Photo Rehab Cover Makeover #6: The House We Grew Up In

Cover Makeover #6 and this is another one that is not in my wheelhouse. OK, I don’t have a wheelhouse, but if I did, this would be outside of the wheelhouse I don’t have. 

Still, I do occasionally photograph old and abandoned homes, so I set to work . . . 

I compared these two . . . 



I liked this second one more than the first, but I also compared these . . . 




At this point, I got a lesson on the fallibility of memory and of our propensity for seeing things that are not there. I went to get a refresher on the existing cover and got a big surprise.

You see, I thought the book was The House We Used to Live In, but instead, it’s this:

House We Grew Up In

I had read the prompt on my phone while sitting in a car and actually thinking about other stuff. 

Later, at home, I set about finding photos for something I thought I read, but hadn’t. The above cabins were seen by my interpreted and faulty memory as applicable for the cover makeover for a book that did not exist. I thought about writing it, but that seemed like more work than grabbing a different photo.  

It turns out the house is not abandoned, it’s yellow, has a picket fence, and was the site of an event that almost destroyed a family until they return to it many years later for a reunion. 

Wow! . . . I so don’t want to read this book.

But, I do have a house in mind, specifically one I photographed in Port Townsend in the Olympic Peninsula. Here is the original photo:


Well, it doesn’t have a thatch roof, and it’s not yellow, and the picket fence is not yellow, and the red-white-and-blue looks out of place and the gazillion birdhouses are a distraction. 

Other than that, it’s perfect. 

Now, I do have a thatch yellow house, but I used it for another challenge . . . 

Florida 2013, Epcot,
Florida 2013, Epcot,

. . . it even has Alice entertaining kids in its yard.

But no; I needed to show something fresh, if not for my three readers, then for my self-imposed high standards. 

. . . off to Photoshop, remove the banner, remove most of the birdhouses, and change the fence and house to yellow. I could try a thatch roof, but I am not that good with PS. When done, I passed it through onOne Perfect Effects and, voilá. Or is it, voilà? I don’t speak French, so I don’t know; how about I split the difference and call it voilâ?


For people who are purists, I said before I rarely alter photos but when I do, I come clean. 

So, this does not look much like a book cover to me . . . especially one about redemption stories, or whatever this is. Time for Topaz Restyle, then Topaz Simplify, and a few more tweaks in Lightroom, and we get this:


. . . and then this:


See, that looks to me like a cover for this book, so I went about adding text . . . 


Hmm . . . not happy, not happy at all!

Hey, how about a piece of music to entertain you while I ponder this mess . . . 

OK, I know what the problems are . . . one, the title is rather ill-fitting to the image. Two, the color of the author’s name is all wrong. Three, the stick in the ground interferes with the “L” in Lisa. Four, that open sky is too open. 

Now, I have an idea about the title; the story is about secrets and repressed memories, or maybe things that people know but don’t want to revisit; hidden in plain sight, so to speak. I can remove the stick, and change the colors. I can also take one of my many flower photos and blend it with the sky to give a hint of something there.

Put it all together, and you get this:

 House we grew up in-2_DIGI

Yeah; now I’m talking! . . . probably to myself. 

There is an alternative cover to the actual book, one that has a photo of a yellow house on it. Truthfully, and I don’t say this often because even though I know I am the greatest thing since sliced bread I also know not everyone likes slice bread, I like my cover better than either of the two for the actual book. 

Then again, I am biased. 

Speaking or repurposing, one video and song combination I like is this next piece of music. Great editing bringing out emotion in conjunction with the song. To be sure, the song and the animation have nothing to do with each other in real life. The animation is from a game called Final Fantasy, best known for rendering the character’s hair in great detail. The song is from Dido, best known for . . . uh . . . singing. 

I hope this exercise in a bit of escapism has entertained you. If not, don’t tell anyone about this post. Unless there is someone you don’t like, in which case point them here so they too can suffer the torment of my ways. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.

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Abstract Simplicity
Abstract Simplicity

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