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A coin bank from yesteryear . . . do kids even save coins these days? Or do they all have debit cards, gift cards, and folding money?

Yes, these are some more (but not many) thrift store photos.

Bear with me . . .


. . . as I share these guys. Not sure what the thinking is with these figurines. I presume they are from England, as one of them shows a mileage marker to London.

First up, two guys a couple of sheets to the wind.


. . . or, at least one guy past his limit and one guy looking on. I know how the other guy feels. Many a time I’ve been places where friends went past their limit.

This guy needs a toe truck . . . (old “Naked Gun” joke). He’s the guy 72 miles from London.


. . . instead, he decides to soak his feet.


Once again I wonder if I am missing some cultural puzzle piece that would give me an insight into these figure. Who bought them, and why give them away? I imagine the person who originally bought these has passed away and the person who inherited these figurines decided to sell rather than keep them as mementos. 

This figurine probably has less of an imaginary history . . . 


. . . and I think I know what he’s looking at.


I’m not sure what the thinking is here . . . I can see the metaphor of a scantily-clad female holding a male on strings. Not so much with the dog. I can’t imagine a dog would care much one way or another about human garb. Either way, what would any of it has to do with wine?

BUT . . . pausing and stepping back, who the heck would produce these bottles and have them on display. And who would buy them?

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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22 Responses to Just Stuff

  1. sandra getgood says:

    Interesting pictures. You are right about children and coins, though…. my 15-year-old grandson won’t carry change…. if his bus pass costs %3.75, he won’t carry the three quarters, he’ll take four ones and lose the quarter in the washing machine when his trousers go into the laundry. I like the old-fashioned piggy banks, though, and have several around the house. They are colorful and interesting. And pennies may not be worth much, but if you get enough of them, they do add u p to lunch. Or a movie.


    • disperser says:

      Truthfully, I never carry coins. If I happen to use cash and I get some coins, I throw them in the coin jar as soon as I get home. And yes; I have over a gallon worth of pennies. One of these days I’ll have to take them to the bank and cash them in (and find out how many pennies are in a gallon).


      • If your banks are anything like ours they’ll probably charge you or counting them and the result is you’ll finish up owing them money as there’s not enough in the gallon jar to cover their costs


        • disperser says:

          Actually, they have a machine that counts them, and it’s free to use.

          . . . you guys should get better banks.


        • Actually we have those things too, after reading your blurb this morning it dawned on me that I have a big can wherein I toss the 1 and 2 dollar coins so I thought why not I’ll take it along to my bank.

          Now the branch of Westpac that I use has just been fully refurbished and upgraded and naturally the coin counting depositing machine is installed, trouble was that it was “Out of Order” so being wieghed down with a load of 1 and 2 dollar coins I stood in the queue to make the deposit through a teller, trouble is the tellers no longer handle coins only cheques and notes and the young lady teller told me that I’d have to wait until the machine was repaired, I asked how long that would take and she told me that she didn’t know because the mechanic hadn’t been called to fix it and I asked why not as the bank had been open for 1 hour and that would have been ample time to call up the mechanic. I was then assured by some young man teller that the mechanic had been summoned but he couldn’t get there until next week.

          So loaded down with all these coins I toddle off home but I have nowhere to store them until next week as the big tin can I had them in was destroyed when I opened it to take the coins out to take them to the bank,

          Naturally I hold you completely responsible had you not have raised the subject this morning the coins would have been safe and warm in their big tin can.


        • disperser says:

          Ah, the joys of living in a third world country. I envy your simpler life, without plastic jugs.


  2. Eddy Winko says:

    Odd….the wine that is.


  3. oneowner says:

    I like the bank! I saved coins as a kid and I had a bank that looked like a leather bound book. Wish I had it today.


    • disperser says:

      I used to collect coins . . . I had those folding coin holders made for collecting. They had circular depressions you would press the coins into to display them. Eventually, I figured out I preferred spending them to collecting them.


  4. Wonder how your children would get on in Australia, we have a $1 and $2 dollar coin, the $5 bill is the smallest denomination in non paper paper money. Don’t ask me what it’s made from I haven’t the foggiest idea probably some poly stuff, the smallest coin is the 5 cent piece which we might as well get rid of, you can’t buy anything with it!

    … and thats the end of my stuff and nonsense regarding money


  5. Our notes are pretty attractive, not like the greenback, have a look :P



  6. Your thrift store photos are interesting and I enjoy seeing them very much. I love looking at stuff that people throw away or rather donate.


  7. I love love love your photos of thrift store (and antique store) stuff! I’m fascinated! :-)
    I, too, have many questions about some of those pieces…like who created them, why (any cultural or personal meaning or a story behind the piece), when, who collected them, how they ended up in the thrift store, and ETC and so on and so forth! :-)
    Love Da’Bear! He’s cute! :-)
    I have no idea about the Playtime wine. But, I’m sure a lot of beautiful women do control the men and dogs in their lives! ;-) :-P
    That’s a good question…I don’t know if little kids save actual money these days. ???
    I had a piggie bank growing up.
    HUGS!!! :-)


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