Thoughts and Stuff and Yellowstone NP

I should warn people . . . I may not be around much during the next few months. 

Wait . . . is that clapping and cheering I hear?

I’m still going to post stuff here whenever I need a break or need to unwind or both. I won’t completely stop, but reading the sixty blogs I subscribe to will take a back seat to other stuff. 

Yellowstone June 2015

By the way, all these photos are from our 2015 trip to Yellowstone. Click on them for a larger version. Go to the SmugMug Gallery for the full-size versions.

This next shot is a panorama with Yellowstone lake in the foreground. 


You can click on the above photo for a larger version, but if you have a fast Internet hookup, click HERE for the full-size version (8MB). After you click and it loads, click again to zoom in and out. 

Anyway, if everything works out, big changes in our lives. If it doesn’t work out, we go on with our normal pretty nice life. 


Some might recognize the above log from THIS post. Specifically, this treatment of the log.

Yellowstone June 2015

In reality, the log is a bit more mundane in its natural setting. 



Still an interesting remnant of a tree, and one that enhances the beach.

Well, in actuality, the beach does pretty well on its own.


I’ve been breaking my own rules a bit lately. I can’t help it. The absurdity of the clown show that passes for the presidential election occasionally draws my curiosity. I think Trump is playing a game to see just how outlandish he can get before his followers take a step back.

But, it’s the Democrats that I don’t understand.  

This rock is uninteresting. 

20150604_DSC8576_1_DSC8576_DIGISo, Democrats . . . tune into any news channel and you can see them practically giddy about the current Republican mess. A consistent theme is how happy they would be for Trump to be the Republican candidate because Hillary would trounce him in the November election.

An author I follow has a number of posts stating exactly that and explaining how the Republican scum deserve what they are getting . . . Trump. 

I was then surprised to read that he, an independent who typically does not vote in the primaries, registered as a Republican so he could cast a vote against Trump in the primaries. 

I’m also surprised when Democrat sympathizers go to great lengths to disrupt Trump’s campaign. 

I’m not thrilled with these next shots . . . not sharp enough and bordering on “fuzzy”.




I mean, if I were a Democrat and truly believed Trump’s candidacy means Hillary is a shoe-in for becoming the first Female President, well then, I would do everything in my power to ensure Trump’s nomination. Really stick it to those dang Republicans. 

You see what I’m saying? If you want Hillary to win, as the narrative goes, you want Trump on the opposite side of the ballot. 

This little isthmus is visible from a road that follows the edge of Yellowstone Lake and I kept seeing the outline of the trees on my way to other places. In this particular instance, I stopped and snapped a few photos. 



This next panorama, snapped from the same location as the above shots, is even wider . . . 


Once again, if you want to see the full-size version but don’t want to visit SmugMug, click HERE (7MB).

For that matter, this next one is also a panorama but because it’s vertical, you can see it a bit better. 


Of course, if you want the full-size version, click HERE (18MB). If you do click on the link to the full-size version, you might see more detail than in the following shot. 


Honest, as much as Trump is a basically a windbag, I’m warming up to the idea of a Trump Presidency. Realizing that Presidents are not Kings, and assuming the democrats recapture the Senate, I can see nothing but prosperity and peace in our future as the government sits there, doing and agreeing on nothing. 

“What about Executive orders?” you ask. 

What about them? Democrats were not worried when their guy was using them, so they can’t very well bitch about the other guy using them. The argument for them (and against them) are the same. Hypocrisy is the name of the political game, and the two parties are very good at the game. 

Besides, perhaps Congress will finally take back some of the power they let slip through their fingers and rein in the executive branch. It’s been getting too uppity in the last sixteen years or so, and it’s about time that branch gets a slap on the wrist. 

I also photographed flowers. 



Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our elected official actually governed as opposed to constantly campaign?

I know, I know . . . it’s crazy talk. 




One of our favorite drives in Yellowstone NP is the one heading out to West Branch. You follow the Madison River where back in 2002 we saw a herd of bisons crest the hill on the opposite bank and come down to drink. Those shots are HERE

No such luck this time, but I did get these shots. 





I was particularly fascinated with trees growing out of rocks.





Some looked as if they were having a tough go of it. 


20150604_DSC8633_1_DSC8633_DIGIThis next shot is another vertical panorama . . .

