Stuff, more stuff, and Spectre

My previous post brought to light complaints — mostly from ex-readers of this blog — regarding my propensity for lengthy, boring, unfocused, and ‘did I mention boring?’ posts. Well, as I’m about to embark on yet another NaNoWriMo journey, it will seem as if their desperate cries for lesser content will have finally been heard.

Yup, next month will likely feature shorter and less frequent posts.. 


The above, by the way, is yet another scene from my favorite Big Island route; Saddle Road. All of the photos contained therein are from there. All two photos. That’s right, only two photos in this post. 

. . . and six variations with different post-processing. Like, for instance, this . . . 


. . . and this . . . 


The small versions offered up by WP don’t do the photos justice but, as usual, you can click on the photo and a larger version will open up in another window or tab. Or, you can go to the SmugMug Gallery HERE and you can examine the photos in any size up to full.

Anyway, short, uninteresting, boring quick reads . . . it’s what the Internet wants and in November, the Internet will be happy. Maybe. Maybe I will post my writing as I go, but even then, those posts will be password-protected and if history repeats itself, about four people will ask for the password and read the fiction. Them be the people who usually don’t mind a few extra words. Or, at least, they have not made their feelings known otherwise.

Truth be told, my output has dropped considerably from a few years ago. It dropped both in frequency and length. That’s right, I used to write even longer posts. For example, THIS and THIS flowers posts and THIS travel post. Especially that travel post.

“Why is that? Why are you now less productive” you ask. 

Well, Bob, it’s the election. Not only am I scared for our future, but had I a soul, it would be all sapped out . . . and I don’t even follow much of the circus. A few ears ago I wrote about the inequality and influence of money in politics, and this election will top out at $6,600,000,000 ($6.6 billion) a large chunk of which is contributed by a very small number of very rich families

When I read about the candidates, when I read about the parties, and most of all when I read about the people supporting one or the other deeply flawed candidate, why, my world starts to look like this . . . 


You can’t write in that world. You can’t create in that world. You can hardly live in that world. It holds no hope, it holds no humanity, it holds no promise. The best we can hope for is that it settles into something like this . . . 


One minor bright spot of this election cycle are initiatives like the following:

“On Monday, August 15, 2016, Proposition 106, Colorado End-of-Life Options Act, a physician-assisted dying measure, qualified for Colorado’s November ballot.”

Some readers might recall my rant from a few years ago when a similar measure failed. Various religious groups lobbied against Death With Dignity then, and they are at it again, but this time, according to polling, 70% of voters are in favor of it. The other 30% are people I disparage in the above-linked rant. 

Of course, we no longer live in Colorado. We live here, in Hawaii, where efforts to pass a Death With Dignity law have been ongoing for the past 20 years. Current measures were stalled in committees and will not be considered in this session. So much for Hawai’i being a liberal state and Colorado being a conservative state. Of course, it’s not strictly a liberal or conservative issue. It’s a religious issue, and as most religions are essentially death cults, their main goal, their raison d’être, is to ensure the suffering of humanity. I wrote about death HERE.

I firmly believe the bulk of humanity’s progress came from — and continues to come from — the effort of the few individuals dragging the rest of humanity along with them; a humanity essentially incapable of enjoying life, of respecting others, of striving for ‘better’ . . . they sure are good at making others suffer, though.


So, Spectre. It’s streaming on Amazon Prime and I thought, “why not?”

I mean, it’s “It is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Columbia Pictures. With a budget around $245 million, it is the most expensive Bond film and one of the most expensive films ever made.”

This is a perfect example of the adage “you can cover shit with gold, but it’s still shit covered in gold.” I just made that up, but feel free to use it. 

My overall opinion of the movie is “no excitement, no suspense, no thrill, no engagement with the characters as they move as ghosts in a landscape devoid of distinguishing features in pursuit of a plot so trite and puerile as to be obvious within the first ten minutes of the film.”

Well, maybe 20 minutes. The first ten minutes had me wanting to throw a shoe at the television screen. Except my shoes were across the room and it’s not my television. Mindless action. Improbable mindless action. Pointless improbable mindless action . . . I could go on.

The ten minutes after that were there primarily for Bond to go all Trump-like on Monica Bellucci. Literally, he forces himself on her and she appropriately responds with heavy breathing and the half-hearted attempt to conceal the information he wanted . . . which was a name he, Bond . . . James Bond, already had. That’s it; she was then absent from the rest of the movie. 

Then comes a bunch of more pointless improbable mindless action, a new love interest who, after a very brief exposure to her, is the reason Bond turns a new leaf. 

Holy crap on a cracker! I done lost husbands point for this one, I tell you, since I picked the movie for both of us to watch. I mean, it used to be Bond films were on par with Tom Cruise films; they will not broaden your horizon, make you smarter, or better your life, but they their level of suck is a known quantity and sits squarely in the “tolerate” range.  

That is no longer the case. This film serves the concept of entertainment as well as a soggy tomato sandwich serves the concept of dining. 

Oh, the credit song also sucked.

The above tree photo was composed so as to have the blue sky provide the background for the foliage. That composition lets me do this:


And this:


With that, I think I will call it quits for this post. Instead, I’ll turn my attention to the monthly bills, drinking coffee, and snacking. 

Meanwhile, for them voting next week, contemplate  THISGoodnight and sleep tight.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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