Birds be all messed up – update

Them who remember my original “Birds be all messed up” post know of my frustration regarding the Bluebirds and Swallows not using their assigned boxes. 

Birds of True Vista

Yes, that is a bluebird on the nest box I built specifically for the swallows. And where are the swallows?

Birds of True Vista

They are on the nest box that according to everything I read is perfect for the bluebirds but is too small for a typical brood of swallows. 

As I had predicted, the bluebirds followed the same pattern as previous years; they build the nest and then left without using it. The nice swallow house sits bereft of birds but with a nice unused nest inside.

Birds 2015

Meanwhile . . . 

Birds 2015

. . . the swallows are sitting on some eggs. I don’t know how many as I don’t want to disturb them, but a typical brood ranges from five to seven. It’s gonna be crowded in there.

This year, I will try and capture the feeding behavior as I did a few years ago.

However, looking back through my photos I noticed I was not the only one unhappy with this turn of events. . . 

Thunderbirds 2015

“Damn it, Dwayne! I told you we should have pounced on that larger place. Now those despicable bluebirds went and grabbed it. Remember the place, Dwayne? Nice wide accommodations, solidly built, and three feeding ports. Three!”

“Don’t put this all on me! You could have grabbed it, but wanted to go check out other places!”

Thunderbirds 2015

“Don’t give me any lip, Dwayne; I said we should grab it, but it was you who insisted on shopping around!”

“What!? Oh, no way I’m taking the fall for this fiasco, Alice. You know how I hate shopping around; I was perfectly happy with the other place. It was you, YOU, who saw the bluebirds on this box and had to come and check it out. Just like you, I might add; always wanting something better!”

“Well, this settles it; unless there be immaculate conception, we’re going barren this year because no way are you getting any from me!”


Well, they either made up, or The Holy Smoke again did his impregnating bit because I’m sure they are sitting on some eggs. 

. . . none of my business, really. 

Remember this guy?

Birds 2015

The Spotted Towee. He’s been bolder of late, often sitting close to the house belting out its call.

Last week I heard the water splashing in the birdbath. The birdbath sits right outside my office window, and I often hear birds coming to either drink or swim. I also recently changed the screens, and they are now a little better for snapping photos through them . . . 


20150709_DSC0785_1_DSC0785_DIGIYup . . . a wet Towee (get it? Towee, towel . . . nevermind).

He was there for a bit, and I got a few decent shots.




Finally, I had previously mention I’ve been testing out the 80-400mm lens, usually on the airborne swallows.





Other than a little softness (especially on that last shot) I’m fairly pleased with these. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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21 Responses to Birds be all messed up – update

  1. oneowner says:

    Dwayne? I thought that was Bob!


  2. Emily Scott says:

    So beautiful. I read recently that some species of bumblebees will burrow under nest bedding and buzz to scare the birds off, so they can take the nests for themselves. Lots of competition for nest boxes!


  3. seekraz says:

    Beautiful shots, Emilio. I love how you capture the birds…very nicely done.


  4. Amazing action shots! Wow!
    A little birdy told me they didn’t use their assigned boxes just to mess with you, Emilio! And they like giving human-beans something to talk about.
    Woo…I felt a bit naughty watching that bird-dude take a bath! ;-)
    HA! Great married-bird squabble! :-P
    HUGS!!! :-)


  5. Love the bird dialogue. Fantastic shots!


  6. PiedType says:

    Great stuff. Dwayne and Alice are a hoot, and boy, that towee really digs that bathing, doesn’t he?


    • disperser says:

      Thanks; and yes, but he’s not the only one. I get a lot of birds come to bathe every day (I have to add water once a day), and the most enthusiastic are the magpies. They are also the most difficult to photograph; any movement and they are off.


  7. AnnMarie says:

    Nicely done, E! Great shots and bird dialogue, though it would be very interesting to know what they were really communicating. And speaking of birds, you have an eagle’s eye for them!


    • disperser says:

      Yeah . . . they did that last year as well . . .

      Perhaps it’s a pep talk . . .

      “Who’s gonna raise a fantastic brood this year?”
      “We are.”
      “What’s that you say? I can’t hear you!”
      “WE ARE!”
      “That’s right, WE ARE! Now, let’s get out there and procreate!”


  8. Brilliant photographs! All you need to do is label your bird houses correctly next year, otherwise how are they supposed to know which one is theirs? Amelia


    • disperser says:

      . . . I’d have to teach them how to read first; don’t know that I want to put that much effort into. I’ll just build another larger box, and that way they can use either one.


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