20150604_DSC8637_1_DSC8637-Processed-2_DIGIThe shot goes from ground level to about a 70° upward inclination . . . not that you can tell it from the shot. Typically, sharp drop-offs or inclines are difficult to capture unless viewed in profile.

One thing I know for sure . . . none of the candidates — regardless of the rhetoric — intends to “unite the country”. No; they basically want to stick it to the “other guys”, namely, anyone who does not agree and support them. As an independent and dismissive of both Democrats and Republicans, I can’t see any benefit to me or the country regardless who wins. 

One needs only listen to the two factions . . . there is no interest in differing points of views; they are all cocksure theirs is the only way, the right way, that there is no desire to hear any dissenting voices. Basically, the attitude boils down to “I only care about my needs, and if you are not with me, you are my sworn enemy.”

As a country, we’ll eventually pay for that. Heck, we’re already paying for it.

Perhaps this guy has the right attitude; screw them all, I’m going fishing. 

20150604_DSC8645_1_DSC8645_DIGI20150604_DSC8646_1_DSC8646_DIGIThat’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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24 Responses to Thoughts and Stuff and Yellowstone NP

  1. Hey Disperser — nice photos of Yellowstone and good work on those panoramas!


  2. :-( Well, I am NOT applauding or cheering. :-( I will miss you, and your posts, and your comments on my posts. :-(

    :-) But, I do wish you and Melisa well…the very best-est! :-) I hope the big changes you want to happen, do happen…and all in positive ways! :-)

    I love how you intertwined, or is it weaved (???) your beautiful (“take-me-away”) photos with your talk of the Presidential stuff. And I laughed some laughs at certain points. :-D

    Some of the presidential stuff is “fuzzy” and makes me dizzy. SIGH It’s gonna’ be a l-o-n-g year.

    Love the photos! Wow! I, too, am fascinated by trees and plants that grow out of rocks!
    HUGS!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      Well, I’m not disappearing. Just slowing down and giving warning I might miss some posts. Thank you for the well-wishes, and hope you’re winning the battle of the Sinuses (I can see a movie deal down the line; great title).

      As for the photos, thanks, and for laughing, thank you.

      As for the election . . . believe it or not, I’ve already read articles about how this election will impact the 2020 election. Really, there never is a time when we don’t have politicians running . . . why they can’t get anything done.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. oneowner says:

    Trump is like that tree growing out of the rock. Shallow roots and it can’t reach it’s full potential. But the photos are nice. I;d love to make this trip.


    • disperser says:

      Yeah, I have a hard time whenever I hear him speak (which I don’t go out of my way to do, but he’s in the media a whole lot). The thing is, if you remove his over-the-top delivery, and just compare what he says to what the other candidates say, the degree of bullshit is not all that different.

      The thing that is different about him, and perhaps what attracts so many, is that he’s not a politician.

      As for the photos, thanks. And yes, a nice trip. You can’t hardly turn around without slamming into something you want to photograph.


  4. Love the photos. It brings back wonderful memories of our visit to Yellowstone. Love the isthmus photos. Very serene.


  5. Love the commentary mixed with awesome photos 😊.


  6. Are you sick ej? You seem to be unusually polite and quiet in your comments and remarks.Perhaps a visit to the Vatican or Lourdes will do the trick.


  7. mvschulze says:

    I pretty much echo most of the words shared by the commenters above (or below?) The pictures are excellent, pretty much as usual, and your viewpoints (to me) as relevent as ever. I’ve grown to love the format, sort of business with pleasure….sort of.. My bet is you’ll be here and around for quite a while yet, and that would suit me just fine! M :-)


    • disperser says:

      I too enjoy it . . . it keeps me from getting too worked up. I make my comments and show my pictures, and readers can take whichever they want or both.

      And yes, I hope to be around for a long while. Hopefully, healthy as well. If not . . . Oregon.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh I hear you! It’s hard keeping up! Today I’m trying to catch up with my blog reading! But beautiful images here and keep writing! Don’t leave but let the spirit move you! :)


  9. AnnMarie says:

    What is the object on the water, near the coast, on the right one-third part of the first panorama shot?

    Anyway, loved the photos . . . una piu bella del’ altra!


    • disperser says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s a boat (there’s a cabin directly behind it with an American flag flying. It’s in one of the latter photos as well.

      I had the SmugMug set on X3. It’s now set on Original.


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