Variations and Chameleon and Moth

My previous post has photos I thought might do well with different post-processing.

For instance, this . . . 


. . . might turn into this . . . 


By the way, no SmugMug gallery for these but you can click on them for a larger version. 

I used a combination of programs for these shots and I could not recreate them because I blended, added, tweaked, and otherwise played around without minding what I was doing. 

This snex one is from Topaz’s Restyle Plugin . . . 


This next one is from Topaz’s B&W module . . . 


There were two statues there . . . this is the other one:


A little onOne Suite will get you this . . . 


Not sure that fits the statue . . . bu, this Topaz Impression 2 is not bad:


On a lark, I tried the Glow Plugin . . . I’ve not had much luck with that. Perhaps it needs just the right subject to shine . . .  er . . . glow. 


I’m not too enthused with the colors, but it does offer the possibility for . . . 


. . . a sort of abstract B&W version.

This next shot offers, in my opinion, a better canvas for playing around with a combination of Photoshop, Topaz Restyle, and onOne Suite’s Enhance. 

From this . . .


. . . to this . . . 


. . . to this:


The above is a combination of Restyle option and eventually inverting the colors in Photoshop. 

Taking the original and a few of the intermediate steps combined in now-forgotten ways will end up with this:


I tthought those colors were a bit “too much” so I tweaked them a bit . . . 


Subtle, but I think it works . . . and it lets me combine it with previous versions to get this:


To me, this has a bronze-like quality . . . I like it.

Now, I can easily go to bolder colors. Remember, this is all playing with the original and blending the results with other tweaking efforts.


At this point, it might be difficult remembering what the original looks like, and  some might say the above looks like crap . . . but, invert the image and convert to B&W and you get . . . 


I’ll admit . . . this looks way, way, way better on my screen than it does on WordPress. Still, passable, I think. 

On a different note, we were driving around with our realtor when she stopped the car, worried that she might have run over a Jackson Chameleon. I was just impressed she noticed it. I was in the back seat and saw nothing. . . but I did get out to snap a few photos.


See it? No? Well, it is a chameleon . . . but no; it’s pretty visible. Also, it was moving in that weird back-and-forth gait some creatures employ when their eyes are capable of independent movement. However, it did pick up the pace as it noticed me getting nearer with the phone. Not that it mattered any . . . 



For them who did not click on the link, they are considered an invasive species and it’s unwelcomed. They eat a lot of insects, and the argument I hear is that many of the insects are pollinators for the local flowering plants.  

I hope that next time I chance on one, I’ll have my Nikon with me. 

20160715_DSC7313_1_DIGI 20160715_DSC7306_1_DIGI

That is the oleander hawk-moth also known as the army green moth. This one was just under the handle to our screen door and it stayed there all through the day as we exited and entered the condominium. 

By the way, for them who are tired of me speaking about the phone as a poor substitute for the Nikon, the above are shot with the Nikon. This next one is a shot from the phone (only showing one). 


Here ar ea few more shots from the Nikon . . . 

20160715_DSC7309_1_DIGI 20160715_DSC7315_1_DIGI 20160715_DSC7318_1_DIGI 20160715_DSC7319_1_DIGI

We’re still doing stuff nearly every day, so I’m tired when I get the notion to head out just to shoot stuff. Or write. Even doing these is a chore, but someone has to do them. 

FYI . . . I’m also still sporadic when it comes to reading blogs I subscribe to. 


That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.

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Farmer on crack
Farmer on crack

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