Flowers and Bugs and observations

Taking a break from the fabric shop, I return to my summer staple post; flowers and bugs. OK, I’m adding other stuff that intrudes on my otherwise blissful life and despite myself has me think about said stuff. 

As usual, if you are reading this and don’t want to hear any of my observations, go to the SmugMug Gallery HERE and just look at the photos; there are no words of any kind. You can also skip the clearly labeled portions below. For the rest of you, carry on. Oh, as usual, you can click on the photo for a larger version.

We begin with petunias . . . 



Some of you may be asking yourself, “Self, I thought he mentioned bugs. I don’t see any bugs. Is Disperser practicing for political office?

Hold on to your horses there, Bob. I mean if you have horses. Here come the bugs . . . starting with the Goldenrod Crab spider. 



This fellow scampered pretty quickly out of sight, so I went on to the salvia and the next bunch of Stella D’Oro lilies. 


Not a great shot of the body, but a clear shot of the mandibles. 

Observation No. 1 – skip ahead if desired.
So, last night there was another shooting. Sorry; another random shooting, where the shooter had no specific animosity toward his victims. Here’s the interesting thing: the guy thought the Westboro Baptist Church was the last real church and he hated Liberals. 

Right away I wanted to know if conservatives were going to label this as an attack by a Christian or Conservative extremist. I mean, had it been a follower of Islam, that fact would have been smeared across all the Fox News broadcasts starting early morning and ending with the strident pundits of prime time and late evening. Surprisingly, not a word was so far mentioned other than the facts, what little are available. Now, I can only stomach so much of the “news” so it may very well be someone will mention (and probably dismiss) the association.

I mention this because in recent shootings involving an atheist and a Muslim the connection and association were prominently featured in every broadcast, implying, if not outright suggesting, the individuals represented every other atheist and Muslim, respectively. Apparently, this was just some deranged person. Go figure. 

There is another side of the coin . . . Democrats (and them Liberals) are pointing once again at the “gun violence” and the obvious need to have stricter laws. Mind you, as usual, there is no viable proposal made other than to ban guns as they conveniently ignore other gun violence no one wants to really do anything about. Right. 

No major news outlet mentioned THIS story.

End of Observation No. 1.

The next Stella D’Oro lily also had a Goldenrod Crab Spider on it . . .



I got to wondering if all the lilies have spiders on them.

Did you notice? It has a yellow body. Goldenrod is a yellow-flowering plant, and the spider can change the normally white portion of its body to yellow to better blend in. 

This next shot is just of flowers . . . if there are bugs on them, I have not found them.


However, I knew the Yarrow would have bugs all over it . . . I was not disappointed. 


Of course, there are other bugs on there, but I figure I would once more show this familiar fellow. The flowers themselves are also a joy to look at in detail. 



Right! . . . readers want to see them bugs . . . 



Neat, eh? 

Observation No. 2.
So, people get really invested in the candidates they support. Take Hillary. Please, take her . . . OK, that’s an old joke, but lies are not jokes.

Supporters are raising incensed voices in her defense, literally grasping at nuances as they cling to the imagined purity of their candidate. They point out  there are no criminal charges filed for her misconduct and misuse of classified material. They make it sounds as if that is something special. Per my opinion, that should be the accepted norm and not an excuse.

Of course, there won’t be charges filed against her. The very idea is inconceivable, regardless what she does.

But that’s not the point; the point is she repeatedly said she did not use her personal mail for the transmission of classified material. That is not true. No matter how many times she repeated it, it was and it is not true.

Of course, we knew it was not true; had it been true, there would not have been any need for the intelligence agencies to review her e-mail; they could have just released them all. 

Now, you can argue this or that fine point . . . but she lied. Knowingly, and with a dismissive smile on her face. 

Realistically, she’ll likely be our next president as the Republicans still haven’t figured out they can’t be rear orifices and expect to win elections. And that’s sad . . . yet another liar ascending to the throne of the United States. Not that any Republican candidate would be a truthful person.

I can’t believe voters have yet to accept the fact politicians will lie, say anything, to get into office, and that once there they gleefully disregard rules they expect the rest of us to follow.

End of Observation No. 2. 

I saw a couple of additional bugs I thought were interesting. Take this beetle, for example. I could not find it in my bug books, but it looks neat, or at least its coloring does.




I took a few more shots of the ladybug and fly before going visiting the blue wildflowers (Penstemon). Those and other extra shots are in the SmugMug gallery. By the way, if you live out West, THIS is a decent source for identifying wildflowers. 

I had mentioned that bees like to crawl inside the Penstemon flowers, and here’s proof . . .



FYI, I’m listening to this (in MP3, not YouTube, but I can’t upload the MP3).

While I was there, I came close to capturing decent photos of bees in flight. I mean, I like these, but I would prefer them a bit clearer.



The last one would have been near perfect, capturing her at the moment she launched off the flower. Ideally, I would like the body in focus and the wings a blur. 

I headed back to the Yarrow, a mysterious and dark force compelling my return . . . 



Here, look at these critters while I look up what kind of bug it is . . . besides “scary”.


Like the earlier one, it’s probably the same one, this is a Nine Spotted Lady Beetle.

This next one is a Green Bottle Fly. Despite the apparent color mismatch, the description fits: “light metallic yellow-green or coppery green overall.”



Anyway, the steel-blue wasp is . . . wait . . . something is happening here . . . 


A different Lady Beetle landed near the first and made its way to the one that was already on-site. I thought they were going to fight, but it looked like one kissed the forehead of the other  and then went on its way. 


What was that all about!?

Anyway, the steel-blue wasp is the Steel-blue Cricket Hunter. Let me tell you this; I would not want this thing after me if I were a cricket, which I am not . . . and now never want to be, Jimmy or not.



Well, it was getting hot, so I headed to the front yard. 

Oh, OK . . . I lie. Damn, playing politician is difficult, I tell you. 

What happened was that I saw a Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. It landed on the Yarrow, then the daisies, then some other flowers, but never stopped long enough for me to snap a photo. I followed it to the front yard where it gave me exactly two half-second opportunities to snap two photos . . . 



I was getting tired, and since I was in sight of the front door I headed for it . . . stopping to snap one more shot of a crab spider. 


. . . a flower . . . 


. . . and more petunias . . . 



That wasn’t that bad, was it? Only two observations, and I gave plenty of warning of their presence. Still, some people ignore signs telling them the bridge is out . . . too bad for them.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o o o o o o ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Astute persons might have noticed these doodles, and correctly surmised they hold some significance for me, and perhaps for humanity at large.  

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8 Responses to Flowers and Bugs and observations

  1. Sandy Mabery says:

    Politicians lie, how can that be 😃

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. oneowner says:

    Bugs! If you have any in your yard – shoot them!


  3. Your observations are right and right on! :-)
    Your always captivating photos of flowers and insects are a beautiful welcome respite from all the distressing stuff going on. Your insects don’t bug me…but what’s going on in our country does bug me. :-(
    HUGS and Happy Sat-Day to you and Melisa! :-)


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