SuperMoon – August 2015

Last night I went out to capture the fabled “supermoon” . . . to me it looked like any other full moon.

20150829_DSC1692_1_DSC1692jpgDigimarcI watched it for a while waiting for it to do something “super”. I snapped a few more photos as I waited.


20150829_DSC1694_1_DSC1694jpgDigimarcI waited a little longer, snapped one more photo . . .

20150829_DSC1690_1_DSC1690jpgDigimarc. . . and then remembered a post by mvschulze from a few days ago. 

He had managed to capture a jet passing right in front of the nearly-full moon. I mean, it wasn’t a “supermoon”, but it was a pretty neat photo.

Instantly, I was overcome with the 6th Deadly Sin. The memory also triggered a severe blow to the 7th Deadly Sin, diminishing the appreciation for my own photographic accomplishments.

Lifting a fist to the sky, I cursed this Universe and all its sister Universes and called upon them for my rightful reward for the many years I had dedicated to showing their wonders both here on Earth and . . . well, OK, just here on Earth. 

A flutter of mighty wings kicked up a fierce wind that had me take a step backward . . . but I still managed to take this shot of the Galactic Night Hawk on the wing.


Somewhat appeased, I was then struck by the 3rd Deadly Sin; I wanted more. And not just more, but a specific shot conforming with the shape of the moon.

I braced myself as once again a gale threatened to unsettle my amazing balance. Calling upon my powerful muscles (I’ve been working out), I readied the camera to capture this perfectly timed shot.


Temporarily appeased, I looked to see what other celestials wonder I might spy. I looked for Ursa Major or Ursa Minor, but clouds to the North were obscuring both.

But then, looking back at the moon, the supermoon, the Universe really came through . . . 

20150829_DSC1690_1_DSC1690-Processed-7jpgDigimarcI should give some technical photography advice here. For this shot, you really want to get down low to the ground so as to have only the bear outlined against the moon and none of the background. I was really, really low.

That was not necessary for the next opportunity that presented itself . . . 


. . . or the next . . . 


I didn’t even know hummingbirds flew at night, but apparently the light of a full moon is enough for them to see.  Amazing.

Wanting a plane, I once again called on the great consciousness of the Universe, this time with less hubris and more whiny pleading. I asked it for a ship of the sky, thinking I might get points for poetic language . . . 


Apparently the Universe is not much into poetic language. By the way, this is another photograph I really had to get low to shoot.

Bowing to literal convention, I asked, pleaded for an airplane. I even repeated the request with the more formal ‘aeroplane.’ 

The Universe seemed a little tired—  irritated, even — with all my demands, but it provided the (figurative) Holy Grail.


I could tell the Universe by now was miffed with my insistent whining.

. . . I could tell because it gave me this . . . 


I don’t recall ever being as eager to get indoors nor moving as fast to do so.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.

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The Equalizer
The Equalizer

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