CoS Mill Outlet Fabric Shop – Part Four

Getting back to my fabric shots, we now get into the food stuff.


Frankly, I’m not sure about this . . . I mean, as decorations inside a bakery, or maybe as flags outside a mall’s food court, but otherwise I see limited use for these fabrics.


I mean, what if you are walking around with a shirt made of one of these fabrics and you cross paths with people who are on a diet, or have a food addiction, or have a visual food allergy?

I saw this graphic presentation about mass killings (defined as four or more people murdered at one event).

There are a lot of interesting numbers on there. For one, the majority of killings involve family members.

Now, another interesting thing is that while the title is “mass killings” there is an inordinate amount of emphasis on the gun aspect of mass killings. And this is not the only place where that is the case.

For instance, one of the incidents in the database is the stabbing and killing of five people in Denver in 2012. Odd that . . . I don’t recall a great media furor regarding these murders.

These fabrics are all about candy . . .


I can only assume the light blue cloth has something to do with mints.

Anyway, the gist of that slideshow and many articles on the same topic only peripherally point to the various failures in the “Safety Net”. Even then, it points to a failure of “gun control”, this despite the fact that in each instance that failure is not because of a lack of gun control laws.

Oh . . . cookies . . . I can certainly get behind cookies in fabric, especially if they include the scent.


Although I imagine the scent would eventually wear off.

One other curious aspect of this excellent graphic slideshow . . . what it leaves out. It’s not difficult finding the contribution of alcohol to the killings, but it’s not even mentioned.

But, alcohol is a factor; a huge factor. Think about that . . . Federal research shows for 40% of the convicted murderers, alcohol was a factor in the murder. The percent is even higher when dealing with family members being killed.

Add that number to all the other statistics relating to alcohol, and one has to wonder why there is not a huge outcry about the use and abuse of alcohol. If you have not read my previous post on the damage inflicted by alcohol on society, read it now HERE.

Another thing missing from that graphic, and curiously so, is gang violence, and violence related to criminal activities. I’m pretty sure at least some of those are related to gang violence (you can check individual cases, but they don’t conveniently summarize that for you). And then, we have drugs other than alcohol. None of that is overtly mentioned, although one can find the information if one is interested.

In perusing the Uniform Crime Statistics you can find out all sorts of things . . . read THIS short blog post about dealing with statistics and crime. He then updates the numbers in THIS post.

THIS is another interesting report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. After reading that report, read THIS report. 

Now, some people insist fruits are food . . .


. . . but my thinking on the matter is that fruits are fruits; I don’t consider them ‘food’. When I say I am hungry (not really hungry – it’s just code for “I’ve not eaten in the last 20 minutes”) Melisa says to have an apple or banana.

Good idea,” says I.

As soon as I finish the apple or banana, my next question is “That was good. What else can I have; you know, like real food?

Real food generally includes bread, cookies, bread, cheese, bread, some sort of meat, bread . . . you get the idea.

Now, I’ve often heard, and still hear, the argument that guns have no other purpose than to kill. Please, don’t be one of those person telling me this; I would be forced to drop you and no longer acknowledge your existence. I’m not kidding.

You see, I know people who own guns and don’t even hunt. They enjoy guns and have a healthy respect for their destructive capability, but they go through life making sure it is never directed at people or animals. That there is proof enough that there are more uses for guns than killing.

It’s also true I used to hunt. I don’t anymore, but I still own  and shoot guns. I’ve killed many a paper targets in my time. At no time do I go around looking for things to kill.

BUT . . . can someone tell me what is the purpose of alcohol besides altering one’s perception of reality, lowering inhibitions, and impairing one’s judgment? Seriously, can you tell me?

Some say it is a “social lubricant” . . . one with a hefty cost to society.

Ah, someone will say, but look what happened when we tried banning it!

Good point . . . so, what you are saying is that we are willing to accept a tremendous societal cost, are reluctant to enact draconian laws, and in general agree that despite the cost, we can’t seriously consider abolishing the foul beverage.

Now, this next photo shows potential food . . .


Some I’ve had and I like, other I’ve not had and would not consider eating. Other still, I’ve had but would not eat again.

These next potential foods are considerably more difficult to obtain, and I’m of the opinion they should not be food items and should definitively not be hunted for sport.


. . . and these are just too pretty to eat . . .



Anyway, you can see the connundrom I have with guns. Sure, I can see their potential for death and destruction. The problem is that I see the same potential in cars, booze, stupidity, ignorance . . . the list goes on and on.

As an associated problem, I am very much against someone restricting my choice because some other person is either a criminal, an idiot, a drunkard, or all of the above.

It. Just. Don’t. Make. Any. Sense. To. Me.

Don’t! I mean it, DON’T!

. . . you were going to say something about civilized society and the good of the many, and something even more stupid like “think of the children!”

I might listen to that if we prosecuted gun crimes, enforced gun laws, and actually tried to do something about the illegal use of guns. But as long as someone comes up to me and says “we must ban all guns” I put them in the ‘useless’ category.

