Bare Bones Selfie

I’ve been busy, so this is just a quick post about . . . 

“Busy with what?”

. . . what the?! . . . let me finish, will ya?

As I was saying, I’ve been busy. One of the things I was busy with was getting a handle on my office clutter. Here’s my redone office . . . I’ll try to keep it this clean every day.

Ready for listing

Now, the color is a bit on the warm side because I had lights on and the blinds closed. Had I not done did that the daylight done would wash everything out, which it also done did if I tried to color-correct. 

I suppose I could have brought out my flash, shot  a number of bracketed exposures, and then blended them into an HDR blah, blah, blah. 

Nope, this is what you get, and yes, there is someone at the computer.

Ready for listing

I had mentioned I was working out and eating less . . . I got myself really lean.

OK, OK . . . that’s Bones; Bob Bones. He usually sits in the chair in the corner (visible in the first photo), but having been watching me for a while, he wanted to give photo editing a try.

Ready for listing

He’s not bad, but of course he picked an easy photo; you can hardly screw up a Barbados photo. 

Hey . . . I wonder how Bob would look in B&W?

Ready for listing

No bones about it; definitely a better look for Bob.

BTW, can you spot the mouse? Not the computer mouse; the actual (fake) mouse. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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27 Responses to Bare Bones Selfie

  1. Looking good Emilio ;)
    No I couldn’t see the mouse :)


  2. sandra getgood says:

    Very nice office, and good to see you have an assistant now. Not sure if I saw the mouse or not….something’s under the computer monitor, on the left, that could be a mouse or a lizard or possibly a stapler ?


  3. oneowner says:

    He’s (she’s) on top of the monitor. Is that a peanut butter sandwich he’s (she’s) eating?


  4. disperser says:

    Yes, the mouse is on top of the monitor (and not eating anything) It’s on the left side when facing the monitor.

    It’s quite realistic when placed in strategic areas around the house . . . which, apparently, I can’t do anymore. Certainly not when we list the house.

    . . . Darn!


  5. mvschulze says:

    Nice. I like Bob! M -:)


  6. thejeremynix says:

    I’m laughing in my head, I can’tlaugh out loud, because it’s almost one in the morning. :) The black and white almost looks like a painting. Very cool.


  7. Man, you’re lookin’ trim and slim, Emilio! ;-) :-P
    Ha! GREAT post!!! :-D
    I like BB best in black and white! ;-)
    I found the mouse…but only after I enlarged the pic a little. He is sitting on top of the computer monitor! Cute! ;-)
    I’m glad it was Bob showing his bare bones and not you! ;-)
    HUGS!!! :-D


  8. haydendlinder says:

    Bob deserves a better chair. Loved the B&W. It did almost look like a sketch to me.


  9. AnnMarie says:

    Your office looks very inviting, make no bones about it! And the mouse must be great company, besides Bobby Bones, of course.


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