Internetless and Super Loco

This is the third day of our one week without the Internet. It seemed as if it would be a breeze . . . But I’m here to tell you just how much the internet insinuated itself into our lives.

. . . The internet has insinuated itself into our lives. There; I’ve told you. No, wait . . . I did not include a quantity.

A very much mucho grande amount.

We don’t realize how much we rely on the internet to entertain us when we are bored, to provide information whenever we have a question, to keep us company when we are snacking, to give us the illusion of having a social life, and all the times in between what I just mentioned.


Anway yesterday we drove to Hilo and had our first meeting with a real estate agent. An uneventful meeting, it was. We expressed our interest in buying a house and make it our home. The real estate agent expressed her interest in selling us one.

The interesting think about the Big Island, at least as far as real estate goes, is the diversity one can find in the various counties. Also, the fact the locals speak of the other counties, the ones they are not in, as if far away and foreign.

Perhaps this is a cultural thing. I say that because for us, hopping into the car and darting across Saddle Road or going up or down the coast is not a big deal.

I plan to write about Saddle Road . . . In many ways, it’s a bit like driving around Colorado or other places out West. I’m referring to the landscape. I’ll leave the more detailed explanation for when I have photos to accompany it.

By the way, we pick up our car next Friday . . . but I still don’t have my monitor.

Back to real estate agents and buying a house. We anticipate dealing with different agents, each specializing in their respective areas. It will be interesting.

One thing that has changed since we last bought a house is the impact of the aforementioned Internet, at least on the buyer’s end. The list of properties the agent had compiled were all properties we’d already read about online. In some instances, we knew more about the house than the agent.

So, why use an agent, you ask. Two reasons. One, she has access to those houses. By that, I mean that she can legally walk onto the properties. We, on the other hand, would have to break in. Reason number two, she (they) might be able to give us a heads up when new properties come on the market. Desirable houses go pretty quick, and it helps if you can see them as soon as they come on the market. Or, like the house we just sold, before they come on the market.

Much like we did in Colorado, we aim to buy a house with a fairly flat driveway. The area where we are now staying has very few of those. Almost all the houses have steep drives.


That might not look like it, but it’s very steep (the marks on the driveway are from the car scraping its bottom as the front wheels start their precipitous descent). You’d want good brakes heading down that drive . . . 

. . . or this one. 


The problem with photos of slopes is that they seldom convey the magnitude of the slope. Trust me, those are both steep. Very, very steep. 

Not that we have to worry about making it up and down during the harsh winters here, but it can’t be fun heading down one of those when you can’t quite see where you are going to land.

Anyway, the process has commenced. 

The real estate agent did mention a Hilo eatery the locals like. Cafe 100. 


Here’s lunch . . . 


That would be Melisa’s, of course. I went for different fare . . . 

20160701_123019-01.jpgWhat’s a Super Loco, you ask?

20160701_120732-01.jpgHere’s what it looks like . . . 

20160701_120521-01.jpegThe plan was to carry whatever was left home and eat it for dinner . . . 


Alas, the best plans often clash with reality . . . I had other fare for dinner. 

Those are just general updates. . .


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13 Responses to Internetless and Super Loco

  1. AnnMarie says:

    It’s 11:20pm in Chicagoland. I’m eating a bowl of Cheerios as I read this post. Then I get to the end . . . and see the Super Loco . . . and think . . . “Not fair!” Your fare wins hands down . . . or rather, utensils downs!

    Anyway, those steep driveways are not inviting at all. I’m sure you’ll keep a level head when you choose your new home.

    P.S. Hey, enjoy the 4th! Looking forward to seeing a how they celebrate it in HI-land . . . which I’m hoping you will document and share.


    • disperser says:

      Not sure what we are doing for the 4th. There is a parade and fireworks, but, you know . . . people.

      As for the fare, that’s not something I’ll be allowed to eat all that often. I lost a lot of weight from April to early June, and my bloodwork improved a whole lot.

      Although it may not seem like it based on my recent posts, I will be making the effort to keep the weight off and eat healthier. Including eating bowls of Cheerios.


