Photo Rehab Cover Makeover #15: Six Days, Seven Nights

People might have noticed I skipped a Cover Makeover. Life has a way of reordering priorities. However, I had to make time for this Makeover since I’m mentioned as the catalyst for the choice.  . . .  I give you Cover Makeover #15

The challenge is a makeover of this: 

I’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve seen this movie. Smart writing, great acting (especially by Anne Heche who, in my opinion, outshines Harrison Ford), great story, and aside from a few of the usual Hollywood exaggerations, believable action.

So, the movie was shot in Hawaii, one of our most favorite places. We’ve even kayaked in some of the locations used in the film. You can read about the film HERE, but you ought to watch it. 

Rotten Tomatoes gives this a 36% rating. That’s why I don’t trust critics or ratings. I surmise Rotten Tomatoes has a membership devoid of class, humor (or the intelligence to recognize same), and the common sense a mythical god gave a doornail. 

Did I mention we like the film?

It also prominently employs the use of a De Havilland Beaver (“It’s not broken; it’s being maintained”) and you can read about the flying scenes HERE.

So, I knew I needed some photos of Kauai . . . I started with these two:

Img0007_DIGI Img0008_DIGI

. . . and merged them into a portrait-oriented composite . . . 


I then wanted to depict one of the film’s dramatic scenes . . . I took these photos here and isolated the characters in them. By the way, these are from the Southpoint area on the Big Island. 

0022_BigIsland_Day_0-1_DIGI 0023_BigIsland_Day_0-1_DIGI 0022_BigIsland_Day_0-1-Processed_DIGI 0023_BigIsland_Day_0-1-Processed_DIGI

. . . and merged them . . . 


I then needed a cliff, so back to Kauai . . .


I merged in the two figures and used one of the painting actions in Topaz Simplify to get this.

Cliff Jump_DIGI

This is where I ran into trouble . . . the composite from above did not mesh well with this scene because the tree on the left side of the frame. So I redid the composite to remove the tree and merged in my cliff jumping scene.

Base - 02_DIGI

Some artistic license there as there are multiple horizons in the frame. 

I then needed the plane . . . this is the plane we flew in during our excursion at Ketchikan when we took our 2012 cruise to Alaska.

Alaska Cruise 2012

Alaska Cruise 2012

I then isolated the plane and recolored it.. . . 

Alaska Cruise 2012

Alaska Cruise 2012

Now I needed storm clouds and lightning . . . I just happened to have those from earlier this year . . . I removed he useless trees and inserted the plane.

20150616_DSC0307_1_DSC0307_DIGI 20150616_DSC0307_1_DSC0307-Processed_DIGI

. . . and brought it all together . . . 

Base - 04_DIGI

Add the font, and there you have it.


I rushed it a bit at the end because I have too many other things on my plate right now, but I’m fairly pleased with this. I even got to include my favorite quote from the movie. 

I hope this exercise in a bit of escapism has entertained you. If not, don’t tell anyone about this post. Unless there is someone you don’t like, in which case point them here so they too can suffer.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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32 Responses to Photo Rehab Cover Makeover #15: Six Days, Seven Nights

  1. this is flippin fantastic……………, great job, amazing edit!


  2. oneowner says:

    I’ll go out on a limb and say this is the best makeover so far. I haven’t seen the film yet so I’ll have to reserve judgement but I don’t like reviews and I don’t trust critics ratings either.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I know I’m as thick as a brick but I’m wondering where the sunlight or whatever is coming from to put the golden glow on the cliff from which a couple of idiots are jumping, I can see the storm clouds and lightening but the sun seems to be missing. Do you think I’m in need of a stiff drink?


  4. I enjoy that movie! The humor is the best! And I love how it ends! :-) Harrison Ford does frustrated well. :-)
    YAY, I got to vote in the cheesy poll!
    Your cover sinks the original! Great job, Emilio!
    HUGS!!! :-)


  5. Debbie H says:

    Wow, great work – and thanks for showing all your steps. Very interesting to see the process.


  6. desleyjane says:

    Wow I love this. Fantastic. So much happening and yet it all fits together like one perfect scene. Absolutely brilliant.


  7. Carissa says:

    36%??? That’s all? Count Brad and me in as two who have watched this movie more times than we can count, and STILL like it. Great re-do on the cover!


    • disperser says:

      Yeah, and that’s not the only movie rating I strongly disagree with. I now only look at Rotten Tomatoes when I want to make fun of them.

      And thanks; I like repurposing old photos, plus I get some practice with Photoshop.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Wow! This is breathtaking. You are amazing! This cover is fantastic!


  9. AnnMarie says:

    Two thumbs UP for the cover and the movie! Since I’m off tonight, I think some Crescenza-Stracchino (BelGioioso brand) with crackers will be just perfect while re-watching this movie!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Well done! Fascinating to read how you put all the elements together.


  11. mvschulze says:

    Love it. The poll is a little cheesy, but I love the photo rehab, and how you got to it! M :-)


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