S*it’s Getting Real!

So, here’s the thing . . . until today, we’ve been staying in what is essentially a vacation rental. Tomorrow, we’re in a rental with a lease. 

Yes, this move to Hawai’i is sinking in . . . it’s actually happening; we have an address and stuff. Not much stuff, since we only mailed a little stuff, but stuff just the same.

So, we rented a partially furnished condo, only the very nice owners added more furniture than what was there already, and other than an eventual computer desk, we are essentially set for now. 

The bedroom, second bathroom, and second bedroom.

The bedroom, second bathroom, and second bedroom.

Yes, more phone photos and a panorama, to boot. Click for a slightly larger view.

For instance, there was no bed when we first saw the unit, but they added one, complete with a new mattress and a dresser. Very nice of them. 

This is the view down the hall on the left, showing the eating area, the washer and dryer, and the second bedroom . . . 


The main bathroom is off-frame on the left.

This next shot is the living room (they added a television, saving us from having to buy one) and eating area. The kitchen is at the far end. 


Speaking of the kitchen . . . 


The appliances look new or nearly so. The view from the window above the sink is this . . . 


You can’t see very well because of the screen, so let me step outside . . . 


We are on the third floor and the complex is at 400ft elevation. In the distance, the Pride of America is back anchored in the bay.


The picture above shows the view from the bedroom. The place has an ample balcony . . . 

20160629_103327_hdr-01.jpg 20160629_103339_hdr-01.jpg

. . . and, while we’re no longer oceanfront, we do have a view . . . 


Up here, the temperatures run a ten or so degrees cooler than by the water. And yes, when it does get hot, we can still jump into a pool . . . not literally, even though it looks possible. We’re more likely to walk down to the salt-water pool. 


The only drawback we see with this place is that we’re going to get used to the views and we’ll miss them when we buy a house. Maybe; we’ll see. 

I’m keeping this post short because we’ve had a long day and I’m tired. Friday we start meeting with realtors. Today, our Highlander should have left San Diego and be on its way to meet us. My monitor is still en route, and I’m a bit apprehensive about its fate. We’ll see how it goes. I do hope it gets here by the time we’re scheduled to have the internet up and running (next Thursday).

Meanwhile . . .

. . . we feel our epic move is progressing along.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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29 Responses to S*it’s Getting Real!

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Tropical island view. Wow !


  2. Very nice Emilio. It all looks great :)


  3. sandra getgood says:

    Nice apartment and beautiful views…. can’t beat that!


  4. AnnMarie says:

    Naturally, we didn’t think you would settle for anything less than a beautiful temporary place! That balcony is a dream, with a dream view, and a great place to dream! Enjoy!


    • disperser says:

      We had actually picked another place in a busy and large complex (and no view), but the lady helping us talked us into this one. I mean, we liked this one right away (cleaner, smaller complex, larger living space, and the views) but we’re concerned about the no A/C.

      Then again, the other unit just had a small window unit.

      With the cross breeze and being higher up, I think we’ll be ok. Plus, we have a covered parking place. The Highlander will be pleased, and hopefully forgive us for having gone ahead without her, and her having to spend a week to ten days inside the hull of a ship.


      • AnnMarie says:

        Unless she was the only vehicle in that hull (and therefore in solitary confinement) she may have had company and, perhaps, unlike her owner, may have enjoyed herself.


  5. It’s all very exciting. Looks like you’re in a nice place.


  6. What a beautiful home (and views) until you can find a permanent home! Best of luck on the home hunt, Emilio! :-)
    Love that kitchen!
    Loved the Meanwhile, too! It got my heart pumping! :-)


  7. Eddy Winko says:

    Looking good.


  8. Caity says:

    Envious. Except I really don’t like the heat. Why can’t we have tropical paradises with reasonable terms?


    • Caity says:

      Damn autocorrect. That should be reasonable temps. Though reasonable terms seems reasonable as well.


    • disperser says:

      Yeah, the heat is something we will have to get used to. We had moved to Monument because it was at a higher elevation and dryer.

      Still, there are no perfect places – except traveling through space in an advanced and self sufficient spaceship – and living is compromising about stuff.


  9. 1bl0gr3ad3r says:

    So beautiful – a homey feel to your interim via photos – prices being what they are, would a longer lease right there be more effective than buying, or buying right away? I know, we have all been taught to buy rather than rent. But tropical humidity and weather maintenance, just for starters, as landlord vs your responsibility? And seeing how things really happen over a full year? Gotta ask, being a flatlander: What is a saltwater pool? Or why, with the ocean so close? (my version is farm pond, just sayin’). This is fun seeing through your blog!


    • disperser says:

      Renting is a consideration seriously being explored. Still, finding the right place involves research. We’ll see.

      Saltwater pool is one where the water is adjusted to the salinity of the ocean . . . And chlorinated. All the advantages without the crap from billions of organisms. Oceans are not really all that clean not sanitary.

      Having said that, we don’t swim much. Mainly going in there to cool off.

      Thanks, and how to entertain and inform.


  10. colonialist says:

    One soon adapts from an in-your-face view of the sea to a more distant one – well, we’ve had to!

    Liked by 1 person

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