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We arrived in Kona at 8:15pm on June 16th. By the time we got the luggage, got the car, drove to the rented condo, lugged all our stuff up, all we could do was crash . . . it had been a long day. The nex day was partially documented in THIS post.

Those first few days, weeks, even, I did not use my big rig much because I knew it would be a while before I would be able to process and share the photos. 

Hawaii Nikon Photos

The time has come and it is now. The photos in this post are all from our second full day in Kona and all of these were snapped from the balcony of the rental at Casa de Emdeko. There aren’t that many photos in this first batch but I’m sharing them with a bit of commentary about Hawai’i life. 

Them wanting to see the originals — or a larger version than one gets by clicking on these — can go to THIS SmugMug gallery.

By the way, as of August 1st, we completed our transition to fully fledged Hawai’i residents; address, car registration, insurance, driver license, and registered to vote. 

Speaking of which . . . 

Conventions Canada

I did not watch either convention as my plan all along was not to vote . . . we’ll see how bad things get. Not to imply my vote will count in any way shape or form, but . . . wait . . . why am I voting, again?

I cant believe


I also understand the Olympics are going on.

Long ago, they ceased to mean anything (to me). I’d watch the Olympics again if new events were introduced and if amateurs compete and if it’s all done for the joy of the sport.

Heimlich Tennis

Wait, I’m supposed to be posting my own photos. 

I like this tree in the morning . . .
I like this tree in the morning . . .
. . . and the palms, too.
. . . and the palms, too.
A closer view of the same palm.

This next flower/tree is a Plumeria. Local women will gather these to make leis for sale to tourists. 


Many of these trees grow in public places and it’s not unusual seeing someone collect the flowers by the side of the road. They also occasionally gather them from trees on private properties. We’ve spoken to a few people who are not happy about it. As the women usually look as if they are not from the upper socio-economic class, I’m inclined to let them do what they can to get by. 

One of the things we’ve had to adjust to is the time differential between here and most of the mainland. And, not just us, but also family and friends.

For instance, if I want to call a help line or business phone, I better get to it in the morning as we are six hours behind the East Coast. The stock market, for instance, is only open for a few hours after we get back from our morning walk. By the time I’m ready to do something, the rest of the world is ready to shut down for the day. 

Too late

A few times, I stayed up late and called help lines and customer service lines in the early a.m. hours my time, which is shortly after many of them open on their time zones. 

Same with friends and family. Five o’clock Hawai’i is ten o’clock Central and eleven o’clock Eastern. The first few weeks here were adjustment periods for both of us (they make sure they don’t call too early and we make sure not to call too late).

Did I mention there are a lot of birds here? Since we sleep with the windows open, we don’t really need an alarm; by five in the morning, most of the birds are loudly proclaiming they are ready to seize the day. We usually get up by five-thirty. That’s actually good because we try and get our four-mile walks in before seven-thirty. The sun by then has already crested over the top of Hualālai and it beating down on me increases considerably my outflow of sweat. 

People won’t click on the link so I will tell you . . . Hualalai is an active volcano. It has not erupted since 1801 and when it does it’s gonna be a big surprise to a whole lot of people who kind of forgot that it’s a volcano and not just a mountain whose slopes make for good places to build homes. 

Common Myna
Common Myna

One of the louder birds is the Common Myna bird. These birds are all over the place. This particular specimen Rick-Rolled me on the second day here.

It was just standing there, and then . . . 

. . . it's gonna do something, I just know it . . .
. . . it’s gonna do something, I just know it . . .
Oh, that's neat!
Oh, that’s neat!
Oh, wow . . . wait . . .
Oh, wow . . . wait . . .
Hey! Son of . . . I know those moves! Good one; you got me.
Hey! Son of . . . I know those moves!
Good one; you got me.

Anyway, I got to see a few other birds . . . 

The Saffron Finch
The Saffron Finch

The Saffron Finch is actually a tanager from South America which was introduced here in the 80s.

This next bird is a House Finch . . . 


. . . and these are two Sparrows enjoying a beach sand bath . . . 


Over the next few weeks (until we moved to the long-term rental), many of the photos I took with my Nikon were from this same location. Mostly, I would snap photos of the boats-full-of-tourists whizzing by.  


But, also of the vegetation adorning the grounds . . . 

. . . and I like this tree in the evening.
. . . and I like this tree in the evening.

. . . but, mostly boats going by. 



20160618_DSC6273_1_DIGIOh, and flowers. And, waves. And, sunsets.

I already posted a few sunset photos taken with the phone, but these are photos of the first sunset captured with the Nikon.





20160618_DSC6284_1_DIGI 20160618_DSC6287_1_DIGI

The Nikon and phone both add a bit of warmth to sunsets, making them appear redder (orangier) than they are in real life. I typically scale the intensity back, but it’s probably still a bit more than what the eyes can see. 


. . . I don’t mind . . . 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.

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Whip it!
Whip it!

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