Unsettled . . . but OK

Day five of no Internet . . . we are hanging on. Barely.

“How are you posting this stuff?” you ask.

Well, Bob, I have a phone. It’s one of them there smart phones. Don’t know how smart and all, top three percent, but pretty smart. One of the programs I bought a long time ago (when I still had my Droid X) is called PdaNet. 

It does something I’m sure other people do via their mobile carriers, but I do it via this program. Namely, I share the data package on my phone with my PC. In preparation of us moving here, I upped my plan to 12GB of monthly data, and I’m making good use of that now. 

Mind you, were I to do my usual photo postings, I would use up my quota in something like a day. Less if I transferred photos from the laptop to SmugMug. In that case, it would be like three photos, unless I did a panorama . . . then, it would be one photo, and I’d have to wait until the next billing cycle to finish uploading it. 

On a side and completely unrelated note . . . take care when shopping for milk; do not accidentally grab any containers labeled “extra calcium”. I’m not sure what they put in there (I’m guessing pulverized bones from assorted roadkill) but whatever it is, it changes both the consistency and flavor of the milk, and not in a good way. I’m suffering through it because I don’t want to waste it, but it’s a harsh lesson I’m learning. 


Back to posting and photos and the Internet . . . 

The above sign gave Melisa and me a few good laughs the first few days here (and even now). The only Harry Kim we knew was THIS Harry Kim. 

Sadly, or fortunately, the signs refer to THIS Harry Kim.

Now, the photo above is from my phone. Were I to use the laptop to process the photos, I would be in trouble. Not because of data limits — although data limits would still be a consideration — but because the laptop I’m using is from around 2007 and running Vista 64. Mind you, it’s OK for surfing the net (and I do mean just OK and not great) but a veritable dog when it comes to anything even resembling my normal photo workflow. 

I wanted to post one of my Nikon photos and after importing it into Lightroom, I tried doing what I usually do . . . literally five minutes later, I was still working on the first photo and watching the little “busy” animation spinning on the screen. I canceled what I was doing. 

I do miss my PC. I mean, I have my PC, but it’s pretty useless without the monitor. And, that’s assuming both PC and monitor made it here intact. 

. . . which, I can’t check until I have my monitor. 

And, it’s not just photo processing. Even typing and editing stuff on this laptop is a chore that tests my mettle. Really, we should have bought a new one before we embarked on this adventure . . . we would have had we not been swamped.

I am shopping around for a new laptop, but meantime I’ve ordered a Chromebook . . . which will be useless until we get the Internet on Thursday (if all goes well, and if my modem works, and if my router works, and if, and if . . .) but which will be a significant improvement for usability when it comes to web-based stuff. Or, so I hear. 

Meanwhile, you get photos from my phone, processed on my phone, uploaded to the Media Gallery with the phone, and finally linked in these posts.

Mind you, it’s not like the photos are awful. Even after WP tries its best to mess them up, some can be almost OK. But, they ain’t my Nikon shots.

For some, it don’t matter none . . . 

Yet another steep drive. The camera is pointed level and at the horizon.

Yet another steep driveway. The camera is pointed level and at the horizon.

But for others, I think the Nikon shots would show a little better.


For instance, the above has some of the highlights blown out. I could go in a bit and the phone would meter a little better . . . 


. . . but it’s not the same composition. I have said it before . . . the best application for phone photos is Macro (or, near macro).

Perhaps, what I miss most is writing. I just received another rejection letter (eMail), this one for my “Nancy” short story. I currently have no stories out, and I need to get back into submitting them. Most of all, I need to get back into writing.

Sure, I could write on the laptop and even the phone. For me, part of the writing process involves having the right environment, and right now we’re still unsettled. Yes, we have a more permanent place to stay, yes, we’ll soon have our car, and yes, I now live someplace where Spam is appreciated for the culinary masterpiece it is, but, for all that, we’re still somewhat unsettled. 

It’s a mindset, I know, and for many things we are essentially settled, but every little thing is a reminder of stuff yet to be done. It’s not oppressive, or even bothersome, but . . . writing and photography, my two main hobbies, are significantly impacted. 

