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Feeling a bit under the weather. Not quite sick (I rarely get sick), but also not 100% — so I thought I should spread it around a bit. 

And, what better way than to put up my long (seriously; not a short read), rambling, opinions about various topics? None I can think of.

Changed minds

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End of Life

This coming week, the Colorado House of Representatives will consider the End of Life Options Act. Some might remember my previous rant about the bunch of useless gelatinous political flesh failing to pass this most basic of human rights. 

I did try to follow up on who voted to kill the legislation in committee, but never got a clear answer.

I have little hope for any compassion from those morons, quei disgraziati diseased coglioni di porci con merda per brains che non possono cagare senza chiedere permesso from an imaginary being so despicable that it ranks as the number one killer of the weak and innocents in human history . . . un fatto che i disgraziati diseased coglioni di porci con merda per brains are proud of.

But, while I expect the same results, I go through the motions. I left out the above appellations, but I did send the following letter. I’m fairly respectful of people who bought their political office; see if you can see where I restrained myself:

“This is why I support the Colorado End of Life Options Act . . . because I strongly believe in personal freedom and sovereignty of the individual over the tyranny of the state, especially when said tyranny is fueled by superstition coupled with the desire to control other people’s lives.

Please remember the oath of your office is to first and foremost act in service to the people. Not some people, but all people. Do not presume your beliefs trump my beliefs. Do not presume other people’s beliefs trump my beliefs. Do not presume you know what is best for me and thousands more.

Believe whatever you want, but remember your belief does not grant you the right to make decisions benefitting my quality of life at a time when I will need it most.

People opposing this legislation will never be bound to exercise the freedom it affords, and denying thousands of Coloradans and me this most basic of rights is to willingly assume the responsibility for extending unnecessary suffering.

Unless you support this legislation, you follow in the footstep of tyrants throughout history who unjustifiably reserved for themselves the power of life and death over others. When it comes to my life, I and only I have a right to carry that responsibility.

For this legislation does not grant any rights we don’t already have. It merely offers the option of a dignified death should one so chooses.”

Like I said, it won’t do any good, but I tried. 



World Population

I recently came across this video:

The associated site can be found HERE.

One can find many arguments regarding the maximum sustainable population the Earth support. Mostly, those in favor or reproducing like rabbits point to previous scientific advances having come to our rescue — better and more efficient food production, better infrastructure, and so on — whenever the human population seemed to strain existing resources. 

I think those people miss the point . . . even as people decry the inhumane conditions of chickens, picks, and cows stuffed into feedlots, they do not see the equivalent in the human condition. Life is not just about being alive, but also about the quality of said life.

And yes, there are those who argue we live, as a whole, a much better life than at any time in history. We have more food, more fresh water, better shelter . . . to me, it still sounds a bit like a commercial chicken farm, except substitute chicken with consumers. 

There is one aspect of our scientific prowess that some people either ignore or don’t think about. There is no question that with increased automation there will be a corresponding decrease in the demand for human workers. This will be especially true as companies are under pressure to increase pay and benefits. At some point, it’s cheaper to buy a robot.

And yes, people argue new jobs will be created because of it . . . yes, and robots will do those as well. 

But, it need not be only greed . . . it’s more humane to hire robots to work in mines, do back-braking work in rice fields, and do pretty much any of the crap jobs currently done by humans. 

I think I will see it within my lifetime, and I don’t have that much longer to live. Think about the fact that in an ideal society no one would have to work, and we could dedicate our lives to blogging. That ideal depends on eliminating greed. Not gonna happen.

Think about times past . . . when human populations exceeded the limits of their environment, they moved. But, that’s the other thing; we used to have frontiers. Some say space is our next frontier. They have no clue just how hostile space is to human life.

It doesn’t matter if climate deniers believe it or not; a large population affects everything, if not directly, indirectly. Whatever efficiency gains we have made in the past decades are instantly wiped out by the numbers we add to our species. Bottom line? Any which way I look at it, we are in for some rough times, and I think they are imminent. 

I would love to be proven wrong, but I still think it would be nice if more people would join 


Of course, we’ll keep going, and are likely to

Live Short

One cartoon I like very much tangentially touches on the issue (renewable resources) . . . 

Wind Chair

And, one more . . . 

Vintage Birth Control



Nowhere is my pessimism for the future exemplified with more chilling clarity than in the political arena. I believe we are witnessing the start of the decline of the USA as we head into a virtual civil war. You just have to listen to the candidates.

But not just listen. Hear what they are saying, but do so while placing yourself in the shoes of the “other guys”. What are you hearing? 

I can tell you what you don’t hear: compromise, statesmanship, a desire to find the best path forward, or, if not the best, a workable path that won’t further divide the country. 

