Doctor’s Office, Weather, and Pikes Peak

So, an eye doctor’s appointment offered respite from our busy moving preparations. 

One of the things I will miss once we move is the sight of Pikes Peak, visible from many sites around Colorado Springs and vicinity. 


All of the photos on here are from my now-ancient Samsung Note II. The photos have been processed using a combination of the onOne Suite and Topaz Plugins Suite. 

I think the tree is a wild cherry tree, or possibly a dogwood. I think it’s too early for dogwoods, but, what do I know. Also, note that this flowering tree is at a location that is 1,300 feet lower than where I live. We do have daffodils flowering, but nothing as far as trees, weeds, or any other plantings. 

Here’s another version of the shot (somewhat diminished by the truck and house of fleecing showing up in the frame).


There were a lot of bees buzzing busily all over those flowers, but they don’t show up in these shots. Believe me, they were there. Probably still are. 

I played with this in Topaz’s Impression and Texture plugins. 



Really, neither of those are all that striking. Then again, I’m mentally frazzled and had not the fortitude to apply myself to transforming the shot into a work of art. 

That said, I like the onOne B&W conversion . . . 


The Peak, for them who be curious, will usually have visible snow on it well into July. If you are up there, you see that pockets of year-round snow survive in sheltered areas. 

The snow pack will get a boost this weekend . . . here are the current conditions (I’m going golfing in an hour or so):

Weather 1

Looks good, right? Well, except for that warning . . . here is the extended forecast:

Weather 2It’s gonna be a messy weekend.

So, while I’m photographing lots of things for eBay, Craigslist, and other selling sites, I’ve not done much by way of hobby photography. The eye doctor’s waiting room offered up a few opportunities.

Readers of this blog might recognize the piece on the right of this next photo.


The lighting is a bit weird but it offers the opportunity for enhancement. 


And, of course, for B&W conversion.


These two vases were right next to me . . . how could I not photograph them?


. . . or convert them to B&W?


By far, the most interesting — and new — offering was this one.


Understand, the lighting in the waiting area is atrocious. Hence, why this looks a tad better in B&W.


Of course, I can also dip my toes into the vast offerings of Topaz’s Restyle Plugin.

20160414_083231-Processed-Processed-2_DIGIWell, I need to get ready for my weekly dose of socializing . . . it also involves mingling with Colorado’s notoriously poor drivers. Please, say a few prayers to the FSM; may it keep me safe and help me hit them straight, get a few pars, and if it’s feeling exceptionally generous, get a birdie or two.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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. . .  my FP ward  . . . chieken shit.

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14 Responses to Doctor’s Office, Weather, and Pikes Peak

  1. PiedType says:

    You’re moving!? You have my deepest sympathy. I hope you’re not leaving the Springs. Or at least not the Front Range. May the FSM watch over your game and your move (one of life’s least fun activties, IMO).


    • disperser says:

      Moving out of Colorado.

      FSM did a decent job watching over my game . . . until the last hole. There, a combination of me not caring much and FSM falling asleep had me score a 9 (nine), or a quadruple bogey (and not the Humphrey kind). Were I passionate about the game, I might have thrown a tantrum. Then again, were I passionate about the game, I would not have scored a 9.


  2. mvschulze says:

    Like the 1st Pikes Peak shot (cropped.) Hope you had a good “round” prior to the snow. M :-)


  3. AnnMarie says:

    The second B&W of the flowered tree is very striking, it has an almost electrifying look to it.

    As for the snow, I hope here in Chicagoland that is a thing of the past. On our moving day, April 2nd, we had the most unusual weather yet . . . 40 degrees and sunny, then 15-20 minutes of blizzard conditions, then back to sunshine for half an hour, then back to the blizzard again. That alternated back and forth from about 11am to 5pm. It made for a very memorable moving experience. Hope yours will go smooth for you two.

    One more thing, that last photo of the vases is bold and beautiful. Really, really like it!


  4. I love leaves…the real ones…and ones that are jewelry, in art, on fabric, etc. So, love your silvery leaf photos!
    Yeowza on the weekend weather! Stay warm and safe! We had rain most of the week, but it’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend here!
    Hope you won at golfing! Ha! “won”! :-D
    HUGS!!! :-)


  5. colonialist says:

    Swatting golf balls and snowflakes could be called a type of water hazard, I suppose …
    The peek at Pike’s Peak is certainly something to be missed, unless a more spectacular alternative is on the new doorstep.


  6. I like the house in the photo, it makes the picture.

    You’re leaving Colorado? Don’t tell me you’ve actually decided to come to Australia and enjoy our socialized system , while it lasts. The libs have plans for selling us out to the US!


    • disperser says:

      We’re leaving Colorado. We’re trying a complete change of lifestyle . . . which I will wait until it happens before disclosing.

      However, I can tell you that Australia is not in the cards. Someday, perhaps, I might visit. But not this year.


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