions but I’m only going to cover a few more. The first one is called Reflections. Let me show you what you can do with the Reflection action.




On that last version, you can control the wallpaper texture and the baseboard color. You can also have different photos as opposed to both the same like I did. 

Next up, the 3D Bars and Tiles actions. So, first up, let’s slice up the picture and create bars from the slices and then twist them a bit. 

Like so . . . 


After you render these in 3D (it takes about 20min on my computer) you can rotate the individual pieces about any of the three axes or move them about the same axes. Let me illustrate with the Tiles version. 

So, here’s the basic output from the Tile action . . . 


. . . and here’s an example of rotating and moving the pieces . . . 


Really, after you have them rendered, you can arrange all the pieces any way you want. This same technique works with his puzzle action. 

All this looks like it would be difficult, but the actions do the majority of the heavy lifting. 

OK, one more . . . the Dominos action . . . 


PanosFX has lots of free actions and his bundles of commercial actions are reasonably priced, especially if you catch them on sale. And yes, they are also available in a version for Photoshop Elements. 

Disclosure: I have no commercial connection with PanosFX and derive no benefit from showcasing their actions here. I do so because I think they may be useful to some of my readers. 

Edited to Add: I fargin forgot a couple of more things, I did.

First off, the magnifying glass action . . . 


Then, the stamp action . . . 


And then, the envelope action (it’s part of the stamp action) . . . 


OK . . . really done this time.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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10 Responses to More PanosFx Stuff . . . neat stuff

  1. Awesome graphics Emilio!!! 👏🏻😊


  2. GP Cox says:

    Ah, but did ALL the sneaky demons return to their dark world? or has any been sneaky enough to stay?


  3. That’s pretty interesting stuff, this PanosFX does this sort of thing on any sort of picture or does it need to be especially made for the the program? Probably be too complicated for me anyway, though it would make a change from my usual shove anything in type of pic.I particularly like that Dominos thingy .Could he fun.


    • disperser says:

      Any picture. It is, however, pretty complicated. You need to open a picture in something like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and then — and this is the difficult part — you need to click a couple of times with the right button of the mouse.

      If you are running Windows 10, you could, instead, poke at the screen with any available appendage.


  4. This is so cool! Thank you for sharing it with us, Emilio!
    Now I will be expecting to see cool graphics you do for Thanksgiving and Santy Claus!
    HUGS!!! :-)


  5. mvschulze says:

    Makes really good stuff….. look possible for almost any of us. Thanks for the view! M :-)


    • disperser says:

      It’s pretty easy to use in the default mode. You can then add or tweak stuff once you get comfortable with the tool.

      Realistically, I don’t have much call for this except at times like holidays or other special occasions. Still, it’s fun to do and it offers the occasional change of pace for my usual boring presentations.

      Liked by 1 person

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