Why many Americans insist on owning weapons

I rarely reblog anything . . . I felt this was worth reblogging.

Please, pretty please with a pink bow on top: even if you do not read the piece, click on the links contained therein regarding Brittain and the Supreme Court ruling (not related).

. . . but, you really should read it.


A friend posted a comment on his Facebook page about police response policies and times today. His post related to the hypocrisy of politicians who are protected by armed guards around the clock but desire to have the populace disarmed and at the mercy of the criminal element.

In the wake of the Umpqua Community College and Northern Arizona University shootings, there have been renewed calls by Mr. Obama for increased gun control, along with other politicians. The implication of these calls is that law enforcement authorities are always available to protect the citizenry at a moment’s notice. If the government will not allow the citizenry to protect itself, as is now the case in Lesser Britain, then that responsibility must fall to the organized government. A frequently validated saying in the Army is

If no one in particular is responsible for something, then no one is responsible…

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