Photo Rehab Cover Makeover #5: Simplified Simply Red

Cover Makeover #5 and this one will be a stretch.

Here’s what we are given as the original:

So, this is a CD cover . . . from a singer I don’t particularly like. Well, I don’t know him; I don’t like his music, is what I should have said. 

As I looked at that cover I saw a couple (plus one) immediate problems. One, I don’t have photos of Simply Red or, for that matter, of people in general. Two, I don’t have photos of musical instruments. Three, that’s too stark a cover to hold my interest.

However, the dude’s hair and name immediately brought to mind this photo . . . 


So, need to crop to a 1:1 ratio and remove everything but the color red. 

02-20120720_1_DSC6219-cropped only red_DIGI

Now, I want to put in a reddish tint (yes, I actually had a final product in mind).


Now, pass it through Topaz Simplify . . . 


. . . mix in a bit of “negative” effect . . . 

05-20120720_1_DSC6219-flat _DIGI

. . . and add the title . . . 

06-20120720_1_DSC6219-first cut_DIGI

. . . and I don’t like it much . . . too bright, not moody enough. OK, let’s see . . . 

Add a red border, and move the words . . . 

07-20120720_1_DSC6219-second cut_DIGI

. . . use the Lighting filter in Photoshop to add some spotlights.

08-20120720_1_DSC6219-third cut_DIGI

Hmm . . . too dark. Let me use a gradient filter  . . . 


Okely Dokely; I like it! Now, people might point out (jerks!) the title is not well lit. Unfortunate that because I like the position of the title.

Also, what’s with the hummingbird? Well, the hummingbird represents the complex relationship of the human psyche to the deep understanding of musical . . . ah, screw it; it was in the picture, so I left it in.

This cover has nothing to do with the artist, the music, or anything other than I like the arrangement and effects. 

. . . and it gots “red” in it . . .  I don’t think they are going to call me in as a consultant on their next cover. 

Here’s something that’s not close to the music of Simply Red . . . 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.

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Bunched Underwear
Bunched Underwear

Astute persons might have noticed these doodles, and correctly surmised they hold some significance for me, and perhaps for humanity at large.  

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