No, I’m not whining . . . well, maybe a bit, but my heart’s not into it. I am relaxed, I am rested, I am well fed. That’s more than a lot of people can say. 

. . . still . . . sure wish that monitor would get here . . . and that we would have a proper Internet connection . . . and that Loco Moco plate lunches and Malasadas were not so dang calories intensive . . . and that we’d have our own car to tool around with.   

Otherwise, everything is good and we’re enjoying ourselves.   

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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. . .  my FP ward  . . . chieken shit.

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Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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14 Responses to Unsettled . . . but OK

  1. You’d pass as a whinging Pom here in the known centre of the universe, XD


  2. AnnMarie says:

    Then may your hard-ships sail away quickly and make room for the easy ones!

    Coping is not fun!!!


    • disperser says:

      It rained earlier . . . I changed into my swim-trunks and went swimming in the rain. That was nice.

      When I wrote this piece, I knew it would somewhat convey something I did not want to convey. Namely, that there’s something wrong.

      There isn’t. I can occupy myself with many things, and, realistically, it’s not even been three weeks here. At an intellectual level, I know that is but a blink of an eye. The other part of me, the self-entitled part, is mildly irritated at the delays that to me seem for no good reason at all.

      The monitor should have arrived here alread. The cable company could have turned on a switch and let me set up my own modem and router (it’s what they will do anyway), and setting up the home office and sewing area will take some thinking that would be facilitated by having everything ready.

      All little stuff, none of it causing me any actual hardship. On the other hand, t’s all part of the process of moving here, and part of the reason for writing these posts is to let others who are thinking of moving know a bit about what to expect and perhaps anticipate things.


  3. PiedType says:

    I hate that unsettled feeling between moves. Sounds like you’re coping far better than I would be. I need my all my stuff to be truly relaxed and happy.


    • disperser says:

      Well, I don’t need all my stuff, but I do like things to be done in a timely manner. The question, of course, is defining “timely”.

      Part of this is of my own making. I had seriously considered rethingking my whole hardware setup to make it more mobile and efficient. I opted not to, trading convenience for cost.

      At most a few weeks from now, none of this will matter. A few months from now, even less so.


  4. My name isn’t “Bob”.
    Ha! The difference between those 2 Harry Kims is funnily frightening!
    Ew on the extra calcium milk! I wonder if they have giants who grind up the bones?!
    I hope all those wishes you listed come true soon!
    Feeling unsettled, or thinking through stuff yet to happen or fall into place…can be a tough place to be. But, all will settle down and in and etc. soon, so hang in there, hang loose, or hang ten!
    HUGS!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      Not hanging ten, loose is uncomfortable, but we do hang in here.

      I just reread my post and I can see how some might take me as being despondent and fraught with angst. Au contraire!

      Some – much of that – is infused with my subtle and often inscrutable humor.

      The reality of the situation is that I often find myself just sitting here, mind blank, starting out onto a great view and being completely devoid of any motivation to do anything.

      . . . except munching on Malasadas and Spam. And making French toast. And eating macadamia nuts covered in dark chocolate.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, sometimes it’s hard to “read” a mood through words on a screen.
        I know I have to be careful with my teasing or leave a winky face to make sure people know when I’m teasing in words on a screen.
        I do so enjoy your subtle, often inscrutable humor! :-)
        Well, after all the hard work of moving, you deserve some time to sit and stare at the view and munch yummies! :-)


      • disperser says:

        No, no . . . no smilies for me. It may take me a few decades but, eventually, people will learn to first assume me be employing subtle and inscrutable humor, and only after dismissing the obvious, wander into the very unlikely possibility that I’m actually fretting about something or other.

        . . . unless it’s one of my opinion pieces. There, I’m totally serious when I’m not kidding.


  5. sandra getgood says:

    It would be better to feel a little more settled, but you seem to be doing fine, and seem to be complaining much less than expected, considering you are a guy. Heh heh.


    • disperser says:

      We are doing fine. More than fine, really.

      Plus, I’m not so much a complainer as someone who like to rail against the injustices of the world . . . Especially, when they affect my life.

      Totally justified, I think.


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