CoS Mill Outlet Fabric Shop – Part One

As I step out to grab the empty hummingbird feeders I take a few moments and admire the amazing colors of the sunset. I would grab the camera were it not for the fact hummingbirds go into a feeding frenzy just before dark. They are swarming out there, and if I don’t change the four nearly empty feeders (out of eleven), battles ensue. 

We are seeing as much hummingbird activity as we typically get in early-to-middle August, or about three weeks early . . . I wonder if this signifies an early winter, a crapload more hummingbirds, or people not putting out as many feeders. Whatever the reason, I am refilling each feeder at least once a day, and some twice a day. We are going through about three-fourths of a gallon worth of sugar solution every day, and we’ve gone through about ten pounds of sugar so far.

Having missed most of the sunset, I decided to look at other colors by processing some of the Samsung Note II photos from last month.


I know I am a little weird . . . for one, I vacuum, sweep, do the dishes, help with laundry, and do my part to keep our house clean and tidy. For another, I prefer spending time with Melisa than just about anything else I do. And finally, I don’t mind going to fabric stores when Melisa goes in for supplies. 


One fabric store, Colorado Spring’s Mill Outlet Fabric Shop, is jam-packed with all manners of visually interesting sights, especially for someone who fancies himself a photographer. Not me; some other bloke. I just take snapshots.


We get in there, I take out my phone and tell Melisa to take her time. 


It’s not just a visual feast . . . I think I can use these as color samples when I play around with stuff in Photoshop. Sure, PS has a number of color pallets available, but these are faster; just grab the color picker, hit the shade you want, and you are done. 



I admit . . . it tickles my OCD seeing all these neatly arranged spools. Sure, not all the spools have the lettering arranged in the same orientation, but I can overlook that as I admire the colors.

And it’s not just spools . . .


I literally lose track of time as I wander the aisles. The sheer diversity of it takes me away from dark thoughts about pundits, politicians, candidates, corporations, and what seems to be an ever increasingly ignorant public. Ignorant about medicine and science, ignorant of the concept of critical thinking and thinking for oneself, ignorant of their own opinion until some pompous jackass tells them what to think.

The colors and patterns soothe me even now, as I present them to my few readers.


Wow . . . they got colored ropes!



. . . I suppose they call them ‘chords’.

Just to give you an idea, this is one aisle . . .


Look at this shiny stuff! Makes me want to take up sewing.


Why, it being a myth notwithstanding, I can understand the Indians selling Manhattan for colorful beads; I probably would have as well.

Wow again . . . look at these spools!





And these were just the most vivid.


Ah, but not even shiny stuff keeps the stupid from intruding . . . can’t hardly go on the InterWeb without encountering incensed — incensed, I tell you — folks discussing why the flag is not at half-mast. 

I so want to grab them by the lapel (they wear lapels) and ask them a few questions . . . are flags going at half-staff whenever a Marine dies overseas? I mean, I am in favor of it, but I don’t recall any president doing that before. Or, are we saying the loss of life overseas is not as tragic as if it happens here?

How about soldiers who die in training accidents? Is their sacrifice not as worthy?

It seems to me we should be flying the flag at half-staff for as long as we are sending our troops to die anywhere around the world.

Plus, the people who are so incensed about this are the same people who want “boots on the ground” in places where American sons and daughters will be more easily killed.

Somehow, I find it hard to believe people making this an issue really give a shit about it other than for political purposes, or at least no more or less so than the jerk in the White House or any of the corrupt Congressmen or Senators.


And don’t get me started on the whole Planned Parenthood thing . . . in fact, I can’t even write about it without raising my blood pressure in response to the ignorance, dishonesty, and hypocrisy of the most outspoken complainers who want to defund the organization. 

. . . I do wonder why they don’t revoke the Boy Scouts Congressional Charter (read this), or ban the Catholic Church from receiving and Faith Based Initiative funds (read this).

Personally, I favor mandatory birth control until someone has both the financial and mental resources necessary for raising a child. Somehow, I don’t think that’s gonna fly in any circles . . .but it should. 

Oh, wow . . . lace . . . 


. . . it looks . . . I mean, it seems . . . look, this should be R-rated at the very minimum, especially the blue.

And tassels . . . I think they too have questionable associations.


Wow . . . that’s some hefty tassels, Bob!

I don’t even know what to make of these next . . . things . . . look at the girth of them!


There must be a big demand for them props . . . there was a whole aisle of them.





. . . the mind boggles . . . 

I think I’ll stop here before getting into the fabrics. Fabrics be a diverse and even more expansive visual treat. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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