I Waves from Hawaii

One of the things that easily mesmerizes me is the constant movement of the ocean . . . a.k.a., waves. 

Given that ocean’s front homes cost the equivalent to the GDP of some of the smaller third world countries, we’re not likely to end up within sight — or sound — of waves once we find and buy a house or condo. That’s not going to be a big deal since from almost anywhere on the island you’re not likely to be more than a half hour from large masses of water pounding the shoreline. Plus, you know, waves can also do serious damage when they get all roiled up. The plan all along was to be at a safe distance from them.

Still, for now, we will enjoy the remaining week’s worth of ocean’s view living.

20160622_090341-01.jpg 20160622_104701-01.jpg

I keep forgetting that I can capture videos . . . 

Not only that, but I can capture videos in slo-mo (yes, I be know the lingo).

Of course, the slow motion is more impressive when shot from closer to the action.

But, it’s not just the view from the condo complex that captures my attention.

20160622_074354-01.jpg 20160622_073702-01.jpg

And, again, video works  . . . except that, I tend to cant the phone. I mean, I check the horizon lines, match them to the guides, but the end product is often canted. Oh, well . . . it’s not like I’m making a living at this.

That’s the Pride of America anchored in the bay. It makes the rounds of all the islands and is a good way to visit Hawaii and hit all said islands. You even get a fair amount of time on land.  I read this fact (unverified, but why would they lie?) about Hawaii . . . 


That might explain Hawaii’s popularity . . . people are trying to get away from other people . . . of course, that just makes Hawaii crowded. “Away from the things of man” is easier said than done.

Those ship and shore shots and video were taken during our morning walk. These next shots were taken during our evening walk (for a total of four miles – we plan to add an additional two miles a day next week and keep it at that at least until we join a gym . . . don’t want the twin black mamba pythons going all soft on me).

20160623_174755-01.jpg 20160623_181143-01.jpg

This next shot captured my attention for its potential in post-processing . . . 


Like, for instance . . . 


But, this post is supposed to be about waves . . . Here’s another slow-motion video shot from the condo’s parking lot. I’ve worked out that the slow-motion works best at about 1/2 speed. Any slower and the video quality gets degraded. I plan to eventually invest in a decent video rig that will let me shoot better slow motion shots. 

That’s a pretty short clip . . . here’s a slightly longer one . . . 

OK, OK . . . enough with the slow motion shots . . . here are a few videos shot near sunset. And, because they are not in slow motion, you get the sound. 

So, you say, that does not look like a sunset . . . how about this?

Yes, I got wet from the spray. The quick turn was me trying to keep the phone from getting drenched, something I partially accomplished. 

Here’s a lesser wave but with a visually impressive meeting of inflow versus outflow.

Finally, another instance where I caught the big wave (there is a pattern to the waves – there are a bunch of small ones, then a sequence of two or three larger waves, then a big one, then almost calm for a minute or so, then repeat. In this particular evening, the cycle repeated about every eight to nine minutes).

The turning away at the end was again to spare both my phone and the Nikon I was carrying. I did get my shoes and shorts wet. 

I think that’s enough waving for one day. I’ll leave you with more selfies. The first one was me trying to be creative . . . but only succeeding in showcasing the mess on the counter . . . 


This next one is me wanting to show my teeth in case a horse doctor reads this blog.


Actually, I was trying to fake a smile because I normally look like I’m pissed off about something or other. I held it a few seconds too long and ended up looking like I’m constipated. I think it’s still an improvement from how I normally look.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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15 Responses to I Waves from Hawaii

  1. Haha love the slo-mo. Great shots Emilio but I can’t make out what those things are on the tree.


  2. sandra getgood says:

    Love the surf… the sight, the sound, the knowing you got wet and I didn’t….


    • disperser says:

      Actually, I love that I got wet, as well . . . not so keen on the camera and phone getting salt water on them. It makes the cleaning of the lenses somewhat more of an ordeal (not wanting to scratch the multi-coating on the lenses).


  3. great shots and I love the video!


  4. AnnMarie says:

    I could use several hours of sitting near those waves. Just me and nature. Lovely!


  5. Constipated! Ha! :-D Hope no horse buyer buys you and puts you out to pasture! ;-) :-P
    “twin black mamba pythons” ??? Legs??? Arms???
    Stunning pics and such enjoyable vids! Nothing more beautiful than the sun setting on the ocean! :-) Thank you for sharing the ocean with us! :-)
    Crazy alien-bat-like thingees on that tree! Wild!
    Ha! Your title is VERY creative and made me snort-laugh! :-P
    Happy Whee-kend!!! HUGS!!! :-)


  6. disperser says:

    I have a friend who refers to his arms as his “Pythons”. Another friend’s husband calls his arms “The Twins”. The brother of that same friend refers to his arms as the “Black Mambas”.

    It seemed expedient to combine all those names in reference and awe of my own spindly arms.

    And thank you; I was happy with the videos and pleased I was able to capture even a little of what it’s like watching the waves live.

    And, happy weekend to you. We are likely going to relax this weekend as things are in motion at their own pace, and during the weekend not much will happen.


  7. Emily Scott says:

    Not bad. I can kinda understand why people move to Hawaii.

    Liked by 1 person

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