The problem is more complicated and nuanced than both sides like to admit . . . it’s easier to just throw out a soundbite. But if we want effective gun control, it would help if both sides are informed about what the problem actually is. One then finds out that it’s a lot more complicated than “getting rid of guns”. 

Now, these next animals are used as food in some parts of the world, but here they are revered more than some humans. Certainly I have a higher opinion of these animals than I do of politicians. Then again, I often have a higher opinion of these animals than I have for their owners.


I’ve heard it said that one should eat their leafy greens . . . I’m assuming these don’t be them.


Me? I much prefer these fine nutritional examples . . . 




This next grouping of food will do in a pich, but I’ll not go out of my way to find it.


Now, these . . . 


. . . and these . . . 


. . . and these . . . 


. . . are all perfectly acceptable foods, both in life and in cloth. 

Guns, like many subjects of discussion, are extremely polarizing. My opinion on that fact is that people with various agendas (on both sides of the discussion) have a greater interest in obfuscating the issue than in arriving at workable solutions. Until such time as gun control proponents are willing to approach the issue with sensible recommendations that take into account the concerns of gun owners, my interest in the discussion is next to nill. Zilch. Zero. Niente. 

Make no mistake, I am in favor of gun control and gun control laws, much like I am in favor of laws regulating alcohol, laws regulating cars, laws regulating many aspects of our lives. But, if you are of the opinion guns should be banned from ownership, by all means, come talk to me . . . I have a long list of things I want banned; perhaps we can help each other. Things I have no use for but that other people use and result in annoyance to me as I try to go about my life. 

Why, alternatively, I could pick something you like, find useful, own, enjoy, and have an interest in, and tell you that it would be best for all of society if I ban you from using, owning, or even thinking about it. Think about it; we could all ban stuff that we have no use for. What could go wrong?

But, really, when it comes to foods, I already mentioned my idea of food consists primarily of  . . . 


Bread, cheese, pasta . . . you just can’t go wrong with any of those.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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11 Responses to CoS Mill Outlet Fabric Shop – Part Four

  1. oneowner says:

    Pretzels and cupcakes are the closest things to bread that I found in the fabrics but no actual bread. Not even toast, which I think would be a natural subject for drapes. And there are no guns! Perhaps the fabric industry is under strict gun control. How about a fabric printed with Photoshop icons! I just might buy that.


    • disperser says:

      The last photo has bread, cheese, Mac & Cheese, pasta . . . alas, no Photoshop icons. The fabric industry has it in for us digital photographers.

      I think one of the space fabrics had futuristic guns. I’d have to go back and check. But, you are correct . . . no actual guns.

      The fact that I did not notice should be proof enough that I am not, in fact, a gun nut. However, still odd.

      Especially given where I live. There should be a Western motif, and given all the bases, an Army motif. Both of those would involve weapons.


  2. AnnMarie says:

    The last selection is the best, as it agrees with my 4-P’s: Pane, Pasta, Pizza, Patate.

    But I’m still wondering in what ways people use these specific fabrics. Perhaps I’ll get the answer when I read your previous fabrics posts (which I’ll will do promptly).


    • AnnMarie says:

      Nope. Just finished the previous posts and I’m no closer to the answer than when I first started. Since you travel about, perhaps you could post photos of how/where people use these unusual fabrics . I’m sure you’re bound to stumble on a few. Would be interesting.


    • disperser says:

      I’m guessing quilts, decorating for holidays or parties, or decorating kids rooms. I suppose some can be use as clothes, but I suspect it’s more likely napkins, tablecloths, draperies, pillows, etc.


  3. Eddy Winko says:

    Good to see that they had vegetarian section.


  4. Now I want to eat mac’n’cheese and shoot a paper target! :-P
    GREAT post…both topics…words and photos!
    It would definitely be interesting to see WHO buys some of those foodie fabrics and what they do with them.
    Years ago I read a study that said more people are killed by people they know well, than by strangers. And that most accidents occur within the home, or within less than 2 miles from home. So I stay away from home as much as possible and hang out with people I don’t know. ;-)
    HUGS!!! :-)


  5. Well, I completely disagree with you on this subject and I guess I can’t say anything that will convince you to change your mind just like I don’t think you can say anything that will change mine. So we will leave it at that. I have enjoyed your fabric shop series of photos, though!


    • disperser says:

      Yes, I understand some people are adamant that we can’t get rid of alcohol.

      I agree with you, but add that alcohol abuse is a matter of both education and the willingness to be tough on offenders.

      Drunk driving has gone down proportionally to our efforts to enact and enforce tough drunk driving laws. Mind you, it still happens, but we are making a serious dent on it.

      And, to be sure, I think we still have a big problem with a certain percentage of drinkers. Perhaps that is a cost that ultimately we have to accept as a society. Like education, you can only throw so much money at it, enact so many laws, and try so many things before we sit back and say “you know, perhaps the problem is more complicated and demanding something besides ‘more laws, more money’ as a solution; perhaps it requires an honest understanding of the problem.”

      Ultimately, this is a big and diverse country, and comparisons to other countries usually fail to take into account many other factors that make up the total.


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