Replenishing the snacks

Came across something today at Costco . . . 


I like crêpes. I like them with Nutella, and I like them like this:

Warm up one crepe . . .

Warm up one crepe . . .

. . . sprinkle granulated sugar . . .

. . . sprinkle granulated sugar . . .

. . . roll up and cut into  bite-size pieces . . .

. . . roll up and cut into bite-size pieces . . .

. . . sprinkle with a bit of powdered sugar for sweetness.

. . . sprinkle with a bit of powdered sugar for sweetness.

The package of 20 was a bit more than $8, but no mess, no fuss. I did not know how good they would be, but I was a willing test subject. 

Pretty good. A little thinner than I like, but hey, it saves Melisa from having to make them.

We also stopped at Trader Joe’s to replenish the cookies supply . . . 


Milano-wannabes, but pretty good.

Milano-wannabes, but pretty good.


Actually, the Biscoff are from Costco as well. Four of those packets to a box for less than $5. 

Along with the torta bread and bagels we bought, I’m all set for a few days.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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21 Responses to Replenishing the snacks

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    Lemon juice, you forgot the lemon juice!

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  2. sandra getgood says:

    Just sweets (which do look tasty) but no savory?


  3. oneowner says:

    Not much time to comment. Off to Trader Joe’s.


  4. OK, disperser. Enough. I just started ANOTHER diet … and you torture me with these scrumptious photos of crepini and cookies. I do love crepes, especially with strawberry flavored yogurt and fruit … or with nutella and bananas. Have one for me. ;-)


    • disperser says:

      Way ahead of one . . . I think six since yesterday; might be seven. As I respond to your admonition, I’m having the last of six cookies (two of each).

      I think the best way to lose weight is to not diet. Dieting tells your body time are bad, and food might not be plentiful. The body’s reaction is going into conservation mode, PLUS, whatever food you do eat is instantly converted to fat (long-term emergency supplies). Meanwhile, the body attacks muscles since if one is starving, they are not going to be doing much work.

      Instead, eat normal and exercise. Or, as in my case, eat extra to let the body know there will always be a constant supply of food, and exercise.

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  5. Oh, man, Snack-King, now I gotta’ make a run to Cost-Co and Trader Joes!!! :-P
    I like my crepes naked…but, I try it with a bit of cinnamon and sugar! :-)
    HA!!! O, Brother, Where Art Thou? is one of my all time favorite movies! :-D

    HUGS!!! :-)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. and I won’t tell you to brush your teeth after eating sweet snacks! :) But those do look tasty!


  7. You have less respect for your stomach than I have of mine Emilio, must admit I do love crepes/pancakes and confess I do cook up a great batch when I set my mind to it, in fact I might just do that today I have 600ml of Buttermilk just waiting to be used, with some strawberries and maple syrup a gastranomical delight awaits my endeavours, ; says he modestly.

    Liked by 1 person

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