Pining for days gone by . . .

I imagine that today Cruz and Rubio, like many of their followers, are pining for the good times of days gone by.

Even as they decry the evils of Islam, I can’t help but think they secretly salivate in envy of the power Islam, the religion, wields in many countries around the globe.

They raise their voice against Sharia Law, but when you listen to their fiery speeches about restoring America’s greatness you hear their true nature. You hear that is only possible through the strong leadership of someone guided by faith — their faith — tearing down this supposed separation between Church and State.

And, make no mistake, for they are clear, there is one group to blame for the supposed decline of America’s greatness . . . seculars. That would be me (actually, atheist, and a strong one, at that). Along with all the other “nones”, I am to blame for all the ills of our society (one of the most religious societies in the world).

I mention this because on this day, February 17, in the year 1600, this happened . . . 

Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno was burned alive for believing different than what the religious believed.

Some might accuse me of, oh, I don’t know, blowing things out of proportion . . . Please, listen to some of the clips circulating online. Listen to the crowds applaud.

Listen to the idiotic mantra that Christians are being persecuted and kept from the free exercise of their faith, and hear them say they will do something about it. Not my words. Theirs. 

Ah, you say, but that’s not what they mean. Weird that . . . English may be my second language, but I think I understand words well enough. I know exactly what they mean. 

But, burning alive? Well, they already believe and rejoice the prospect of us “sinners” burning in Hell for eternity while they bask in Heaven. I don’t put it past some of the faithful becoming impatient (history is a good indicator of it). 

I write about the religious, but they are not the only ones. 

I worry about the US.

The very people professing their desire to “save” the country — Cruz, Rubio, Trump, Sanders, Clinton — are people I see not as uniters, but dividers. None of them can see past their base, and none of them encompass the vision of a strong multicultural, multireligious, tolerant society with financial and personal freedoms exalted above all else. Certainly none of them embrace my values and beliefs.

Oh, they say they do . . . but they only mean it for those who agree with them. Each of them, without fail, preach the message that anyone, anyone, who believes differently than they do is “the enemy”. Each side minimizes, marginalizes, and ridicules the concerns of “the enemy”.

Listen to the words . . . they all speak of privilege for their supporters, and only their supporter.  

The problem? The country is split pretty much down the middle. No matter who wins, half the country will be pissed off, and they will be pissed off because without a doubt they have been told by “the other side” that they are “the enemy”, no better than the scum of the earth. Not only that, they have been told, in no uncertain terms, to rue the day the other side comes into power. They have been told this by both their side and the other side.

And you know what? They are not being lied to. It’s a rare thing, a politician telling the truth, and the truth is, from their own words, that no matter who gets into office, those who opposed them will rue the day the winner will come into power.

This is the first time since I have been in the US (1966) that I worry about the future of the country. Do you know why? Because even as I write this, no matter the side, I know what most of my readers are thinking.

“. . . yeah, but my side is the “right” side. We are better than the other side. No matter what we do, we mean well and are doing it for the benefit of everyone. Ours is the only way, the just way, so no matter what we do, it is just . . . “


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5 Responses to Pining for days gone by . . .

  1. margie says:

    It is not the atheists who condemned the world. It is the cold blooded killers. The heartless. The only future they see is their future. And when they think they have rid the world of the wrong, as they see us, who’s next? Maybe then, they will wipe out their own.


  2. Perhaps you should have migrated to Australia rather than the USA , more people in the last census gave their religion as none, atheist, agnostic. Trouble is the US was founded by religious fanatics(?) and hasn’t been able to throw off the chains that bind them; whereas Australia was settled by convicts and scoundrels, the scum of the British Isles, who came together and rejected all misused/directed authority.

    And some (probably most) of us became socialists! :D


    • disperser says:

      So, you are asking me to choose between two devils . . . plus, give up the right to defend myself and do so in a country founded by convicts and scoundrels.

      You know, it’s not as appealing as you might think.


  3. Excellent post! Wise words! But, sorry there is a need for these words today…I, too, for the first time in my life am worried about our country’s future. I see a “civil war” ahead…maybe not like THE Civil War…but a civil war none the less. How it will play out…I’m not sure I want to know. :-(
    “The very people professing their desire to “save” the country — Cruz, Rubio, Trump, Sanders, Clinton — are people I see not as uniters, but dividers….” Exactly! :-(


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