Topaz Plugins on sale

I often mention Topaz Plugins. They are part of my suite of tools when i feel like doing stuff other than straight posting of photos. 

They are having a sale. Their $499 complete suite is on sale for $249. To be clear, I get absolutely nothing if any of my readers partake in the sale or not. I only mention it because some might want to take the opportunity that comes once a year and buy the suite.

So, what do you get?

Here is the image I’ll use to illustrate.


That is the image as shot. While not all the plugins can be easily demonstrated, it’s also true that many of the plugins have a large number of options and I opt to show only a few. 

Hopefully, it’s enough to give you, the potentially interested reader, a taste of the plugins and what they can do. You should check out the examples online.

Topaz Adjust:

0024-Garden_of_the_Gods-Processed_DIGI 0024-Garden_of_the_Gods-Processed-2_DIGI

Topaz B&W (but it does more than the name implies):


Topaz Clarity (again, more than the name implies):


Topaz Clean:


I don’t have examples for the next two because these images don’t lend themselves to the plugins.  Topaz DeJPG is specifically made to adjust non-RAW files. Topaz DeNoise is made to process files with a lot of digital noise (typically, high-ISO files shot in low light).

Topaz Details (can make things sharper or softer):



Some of these may look like they overlap. Remember, you are looking at a smaller file, and while some filters duplicate the effects of other filters, the process is usually a one-click thing.

Lens Effects:


Two more, InFocus and ReMask are also plugins that are difficult to show as examples.

Topaz Restyle is one I use a lot . . . 


Another that gets a fair amount of use is Simplify:


Star Effects works best with different types of files (that have lights in the photo). Here I used it to add x-mas lights to the tree.


The next three should be familiar as they have been showcased in my last few posts.



. . . Glow . . . 


. . . and Textures.


As I said, there are enough varied settings in each plugin so as to give one many, many choices even before playing with the sliders and button.

Also, as I said, it makes me no nevermind if one is interested or not in the plugins. But, if you are going to buy them anyway, this is a pretty good deal (and free updates for life).

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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