Shareable Stuff – June 2015

Things occasionally cross my path and I think . . . wow! 

And then I move on. I might share them on facebook, or send them to my family and friends . . . I might even tweet about them (but my tweets are a bit like throwing a pebble at a mountain; yes, it’s there, but you’d be hard-pressed to find it.

A few of my followers are on Facebook, so they might see stuff when I post stuff there.

Very few people are on my mailing list, and this means the majority of my followers are missing out on stuff I might think is cool, or funny, or important, or amazing, or all them adjectives combined in various ways. 

Well, here’s a few things I found interesting presented here just for my followers:

First up . . . the sky! Get it?  . . . up, the sky . . . nevermind.

We’ve a few clear days but showers in the evening, so I’ve not been able to see this yet, but the next few days promise clear days, evening, and nights . . . we’ll see if I can capture any of this (I have until the end of the month).

Now, many of you might have seen this video or heard the associated song:

. . . but have you seen this version:

Probably not.

This next video is of a place I would like to visit when this is happening:

Awesome in multiple meanings of the word.

This next piece is so on target with the state of current “news programs” that it is scary . . . then again, it’s scary watching the “real” news.

On a sobering note, something that is not short, but is an absolute “must-see” . . . it is an amazing visualization of the cost of WW II in terms of human lives.

Of course, I can’t end on that. If I did, this is the kind of “look” I would get from my readers:

No, I must end on a happier, or perhaps joyous, note . . . 

The song? Meh. The visuals? Great.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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13 Responses to Shareable Stuff – June 2015

  1. sandra getgood says:

    I have seen the NASA video, and hope to get out tonight to see Venus and Jupiter, since it has finally stopped raining here. Some interesting videos there (love the boxer’s expression)….my favorite is the faux BBC newscast, As usual, an interesting post…. thanks\, although I hope I don’t have nightmares tonight about people being washed off the cliffs by super-sized waves.


  2. Looks like Zeus is having it off with Aphrodite in the first (I prefer the Greek to the Latin/Roman names), It never seems to amaze me the brilliant timing of the Yanks as in #2 ( I suppose they need to be brilliant at something) I didn’t stay to watch the guns, I thought the USSR lost over 30 million civilians. Loved the dog although I assume he was just sleeping they wouldn’t have shown it had it not been so. And the last one went on a bit long for me I can only take about 5 seconds of that noise that passes for music nowadays.
    Now I’ll go back and look at some more of the dog shows.


    • disperser says:

      I have to admit to not knowing what you mean “he was just sleeping”.

      Sorry if the guns scare you. Is it the loud noise?

      The number of civilian deaths varies depending who reports them and for what reason. Suffice it to say there were a large number of people whose lifelines ended way to early for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      I turn the music way down for the last one and just enjoy the visuals.


      • The way he didn’t respond I thought for a while that he was dead, the little puppy being nosed around by his sibling, I suppose it was a sibling. No it isn’t the noise it’s the way they are treated they are lethal weapons yet these clowns treat them as toys for their amusement.


        • disperser says:

          I have no idea what dog video you were watching. The one on my post is of a boxer giving the owner the evil eye.

          . . . and, would you rather they used them as lethal weapons? Most people bitch when they are used as lethal weapons.

          By the way, here’s a clown entertaining with guns. Little Miss Sure Shot, she was called.


        • When I clicked on the one where the boxer was giving the bloke the evil eye it then went on into various short clips of different boxer dogs and pups, some are quite funny especially the one where the boxer is trying to eat what appears to be a slice of lemon on a beach. There are several more links to boxers all enjoyable
          As for guns I’d rather not have any.
          I’m sure I saw a musical about that ‘gal’ many years ago


        • disperser says:

          Oddly enough, I have no intention of foisting my desire to own and be proficient with a gun on anyone else.

          . . . it’s why I find it annoying when others want to foist their dislike for guns on me. Namely, by saying I should not have any.

          Yes, there was a musical, as well as other tellings of her story. Oddly enough, with all her proficiency with, and handling of, guns, she killed the same number of people I have. One less than Ted Kennedy’s count.


        • I don’t recall saying that you shouldn’t have any guns; I’ve just expressed my distaste for them.I didn’t like them when I entered the army in 1953 and I didn’t like them when I finished with the army in 1956. Perhaps it was growing up listening to and watching the shells and rockets streak skywards (they used tracer every 3 or 4 rounds ) ack ack bofor and rocket type guns that fueled my dislike of guns of every type.


        • disperser says:

          I absolutely agree with you . . . I think all the armies of the world should be issued swords and clubs; I think guns should only be allowed to be owned by civilians, and then only if their name is Emilio.

          Seriously, it’s not that you specifically said I could not have guns; it’s that you don’t think guns should be owned at all (unless I’m mistaken about that as well, in which case perhaps you could explain exactly what you mean).

          We just had another “mass shooting” and our esteemed President and leading Democratic candidate both immediately jumped on the “this must stop” bandwagon.

          I can only assume they are either both incredibly naive and bordering on being idiots or they are trying to cash in from this tragedy. Seeing as they both hold (and held) important elected offices in this country, I must assume they are callously trying to gain political traction for their own agendas and are not, in fact, idiots.

          . . . although, I suppose the two are not mutually exclusive.


  3. All great vids you shared! But, I gotta’ say, the boxer’s expression and the last vid are my favs! :-)
    One time I remember you shared that Cup Song with guns vid and I shared it with all my family members and friends who are shooters.
    HUGS!!! :-)


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