Oh, I know . . . you are reading this and saying “My candidate is great!”

The Candidates

The thing is, even as “reasonable” people decry Sanders and Trump, they fail to realize that the basis for their support is formed by people who clearly see the two parties failing to take care of the majority of constituents. They are tired of promises, but if they are going to listen and support empty promises, they might as well be huge and unrealistic empty promises.

But, supporting Trump or Sanders means supporting people who speak as if they would rule as Kings as opposed to Presidents subject to Congress and constitutional law. 

But . . . all the candidates speak thus. None of the promises I hear are even remotely possible. Or, if they are, it’s not explained how these things would come to pass. The biggest lie of all is candidates promising to bring back jobs for the shrinking Middle Class . . . while promising to lift the poor, make everyone equal, keep us safe, and “make this country great again” by bombing the shit out of someone while forcing everyone to live by tenets steeped in superstitious nonsense. 

Trump Writers

Always, always, always remember . . . when a politician is promising you something, they are taking something away from someone else. 

In an ideal world, I would like my choice of candidates to include someone who says “Look, we’re in a pickle. There are no easy answers. We can’t dictate our way out of this one. We’ll have to work hard to find a reasonable solution. Not a perfect solution, but a solution allowing us to go forward.”

There are no such candidates. Before you start with “but my candidate”, see the above cartoon.

Blame him

One thing in common with all people affiliated with one party or another is that they do not recognize the very arguments they used when they are applied to themselves. 

For instance . . . 

All gun owners are to blame

I can almost hear it . . . but, but . . . that’s different!

Prejudice.vs logic

Old Pundists



Justice Scalia died. Right away, the Republicans embarked on a despicable path of obstructionism . . . previously forged by Democrats . . . which was an amplification of previous Republican tactics . . . which were borne out of machinations by Democrats . . . and so on, and on, and on. 

Yes, that’s politics, so it could have been included in the above segment, but I want to touch on the religious arguments associated with this matter. 

See, both sides wave the vapid pieces of paper that are our Constitution. But, they only wave it out of their personal convenience. OK, it’s always been so, but at one time we could at least pretend we — the constituents and the politicians — actually cared about the Constitution.

Now, it’s out in the open . . . we must elect someone to the court who will grant our wishes, agree with our views, forward our agenda, and FSM forbid we put someone in there who bases their decisions on reason, studied interpretation of the law, and irrespective of their personal biases. 

The SCOTUS is supposed to provide a balance to the other screwed-up branches of government, and here we hear candidates and elected officials openly speak of stacking SCOTUS with no more than sock puppets who will do their bidding. Depending who’s in there, attacks on First Amendment, or attacks on the Second Amendment . . . and no mention of ever bringing back the Fourth Amendment.

And politicians wonder why people are losing confidence in government and their elected officials. (question; why the fudge do we keep electing these idiots? Oh, yeah . . . we’re also idiots. But wait! President Trump will fix everything.)

And what is the point of contention? Religion. Republican candidates have big agendas, and they need the facade of support from an “impartial” court to further their delusional plan for this great country.

How is religion a factor? Well, if you listen to the No-Spin Zone, Scalia was a great legal mind.

No Spin Zone

I have a different take on the man.

You can read THIS, and if you agree with the man, you and I live in a different plane of rationality. Or, if you read THIS and agree with the man, you and I live in a different plane of morality. And, if you read THIS and agree with the man, you and I are on a different plane of fairness.

But, most of all, those and other examples of the man’s thinking prove to me that his rulings and opinions were not borne from the rule of law or the rational application of it, but rather from the presupposed validity of religious doctrine. 

It’s no secret I am an atheist. There are two thousand plus religions in this world, and if you count the different sects within those religions, you easily multiply that number by a factor of ten. But, here are some things nearly all have in common . . . they believe they have the right to impose their will on others. That is especially true of the three major world religions. They believe it so strongly that they are willing to kill themselves and others for that belief.  

And here are good summaries of those beliefs . . . 

I’m not picking on Christianity (they do love to see themselves as victims) over other religions. But, as this is an overwhelmingly Christian country, I’m giving you my view of the main religion, and leave it to Christians to mock all other religions (as they do).

The bottom line is that, as an outsider, I can look at any of the religions and marvel at the willful ignorance and suspension of critical thinking necessary to buy into their origin stories, and by extension, their screwed-up beliefs building on those origin stories. 


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I don’t want to end on a negative note. Mind you, I am the fountain of non-negativity, but sometimes what I write leads others to sprout negative feelings . . . often, about me. 

So, here comes some relief in the form of cartoons I find amusing. I occasionally post them on Facebook, and that means that for some of you, this is a stroll down memory lane.  

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