Pulpit Rock and NNWM-2K15 Update

I’ll take things in reverse order, so first up . . .

NNWM-2K15 Update:

Yes, I’m posting another chapter of my NNWM-2K15. I’m currently writing chapter 33, so I’m obviously being careful with posting new chapters. You see, I am nearing the end, and it’s going to be short (probably 57K-60K words) for a novel. If I’m ever going to do more with this, I’ll have to pad it a bit. Not only that, there are a few things I wish I’d done differently. That said, I can’t really force more words than are coming out of me. If this ends up a bit short, well, it means that’s what this incarnation was meant to be. 

The next post will contain Chapter 28 of the 2015 NaNoWriMo work-in-progress, and it will go up immediately after this post goes live. It’s password protected. Since it’s been a while, click HERE for the previous stuff.

Please, don’t ask for a password thinking it will make me feel good. Especially, don’t ask unless you’ve read the first few chapters and know that you are interested in reading more. Unless you intend to read it, don’t ask. I will not feel hurt, I will not cry myself to sleep, I will not hate anyone who chooses not to read my effort. I will, however, get a little miffed if I get asked for passwords by a bunch of people, and then only my regular four or five readers read the stuff. 


Pulpit Rock:

Pulpit Rock is a feature visible from much of the western part of Colorado Springs. It’s part of the Pulpit Rock Open Space. Coincidentally, when we first moved here, we stayed at the University Park apartments as we shopped for a house. University Park is adjacent to the Austin Bluffs Open Space which has Pulpit Rock as a subset of it. To make a short story long, in March of 2005, we paid Pulpit Rock a visit.

Some of these photos have already appeared elsewhere in this blog, but not all. I should mention that one of the things I was doing in early 2005 was learning more about my then camera, the D100. Specifically, I was playing with depth of field. As it relates to this Pulpit Rock visit, I wanted a photo with everything in focus. Why? Because Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods are in the background.

That means f/13 . . . and that means . . .  


For obvious reasons, I was not happy with this shot, but I now have the skills and technology to tweak the RAW file and bring out something close to what my eyes saw. 



Those are two slightly different versions of the above photos, differing in the amount of sharpening I applied, contrast, noise reduction, and a few other things. 

This next shot was similarly dark . . . 


The rest of the photos were not as bad since the dynamic range was a bit more reasonable. 

The area is quite striking. 


Vegetation, rock formations, and views made this a memorable visit. 



Here are the namesake features of the area . . . 





As usual, click on the photos to open a 1280 pixel (longest dimension) version of the photos. You can also go to SmugMug album (HERE) for the full-size version. Although, remember these are from the D100, a 6MP camera, so they will be smaller than my D7000 shots.  

Anyway, here are a few more views:




This was also the hike where I photographed the wooden dragon I’ve shared before.


But, mostly, I was interested in documenting the rock formations.



Forward to June of 2009, early morning, as the sun was rising in the East . . . I actually pulled off the highway and onto the shoulder (something I don’t consider safe) to snap these photos of a Pulpit Rock Sunrise. Badly backlit, they waited until now for a decent treatment.



Yes, I stopped so that the fleeting upward beam of sunlight aligned with the top-most rock. The show lasted only a few minutes, and then I continued on my way to Woodland Park and my job.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o o o o o o ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Astute persons might have noticed these doodles, and correctly surmised they hold some significance for me, and perhaps for humanity at large.  

If you click on the doodle, and nothing happens, this is the link it’s supposed to go to: https://disperser.wordpress.com/2011/12/26/palm-vx-and-i/.


Note: if you are not reading this blog post at DisperserTracks.com, know that it has been copied without permission, and likely is being used by someone with nefarious intention, like attracting you to a malware-infested website.  Could be they also torture small mammals.


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21 Responses to Pulpit Rock and NNWM-2K15 Update

  1. Hey Disperser — I forgot your password. I guess I’m getting old…


  2. oneowner says:

    The D100 is still a respectable camera. These photos look great.


    • disperser says:

      I often wonder if the lower resolution sensors are better overall. I think I would like the capabilities of the modern cameras married to a 6MB or 8MB sensor.

      And, thanks.


  3. Stunning scenery! Beautiful captures! :-)
    I especially love the dragon.
    It’s fun to stare at the rock formations and see things.
    Happy Whee-kend, Almost Moan-Day HUGS!!! :-)


  4. joshi daniel says:

    simply beautiful :)


  5. PiedType says:

    I’d never heard of Pulpit Rock but am adding it to my mental notes on Colorado’s fascinating geological formations. Thanks for bringing it to my attention with beautiful photos!


  6. Aquileana says:

    I love your posts…. the photographs are just remarkable. Congrats… love and best wishes. Aquileana ☀️‼️ ~


  7. AnnMarie says:

    I LIKE the sunset, but even more the photo with the yellow/orange/pink rock at bottom right. Stunning!

    Liked by 1 person

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