The Yard – Part Two

Maybe you’ve read the previous post on how our flowerbeds came to be . . . if so, these next three photos are redundant.


The flower beds are currently at their best. Nearly everything is in bloom and at its peak. A few different flowers will come out as the Salvia begin to wane (I’ll cut the Salvia’s spent blooms and we should get another bloom later in the summer).



The grass looks anemic because it received a one-two punch in the form of lots of rain to the point that it hurt the grass, followed by a number of days of very dry and hot weather which turned a lot of the grass into stuff that crunches underfoot.

Ah, but when I go out and shoot macros they are not macros of our grass. No, I shoot flowers and I make sure I get a good variety that includes a healthy mix of both potted and planted flowers. However, everything following in this post is from our potted flowers. The planted flowers, the perennials, will show up in the rest of this series.


I’m impatient to see these inpatients take hold and go to town in their pot.


I think these are a different form of inpatients, but they have a begonias-like look to them.


Gotta love petunias.

Never got the name of these next ones, but this time we saved all the plastic descriptors . . . I just can’t be bothered to go look them up; maybe next time.


Did you see the bug? I didn’t until I worked on the photo. Pity that; part of my mission goals, when I venture out on my mini-safaris, is digitally capturing as many insects as I can. This one looks like it would have been a good one to photograph.

More petunias . . . they do well and flower all summer, so they are always present in our yard and in my photos.



Do you know where the name “petunia” came from? Read about it HERE (along with more – lots more – of my amazing writing).

It’s no secret I like Geraniums. Aside the fact it’s what parachutists yell when jumping out of planes, I like the details of them.



Hey! . . . how about petunias and geraniums?


OK, too many petunias . . . that’s why I’m adding four more shots of them.





By the way, this video cracks me up . . .

How does one compete with poop-faces?

. . . I got these blue flowers . . . unfortunately, they are not pooping.


Neither is this geranium bud . . .


This next photo is the composite of two separate photos so that I could get most of the bloom in focus.


It’s an imperfect blend, and I wish Photoshop game you more control of the masks used to generate the composite. Maybe it does, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to know the where and how of it.

Here’s one of the two photos I used to generate the above:


I do like these flowers a lot. I wish I could have gotten one completely in focus, but unfortunately it was a little breezy, and they would not stand still for smaller aperture and slower shutter speeds.


These next flowers are small but densely packed.


Did you notice the bug? It blends in well, but once you notice it you won’t lose it again. The next two posts will be much buggier. Something to look forward to.

The last photo for this post is of a flowering plant that I know will last late into the season. This one is of a different shade than the versions we had last year. I like it.


The corresponding SmugMug Gallery HERE. Of course, you can just click on each photo to get a larger (but not full-size) version.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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