A bit of a NaNoWriMo No. 3 update

I had some time, so I dove back into the 2015 NaNoWriMo (a.k.a. NaNoWriMo No. 3), and decided to post a bit more of it.

I hope to get back to writing sometimes this week since all I’m doing right now is waiting for rejections for the stories and queries I sent out.  Since I usually post a few photos when I do updates, I also picked one of the snow shots and did a better job of rendering it. 

20160109_DSC3165_1_DSC3165-Processed_DIGIIt may not seem any different than what I posted the other day, but I took more time with this rendering, adjusting the hue, saturation, and luminance of individual colors, tweaking the highlights and shadows, playing with contrast and exposure, and other stuff too boring to explain. Most people won’t notice unless directly comparing the previous version to this one, which is hard to do. 

But, really, even then, someone would have to be a world-class anal retentive jerk focused on the minutia to spot differences in the two. That’s why I can see it.

This next variation is more obvious . . . 

Topaz Restyle

Topaz Restyle

Some might even recognize this next one as having the Van Gogh treatment applied to it.

Topaz Impression - Van Gogh filter

Topaz Impression – Van Gogh filter

It’s a light application . . . I didn’t like the heavier versions. 

This next one is one of the texture filters in Topaz Textures.

Topaz Textures

Topaz Textures

I wasn’t happy with that, so I put it through some Photoshop layers combinations.

Topaz Restyle

Topaz Restyle

Then I did it again to get this next version which I kind of like.


I’m often accused of being negative, so . . . 

20160109_DSC3165_1_DSC3165-Processed-Processed-Processed-Processed_DIGISome will say the original is still the best, and they would be right, but when have I ever posted just one photo? Besides a few years ago, and the year before that, and the first year? Never, that’s when!

That should be enough to weed out most people. The info for the next NaNoWriMo 2K15 chapter is below. 

~ ~ ~ ~ o o o o ~ ~ ~ ~

The next post will contain Chapter 24 of the 2015 NaNoWriMo work-in-progress and it will go up immediately after this post goes live. As I said, it’s password protected. Since it’s been a while, click HERE for the previous stuff.

Please, don’t just ask for a password just to make me feel good. Especially, don’t ask unless you’ve read the first few chapters and know that you are interested. Unless you intend to read it, don’t ask. I will not feel hurt, I will not cry myself to sleep, I will not hate anyone who chooses not to read my effort. I will, however, get a little miffed if I get asked for passwords by a bunch of people and then only my usual four or five readers actually read the stuff. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


Note: if you are not reading this blog post at DisperserTracks.com, know that it has been copied without permission, and likely is being used by someone with nefarious intention, like attracting you to a malware-infested website.  Could be they also torture small mammals.


Please, if you are considering bestowing me recognition beyond commenting below, refrain from doing so.  I will decline blogger-to-blogger awards.   I appreciate the intent behind it, but I prefer a comment thanking me for turning you away from a life of crime, religion, or making you a better person in some other way.  That would mean something to me.

If you wish to know more, please read below.

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Note: to those who may click on “like”, or rate the post; if you do not hear from me, know that I am sincerely appreciative, and I thank you for noticing what I do.

. . .  my FP ward  . . . chieken shit.

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5 Responses to A bit of a NaNoWriMo No. 3 update

  1. oneowner says:

    The original may be the best for some but I gotta go with the Van Gogh.


  2. I love love love the van Gogh effect! :-) Worthy of framing and hanging over the fireplace!
    HUGS!!! :-)


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