Couple of Covers and leaves

So, a quick post before retiring. First of all, my silver maples in the back yard.

Not much silver, but impressive color and sky.

Note, I failed making over the covers for Pink Floyd’s albums. I am traveling, so excluse the shoddy posting. As much as I bitch about WP app, it does kind of work when stuff is planned out and I spend an unreasonable amount of time on a short post.

Anyway, I aim to remedy me missing those makeovers here and now.

First up, The Dark Side of the Moon.

I took this photo . . .


. . . and spruced it up.


Then, I took this photo . . .


And spruced it up.


That photo is sunlight making a shadow from the lights in my bathroom, and the shadow reflected on the mirror.

Anyway, I should rest and cut this short. One, because I’m tired, and two because my phone plan does not have a high data limit.

P. S. Those edits were done with Snapseed and Pixlr Express.

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24 Responses to Couple of Covers and leaves

  1. Looks like posting it this way tends to double up on the post notification, I was notified twice three minutes apart; my question is this. Is this an ill omen of things to come?

    Nothing to do with your post but I thought this link might interest you, I think you’ll agree with me that Mr Binner is right in his remarks about his right to die, at least you’ll have that advantage if and when you have that choice to make.I unfortunately am in the same boat as this poor sod.


  2. PiedType says:

    Really like that Division Bell cover.


  3. sandra getgood says:

    Those maple trees are amazing…what beautiful color


    • disperser says:

      They were actually more striking earlier this week when they had a nearly even mix of bright red leaves among still green leaves. I meant to snap a photo but they all turned by the end of this week.


  4. oneowner says:

    It’s been a long time since I heard Pink Floyd. I may have to break out that old iPod (if I can remember where I left it). Anyway, love the Division Bell makeover. Well done.


  5. mvschulze says:

    I think this is the shortest post I’ve ever seen from you. Are you feeling ok? M :-)


  6. “Hey, You”! I love Pink Floyd and your covers for them make me “Comfortably Numb”! :-) Great job! Too bad you don’t get some “Money” for your creativity and hard work on them!
    Are you doing some “Wish You Were Here” travels? Or are you glad your travels don’t include a bunch of people?! ;-)
    “Time” for me to go, before I give you “Brain Damage”.
    “Have a Cigar” and “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”!
    Your silver maples are stunning in their Autumn clothes!
    “On the Run” HUGS!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      If you like Pink Floyd, I recommend you listen them “on the run”, while singing “shine on you crazy diamond “. Then, “have a cigar ” while contemplating doing some “brain damage” with a bit of booze. But, take your “time” and as for other people, don’t “wish you were here. Of course, all that changes if you have “money”; then you can be ” comfortably numb.”

      So much so that people will tell “hey, you!” to wake you up.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. That moon shot looks suspiciously familiar. I know – it’s what I had for breakfast. Great cover. Why do they call those trees Silver Maples. I love the gorgeous red color and that stunning blue sky. ;-)

    Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” resonates, too. That might not be a good thing as I am a teacher. But it does take me back to when I was a teen.


    • disperser says:

      You had cheese for breakfast?

      The silver is on the underside of the leaf; on breezy days the tree can go from green to silver-green as the leaves are flipped up by the wind.

      I do like another brick on the wall . . . even if my house is stucco as customary here in the West.


      • No. I had a half of a bagel. (Well, actually, I did have a bacon, cheese and egg croissant. But usually I have a bagel on the weekend. )

        That sounds like a gorgeous tree – whether it’s red leaves or silver. ;-)


  8. desleyjane says:

    Hey great job with your on-the-go covers. I think Moon is very amusing 😂 but I really like Division Bell. I can’t say I’ve ever actually listened to a Pink Floyd album but I might give it a go…


  9. What a great surprise to see your covers on the go! Thank you for coming back to the challenge, even whilst traveling. It means a lot.
    And of course I had great fun reading our post, as always. You don’t stop to amaze me. Starting with maple beauties and then these covers! Pink Floyd reinterpreted with much fun. Both are really good. Thanks again and have safe travels.


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