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Birds be all messed up

After a number of days of bad weather, we’ve started to have semi-decent mornings. Yes; I’m talking about sunshine. Of course, by the afternoon we have hail, but meanwhile I get to enjoy birds flying around my yard. Or, I … Continue reading

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Get informed, get involved

Not many words from me, except this: we should be concerned about agreements that limit our sovereignty in matters of laws. And by laws, I mean the ones we pass. For them who prefer foreign accents: . . . and … Continue reading

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There be hail to pay

Just a quick post . . . I previously spoke about the advent of the 2015 flower season. Well, right now it don’t look too good. Following the Mother’s Day blizzard, lots of plants were hurt (including trees) and last … Continue reading

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Playing with mountains stuff

I was looking for water photos for next week’s Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness. The link takes you to this week’s submissions, but next week has a theme: water. I thought I would revisit my photos from my Mount Rainier and Mount … Continue reading

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I wrote this earlier tonight (it’s Monday evening as I write this) because of my occasional frustration with the intrusion of grammar and spelling checkers as I write fiction.  Yes, I know it’s an incomplete sentence. Yes, that is the … Continue reading

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A spin into the past

Once in a while I feel the urge to let new subscribers (the ones who actually read my stuff as opposed to the ones who want to sell me their stuff) know of things from BTJ (before they joined). Two … Continue reading

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Writing; it be not looking good

It’s been some time since I wrote any fiction. Ideas are swirling in my mind as well as looking up at me from the notepad where I jotted down stories I want to write. Other things took precedence over my writing, … Continue reading

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