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This is my “don’t feel like doing jack liquid effluent” post . . . a bit of this, a bit of that. 

Let me start by mentioning Lao Tzu . . . he sure said a lot of things. It strikes me them things were written many years ago, and may no longer be applicable, what with our modern life and all. I’ve thus taken the liberty of updating a few of his profound sayings, and I aim to sprinkle them here and there. For example . . .

When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, you won’t buy any more Apple products.

Clouds . . . they are often impressive. 



That’s something I cannot say about the movies we saw so far this summer. It began with the Avengers 2. Yes, I know it’s not “2” but “Age of Ultron”, but this ‘age’ they speak of only lasted about an hour . . . Avengers 2 it is. 

I knew we were in trouble when it opened with an extended and highly orchestrated action sequence. Why, it was like if the bad guys knew exactly where they were supposed to be for maximum visual impact. Mind you, it was entertaining . . . for about half as long as it lasted.

The movie disappointed from then on . . . for one thing, it was a rehash of the plot from the first movie. Blah, blah, Avengers have a falling out, blah, blah, Avengers reunite, blah blah, Avengers go their separate ways. Ultron held some promise, but it’s hard to get past Spader’s voice. How the man can overact on a voice-over is a mystery to me.


There is little I dislike more than inconsistency in movies. For instance . . . wait, I feel another saying coming on.

Silence is a source of great repressed anger.

Anyway, as I was saying . . . Vision and Quicksilver. So, Vision is a being of unimaginable power . . . and he takes to ripping Ultron’s minion robots with his bare hands. That seems like a fairly imaginable power to me. Plus, I never got how Thor’s bath got him the notion to give birth to Vision. Truly, we’re never gonna understand gods, especially their choice of girlfriends.

And Quicksilver . . . the sacrificial lamb to Whedon’s morbid ‘Character’s Gotta Die’ altar. I would have been OK with him dying except for one thing; on an earlier scene we can see him literally walk around avoiding bullets. Said bullets were as if standing still next to his speed . . . and then he can’t avoid the bullets shot from the plane. Sorry, I don’t buy it.

Honest, it felt as if the franchise is going to compete with Transformers . . . lots of action scenes, minimal plot, not much character development. Oh, I mean, they tried, but I never connected. Too bad, too, because I already like the characters; I didn’t need much to satisfy me. Were I asked why I speak so, it’s because I did not see growth in the characters. Yes, I know they are cartoons, but still.

Yucca Plant flower pod

Yucca Plant flower pod

Uh-oh! . . . somebody gonna be dinner.

Uh-oh! . . . somebody gonna be dinner.

We actually went to a few more movies, but right now I want to mention a documentary called Chasing Ice. What I want to mention is . . . go watch it.

Nature does not hurry; it will get around to us eventually.

I listen to a podcast called Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy. I listened to THIS show and was impressed enough with the glowing description of the depth and breath of Mad Max: Fury Road that I dragged Melisa along and we went to the theater to watch it.

. . . boy, did I lose some husband points. Also, GGG also lost some points; that will be the last time I listen to them about what constitutes a good movie. I mean, they nailed me with Hero 6, another husband points loser, but at least that was at home, so we’re talking only a few points.

He who will not trust enough will not be disappointed.

If you like weird dystopian worlds, lots of stuff blowing up, and characters who are difficult to relate to, if you like vague notions dressed up as plots, well then, this movie is for you. Mind you, the production value was very high, and very little CGI was employed in the making of the movie; real stuff was blowing up in front of our own eyes . . . over, and over, and over.  Really, it held our interest initially, but then the plot took some left turns; about twenty of them, I would say.

. . . on a Florida beach . . .

. . . on a Florida beach . . .

They also took some shortcuts . . . all in all, it’s a decent movie to watch on the home screen. I wish I would have done that, preferably after Melisa had gone to bed.

The next, and last, movie we went to see at the theaters was Jurassic World. Again, the visuals are impeccable, and they too used almost no CGI. No, wait, it was all CGI.

The shells . . .

The shells . . .

. . . and the birds.

. . . and the birds.

Again, the plot was iffy, but that’s to be expected since, you know, it’s a movie about dinosaurs. 

Still, the characters here too were little more than cartoons. Perhaps I should say ‘caricatures’. The kids in this movie were every bit as annoying as the kids in the original movie. There was also a very strong (slap in your face strong) anti-science and anti-military message. OK, I can see the military angle; we’ve been at war now for 14 years, with no sign we’re nearing an end. The science thing . . . were I a scientist, I would have liked to slap the lead scientist in the movie. Who am I kidding; I’m not a scientist and I still wanted to slap him. Worse yet, he lives while people who did nothing to deserve their fate died. Gratuitous, gruesome deaths devoid of meaning. 

. . . it’s almost as if Whedon directed this one too, but no; it’s some other guy.

Dinosaur descendents.

Dinosaur descendants.

Flying dinosaur descendents.

Flying dinosaur descendants.

Visually, once again, the movie is impressive. Throw in a decent plot, some substantial characters, and you could really have something there. Instead, Jurassic Park III remains our favorite of the Jurassic franchise movies.

A good traveler has no fixed plans. No, wait, that’s a wanderer.

I tell you; if you want to watch an enjoyable and well-acted movie . . . Moonrise Kingdom.

Aside from the above, I don’t have much to say. I mean, I could talk about politics, terrorists, lone wolves, pundits, politicians . . . but I’m seriously trying to stay as clear as I can. Stuff still encroaches, of course, but so far I’m doing a decent job of letting it all wash over me. 

The Stoic One

The Stoic One

Still, there used to be a time when I would wish I could ‘skip’ ahead a bit; get to a place in human history where the idiots have finally died off, reason and common sense rule the land, and all of today’s people and problems are something we look back at, shake our heads, and exclaim in unison “what ultra maroons!”

Florida 2013, Epcot,

Florida 2013, Epcot,

Florida 2013, Epcot,

Now, I’m not so sure . . . Skipping ahead, even not all that far, might find me standing in a desolate and parched land devoid of intelligent life. A little bit like now; it hardly seems worth making the trip.

These guys look happy . . .

Florida 2013, Epcot,

Think of them as Republicans and Democracts. They are happy because they managed to divide voters so they cannot mount a valid challenge to the influence of people who really run the show.

He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has bribed he who controls others is more powerful still.

I should mention writing . . . there, I mentioned it. I can safely say I’ll get around to doing more of it. Perhaps even soon . . . perhaps not. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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6 Responses to This and That

  1. AnnMarie says:

    Even if your narrative leans toward the forlorn side, you balanced the post with cheerful photos. Lao Tzu would be pleased.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like Nemo was found, again! And I love Dory! :-)
    An interesting fun “this and that” post with top-notch photos!
    I mostly watch documentaries and foreign films, but I did see Jurassic World in 3-D with friends, and Mad Max: Fury Road with a family member. I enjoyed both of them…I loved the dinos in JW (I was rooting for the dinos!) and Tom Hardy in MM:FR. :-) (Yes, I like to look at Tom Hardy!)
    HUGS!!! :-)


  3. Eddy Winko says:

    Good recommendations, thank you, I was looking for something to watch that might be remotely good and interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

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