  2. Emily Scott says:

    I strongly suspect the Super Loco is not very good for you! Is Hawaii full of spam? I’ve never seen spam for sale in a restaurant before yet you seem to be able to find it everywhere.


    • disperser says:

      I’ll strongly argue there is no direct and proven evidence it’s bad for me. As for Hawaii and Spam . . . yes. Spam everywhere. It’s why they call it Paradise. And it’s not that I find it everywhere . . . it’s that it finds me. I’m like a magnet for it.

      I’m not sure what’s behind the disdain so many people hold for Spam. Alcohol is much, much worse in many regards, yet consuming great quantities of it is cause for National Pride. People speak with fondness of drinking vile beer, disgusting ale, and stomach-turning liquors.

      I also suspect that were there a starving population, they would readily approve and cheer being given large quantities of Spam. Not sure the same could be said for cases of Stout.

      As a point of fact, eating spam has never impaired my driving abilities, made me belligerent, and turned me into a veritable asshole. It has increased my enjoyment of life, provided me with sustenance, and measurably improved my quality of life. What more could one ask of a food?


  3. Have you no respect for your stomach? I’d never have shoved that stuff down my throat into my stomach when I had it, I had too much respect for it. It looks absolutely vile & obnoxious; but then that’s just me!


    • disperser says:

      My stomach and I have a great relationship based on mutual trust and unconditional love. Love for Spam, Nutella, Pecorino Cheese, pasta, hamburgers, Malasadas, sausages, rice, eggs, mashed potatoes, French Toast, toasted bagel slices, PB&J sandwiches, and a slew of foods some claim are bad for me.

      It is, in fact, my stomach that does the ordering when I go to restaurants and various eateries. It has yet to fail me.


  4. sandra getgood says:

    Not quite able to handle that breakfast… I’m not a fan of Spam, but I do know that it is extraordinarily popular in Hawaii… I do get the “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” which works equally well in beautiful tropical paradises. I do find it amazing that Hawaiians are so enthusiastic about it, but to each his own.

    Hope you find a home you like with a more suitable driveway I can see that going out for a walk might be pleasant enough on the way out, but when you are getting a little tired and have a mountain to climb before you get into the house, it might be a bit discouraging.

    Hope your monitor arrives soon.


    • disperser says:

      That was lunch . . . For breakfast, I imagine one would add more spam and eggs and sausage and cut back a bit on the potato mac-salad and rice . . . But, maybe not.

      As for spam, I was a fan well before coming here. I think it’s a cultural thing, what with me being Italian and a lover of fine cuisine. I’m also particularly enamored with the “plop” sound that pink brick of processed meat makes when one finally manages to entice it out of the can.

      As for driveways, we had found a very nice house in Colorado that had one rely on memory and faith when heading down the driveway. One could see nothing but sky until the front end dipped and showed you a fast approaching curve.

      Some of these are worse because in coming out of the driveway there is no way one can see what’s on the road or any see approaching cars. Plus, I imagine that when it rains, that asphalt gets a bit slick.

      Like I said, we’ll be looking for flat driveways . . . or, park in the street and take the elevator up and down (an actual feature on a house in Colorado).


  5. Hey, if you’re gonna’ go loco, it might as well be super!!! ;-) :-P
    Wow! And actually Melisa’s meal looks more appealing to me. I’m not a big fan of meat or gravy, especially at breakfast. But you got a super deal for sure! :-) (And I do happen to like Spam! Ha! Does that mean it’s not really meat?!)
    Best of luck on finding THE house! :-)
    Have a safe and people-free 4th if you can! I have a small fun BBQ to attend, but no parades, or fireworks, or parties, etc., for me…been there, done that…too many times. Looking to have a more quiet holiday this year.
    HUGS!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      Not sure why people keep mentioning breakfast . . . perhaps it’s the egg thing.

      This is a lunch meal. I ate it at around 11:45am. I was not the only one eating them.

      We are debating if we should try and brave traffic and crowds and go view the parade and fireworks . . . our current leanings are toward “no”.

      Liked by 1 person

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