50 Words Flash Fiction Challenge: Wounded

Colonialist’s Blog is running a 50 Words Flash Fiction Challenge. The writing prompt is “Wounded”. If you want to participate, leave a 50 words (including title) flash fiction piece in the comments of his post. 

My contribution is reprinted below . . .

. . . BUT FIRST . . . you must suffer through some photos (unless, you know, you scroll past them).

Every once in a while I look back at photos from years back and have a go at reprocessing them. Meaning, processing them to my current preference. 

I’ve gone through numerous phases through the years . . . vivid processing, dark processing, saturated processing . . . sort of like buying different types of film.



All of these shots are from a 2009 visit to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.


All of the shots were taken using my then Nikon D200.



Let’s see . . . what can I entertain you with as I present my repurposed photos?


I know . . . I can express my pleasure at the SCOTUS decision affirming equal rights really should mean equal rights.



At the same time, I marvel at Scalia’s rabid rants. Really, I think I might be more qualified for his position than he is. For one, I don’t believe in imaginary friends, and for another, I actually read the Constitution. Most of all, I don’t think it’s all that difficult interpreting what it says. It is, after all, written in English, and while it is my second language, I think I have a pretty good grasp of it.



Still, I admit to being surprised at the decision. This Court has worked very hard at proving (at least to me) that its job was not so much interpreting the law as to bend it to political and personal agendas.


Of course, I now have to listen/read to the bitching of conservatives and many religious folks. They, you see, think they have been wronged.


Apparently, despite them folks having some of the highest divorce rates in the world, they feel marriage is somehow sacred and only applicable to people they approve of.


Damn, it’s tiring listening to them trying to spin being all charitable and stuff but wanting to shove their myopic views down everyone else’s throats. 

I heard them put forth the argument, again, that as the majority they should be able to have their own interpretation of “equal rights for all”.


You see, they are all for upholding the Constitution . . . except, they don’t see why the minority should have any rights at all. After all, they are the majority.


Honest, they are no better at reasoning things out and respecting other people’s rights than people who want to ban guns.


Sometimes I feel it’s easier discussing things with a tree than to attempt reason and logic with the vast majority of human beings.


Depressing, it is . . . but, here’s my contribution to the flash fiction fifty words challenge.

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” No disease, no drugs.”

“How much?” Volpe asked.

“$200 per pint.”

“I’ll take two,” Volpe said.

Mary let her blood flow, filling the container to the four cups mark as the vampire hungrily watched.

The wound in her arm was a godsend; Mary had many bills to pay.

© E. J. D’Alise, 2015

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