Old, indistinguishable from new

Spring is here and I’ve already started my flowers photography. Yesterday morning I also took my first close-up photos of the Tree Swallows. They appear to be the same pair as last year (last year’s female has a different coloring than previous years).

As I snapped away, I was struck with a strong feeling of déjà vu. And right I should be.

I’ve lived here ten years now, and I’ve had the blog for the last five. During these last five years, I’ve dutifully followed the cycle of the seasons. Colors in the Fall, Snow and Ice in the Winter, and Birds, insect, and flowers in the Spring and Summer.

20120628_1_DSC5569-Processed_DIGI 10SEP2011_1__DSC5652-Processed_DIGI 20120722_1_DSC6617-Processed_DIGI

Looking back at the Spring and Summer photos from the last five years, I was hard-pressed to tell them apart.

To be sure, the processing varied a bit each year, but the subjects and compositions did not. In fact, they were so similar that I grabbed a number of photos from each year, reprocessed them per my current favorite settings, and I’m posting them here for your pleasure.



I could have just as easily posted them at the appropriate times in June, July, and August as if I had just taken them. But, in fact, the majority were taken more than three years ago.



I dare say that except for a few specific photos, even the most dedicated of my readers (there are a few) would be challenged to tell current photos from those of years past.

Of course, one could look at the file names as they incorporate the day the photos were taken. But, just by looking at the photos, it’s near impossible to say in which year they were taken.

Even for me.


Understand, I am proud of my photos and I still enjoy taking them, but I wonder about every year posting essentially the same offerings.

True, I often play with the processing, pushing it one way or another, adding color, removing color, making them more dramatic, and anything I can think of to keep them fresh.

But, is it really no more than adding a bit of artificial flavor to an otherwise stale soup?




I enjoy taking the photos, but what is my incentive to showing them around? Why should I post them each year if they are little better than the rehashing of the same stuff, year after year?

Plus, let’s be honest . . . if you are reading this, know that by now the majority of the people have left.

You see, it is a problem that I like my photos. It’s a problem because I tend to go overboard in showing them.




For instance, take this post.

My plan was to show maybe twenty or thirty photos. But nooo! I have one hundred photos; twenty-five groups of four.

Even the few who make it to the end will be shell-shocked, and this despite the fact these are a selection of decent photos.



Still here? Good, because I lied about there being one hundred photos. I just said that to get rid of people who are not serious about reading my posts.

In fact, there are only ninety-six photos.

I suppose the good thing is that I only concentrated on flowers and Tree Swallows (with the occasional incidental bug). Had I included other birds and especially hummingbirds, the number of photos would have surely doubled.

By the way, I wanted to present these in a random order (as opposed by year or subject), so I sorted them by file size, from the largest to the smallest. That gave me a decent randomization. Probably not truly random, but close enough.

Anyway, back to my problem.

The question is: should I continue to post what are essentially the same flower photos and Tree Swallows photos? Or should I just keep them to myself?

Yes, that is a direct question for those who are still reading. Please answer in the comments along with a five hundred words essay explaining how you came about your answer.




Of course, there are new readers to consider.

To them, this is all new. Few new subscribers go back and check out older posts. That would be especially difficult with this blog since I am at 1,290 posts . . . and most of them are NOT one picture without words. OK, my Untitled Series comes close to that, but there are only one hundred or so of those. Most of my posts are not for the faint of heart or short on time or possessing the attention span of a gnat.

So, perhaps, it is a good idea continuing doing what I usually do. Mind you, the regular readers will be all like “Ho-Hum; another fantastic photo of a bird/bug/flower; what else is new?”





Of course, my regular readers are here for my writing; both opinion and fiction are what they live for. They could care less about the repetitiveness of the flower photo.

Had you going there, didn’t I? The sad truth is that no one comes to this blog for the fiction.

No, if it weren’t for the photos, there would be figurative tumbleweeds rolling across my home page, the sound of distant web traffic a bitter reminder I chose to settle well clear of the beaten path. Perhaps if I served up cute cat pictures or the occasional porn piece . . .



By the way, for the one person who will ask, there is no corresponding SmugMug gallery for these photos. You can click on them to have them open in another window or tab.

They will open with a maximum size of 1280pixels. After it opens in a new tab or window, if your cursor shows a (+) sign, it means the photo has been fitted to your screen (you need a bigger screen). Clicking the photo will enlarge it to a 1:1 ratio, but parts of it will be off-screen.

Really, by now you should be used to how the site works.



But, back to my conundrum  . . . Again, I only kid when I say I could post photos for new subscribers; I’m at seven-hundred-ninety-seven subscribers, but almost all the new subscribers are people (or sites) that have something to sell, be it a service or actual product.

Were I to hold my breath until they interacted or actually read a blog post of mine, why I would reach a nice shade of blue just before I passed out.

So, we’ve established few people read my fiction, few people care to look at all the photos I post, and even loyal readers have difficulties allocating the kind of time one would need to give my posts a proper read.





So, who is all this for?

Why, me, of course!

I am my biggest fan. I read everything I post and even enjoy going back one or two years and checking out what I was up to back then.

Plus, I think I am one heck of a clever writer. I mean, I won’t, and don’t, brag about it, but give me the choice of reading something I wrote and something anyone else wrote, and it’s no contest: I will choose my stuff every time.



And, I really like my photos. I enjoy looking at them, remembering when I snapped them, and reliving moments of my life through my own digital record.

Despite having literally tens of thousands of photo, I’m pretty good at remembering what was happening around the time I snapped the photos in question.

Perhaps not what I had for breakfast (oatmeal), and not what the weather was like (sunny), but I do remember the moments when the finger applied pressure and the shutter cycled.

I remember them in general terms, but also with regards to setting up to take the shot.



So, yes . . . ultimately, I make the effort with this blog so that I can be entertained at some later time.

Mind you, if the occasional person finds refuge from the harsh and cruel world in my figurative pages, the better for it. There are worse things they could take comfort in.

Hmm . . . I’m running out of things to say and I have lots of photos left.

Let me put a few more photos up.

17JUL2011_1__DSC4029-Processed_DIGI 18MAY2012_1__DSC1726-Processed_DIGI 28MAY2012_2__DSC2273-Processed_DIGI

In case anyone is wondering, these photos have each appeared in previous posts. They likely had slightly different (and occasionally, drastically different) post-processing, but these photos graced these pages before.

For the sake of continuity, all of these are processed with nearly identical settings. Some have specific tweaks to the exposure or to the sharpening, but those were driven by the quality of the photos (and, of course, the lighting).

All of these have been processed (prepped) in Lightroom before taking a round trip to the onOne Perfect Effects module.




Well, once again it’s late and I am sleepy. 

I think the best course of action is to dump the rest of the photos here and let them sink or swim on their own merit.












That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.

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Have we met?

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