Back home . . . still busy

Back home after our whirlwind trip to Illinois. As I sit here, I’m still “feeling” as if I’m driving along the many miles we’ve traveled since Tuesday. 

This is Illinois . . . 

20160427_094531-01_DIGI 20160427_125533-01_DIGI

Yes, Illinois was wet. In fact, it rained nearly every day we traveled. 

On the days we were not traveling, there was a bit of sunshine. 

20160428_151346_DIGI 20160428_091326-01_DIGI

We did see some flowers that were indoors . . . 

20160430_131158_DIGI 20160430_131220_DIGI

But this awaited us as we crossed back into Colorado and neared home . . . 

20160501_180439_DIGI 20160501_180557_DIGI 20160501_180747_DIGI

Not obvious from the photos, but the snow looked like meringue. 

Also not obvious, this type of weather brings out the native population . . . 

20160501_180813_DIGII’m tired, so I’ll just dump a few more photos and call it a night.

20160501_180849_DIGI 20160501_181307_DIGI 20160501_181819_DIGI 20160501_181825_DIGI 20160501_181831_DIGI 20160501_181853_DIGI 20160501_182005_DIGI 20160501_182106_DIGI

It will take me a few days to recoup, but perhaps before then I can start reading blogs again. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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20 Responses to Back home . . . still busy

  1. mybrightlife says:

    Country Roads….
    Lovely pics. Rest easy.


  2. That’s a lot of snow for spring time. Have a good rest.


    • disperser says:

      We’re likely to have one or two more of these before the end of May.

      Thanks . . . as I said above, full rest will not happen for at least eight weeks, but then, watch out; I’ll be resting like people have not seen anyone rest. They will be talking about the rest I’m getting. It will be the best rest anyone has ever seen.

      (yes . . . that’s my Trumpspeak)


      • That’s a lot, isn’t it?
        I had a big laugh with your Trupmspeak. You could replace him and do better for America.
        Ok, I’m already looking forward to reading your disapproving reply!
        Good rest though!


      • disperser says:

        Oh, no doubt I could do better for America (well, the U. S. – there’s no helping Canada or Mexico).

        First, deport all the stupid people . . . then hold elections to fill all the vacancies left by the deported Senators and Congressmen and Governors and Mayors with smart people.


  3. AnnMarie says:

    Good to read that you made it home safely. After all those days of rain, today the sun is shining, and this is the best day, the very best day of my life (. . . from those that came before Trump).


    • disperser says:

      It was a long drive. We could have probably gone straight on 80, but the weather was iffy. The Southern route added another hour+, but we made it.


  4. Eddy Winko says:

    I thought I would comment to see if you were asleep. Them’s long roads, I do not envy you.


    • disperser says:

      Those roads are fun . . . the highways are a pain.

      An eleven hours drive these days is about the limit of what I want to do, but if needed, I could do 14 hours. The longest I’ve ever done was around 19-20 hours. I think that was from Vermont back to Michigan through Canada. I was younger then, and yes, that’s me driving the whole way.


  5. Glad you are home again, jiggety jig!
    Hope it was a peaceful trip!
    Love the photos! The snow does look like meringue! Now I want pie! :-P I like how the snow beautifies everything…covering the dirt, brown grasses, etc. :-)
    The PO made me laugh loudly! :-P
    Enjoy your recoup!
    HUGS!!! :-)


  6. Well you’d be no good crossing the Nullabor!


  7. badfish says:

    It’s odd for me in person, and as well in this post, to see your travels turn from one thing to something so different….like snow fields. And tell me, in that town, is “post office” a euphemism for “toilet”?


    • disperser says:

      I would not have thought changing sceneries would be that much of a rarity. We did, after all, travel 1,400 miles with an elevation change of 7,000 feet. I would expect conditions to change.

      That said, it’s not unusual for us to get snow in May . . . again, 7,000 feet in elevation and near the Rockies. Pikes Peak (our closest 14,000+ ft mountain) will have snow on it well into July.

      Now, had I seen waves gently lapping the road and a few freighters sailing the plains . . . well, that would have been a sight.

      As for the post office, that building is the “old” post office, now in someone’s yard. Realize that this community had probably no more than a few hundred people (a few more now), and a small building like that one was probably more than sufficient for the days when people seldom bought things online.


  8. the long stretch!


  9. colonialist says:

    Not sure if I like the look of Illinois, wet or dry – and that’s flat!


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