Nearly Two Weeks . . .

. . . and we are almost settled. Tomorrow we move to more permanent (but still temporary) housing. Next, getting a HI Driver License, HI Insurance, and settle into a House-Searching routine.

In two weeks here, we can’t point to any bad experiences. The only slight cloud in our lives is the fact one of our boxes is still in transit. It happens to be my monitor, so still no big rig to process photos, surf, or do manly PC-stuff.

So, more Samsung Note II photos and videos. Like, for instance, another shot of that impressive tree I showed in my introductory Hawaii post.


Our daily routine, if you can call it that, is pretty simple. We get up early (often before 6am), grab a quick coffee, and head out for our walk before the sun starts beating the crap out of the morning chill (“chill” being something in the low 70s). 

If we run late and get back after 9:00, we might jump into the pool to cool off. If not, we shower, eat breakfast, relax for a bit, and then head out for a drive. Three days ago, we drove to Hilo, coming back by way of Tex Drive-In and more Malasadas. Two days ago we drove to the Volcano National Park, stopping at the Punalu’u Bakery for more sweet bread and different Malasadas. Yesterday we mostly stayed around here, but we did manage a visit to the Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area.


Aside a great shoreline that I plan to visit regularly, there is also a great little walking/jogging path lined with planted flowers, flowering shrubs, flowering trees, flowering cacti, flowering ground cover. 

I took a number of shots with the Nikon and more shots with the phone. I’ll do a separate post on them, but meanwhile . . . 

20160627_133019-01.jpg 20160627_133608-01.jpg

Also, because both yesterday and the day before we got back early, I took the time to shoot more waves stills and videos. I’ll do the still in another post, but here are some more videos.

Boring, I know, but bear with me . . . there be some interesting videos I’ll be sharing below.

Note: if the videos stop and start while playing them, your internet speed is probably low (mine currently is). Hint: right after you hit play, hit the pause button and let the buffer load. Once it’s well ahead, hit play again and the video should play smoothly.

First up, one from a few days back that I forgot to share but which is pretty good. 

Here’s another where the Pacific managed to nick one of my shoes. This time, I was wearing shoes made to get wet.

Here are a couple of videos from the point near where I’m staying.

No, wait . . . these are from the point. The last ones were from around the point.

These next ones are from yesterday, from the retaining wall at the complex where we’re staying.

That’s looking Southeast . . . this is looking to the West . . . 

Near the horizon, the long shapes in the water are outrigger canoes. I’m not sure if it’s a club or tourists trying their hand at rowing, but these boats have been out there every evening for the past few evenings. 

I don’t often see it, but most phone cameras can do effects on the fly as you capture videos or stills. Like, for instance, adding a “Solarize” filter. 

Gee, I wonder what happens when you solarize the sunset?

Another effect is “Negative” . . . 

Those are certainly interesting, but the regular shots can hold their own as far as being interesting.

One more thing before I go . . . we walk the same route each morning. This morning, this plant was adorned with flowers. Flowers that were not there yesterday. It’s a succulent or cacti, and although I’ve often seen similar plants on prior visits, neither of us recalls ever seeing one in bloom. More impressive was the fact these opened up in the span of less than 24-hours. Either that or yesterday we were both blind to their beauty.



One final thing before I go . . . starting tomorrow, we’ll be without the Internet (other than our phones). That’s because the cable company cannot come out to hook us up until next Thursday.

That means I might miss a few more posts from the blogs I follow. Also, as far as I can tell, my Internet will be about a third as fast as I had in Colorado. It also seems to hang up a lot (if the Internet at this complex is any indication). That appears to be fairly common in the Island. When I was setting up the utilities for the new place, the nice lady asked if she could call me back when her computer came back online. 

I think I might find being online fairly frustrating, and if that is the case, I don’t know that I will be able to read all the posts of the blogs I follow. We’ll see how I do once I’m up and running.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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14 Responses to Nearly Two Weeks . . .

  1. sandra getgood says:

    Beautiful flowers, beautiful surf, and sometimes you have to wait for the internet. That last may be frustrating, but I reckon you’ll work out something to do when the internet is taking a break…being a creative and clever fellow.
    Easy for me to say…. my internet gallops so fast I have to pay attention!


    • disperser says:

      I had researched the internet situation before moving here . . . And had to look at the number twice . . .

      We had over 150 mbps . . . Here “high speed” is somewhere between 35 and 50 mbps.

      I’m anxious to get back to writing, but a part of that depends on the setup. Temporary writing solutions don’t inspire me as much as a dedicated work station.

      So, not just the internet, but missing my monitor is a setback in my plan to become a world famous and beloved writer. Possibly, also talent, dedication, and drive.

      Perhaps I’m not a “real” writer since real writers can write anytime and anywhere.


  2. AnnMarie says:

    First, I’m quite envious of that flower lined path you showed. What a beauty!!!

    Second, the wave videos are all marvelous, but , , , those special effect ones are extremely unpleasant . . . all that inky, misty darkened liquid is not for me.

    And third, those yellow flowers are bellissimi!


  3. disperser says:

    Argh . . . Posted before I was finished. Anyway, Denver had places like that, but with different plants. These plants are much like the ones all around, but all in one place and cultivated/arranged.

    It is a nice place to walk . . . Except that I stopped every ten feet or so to snap a photo.

    The special effects are kind of cool, I think. Black is just another color, and we, flawed humans that we are, assign meaning or moods to them.

    . . . Think of the dark waves as coffee . . . Not unpleasant at all.

    And yes, that flower was beautiful and something I’d not seen before.


  4. desleyjane says:

    Some wonderful flowers you have there and I love the videos – so calm and serene listening to and watching waves crashing. Interesting filters – looks like the black smoke from LOST has infected your water 😉


  5. Glad you are getting settled in and “housekeeping” done!
    Ha! on wet shoes! Those waves are sneaky! And powerful!
    Love the cactus and their blooms!
    Love the vids! (especially the sunsets!)
    Now, after all that water-action…I gotta’ go pee.
    HUGS!!! :-)
    PS…I’ve been super busy lately, then my internet went down yesterday, and then I was still waiting on my last cancer-check results…wanted to get them before I blogged, so I could let everyone what was going on. So, I finally got to blog today.


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